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Ludo Tips

Contrary to popular belief, playing Ludo is not about luck but the mind. To win, you have to strategize your gameplay, plan your moves and outwit your opponents. Consequently, you have to start taking the game seriously, especially when winning means winning real money too!

Ludo Empire allows you to take the traditional Ludo board game to a professional level. You can play against some of the top Ludo players in India, defeat them with your skills and win cash rewards.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

But, to accomplish such a feat, you must be at your best. Use the below tips to improve your gameplay and up your chance of winning.


Ludo Empire Tips & Tricks To Win Online

Even if you play Ludo games all the time and have tons of experience, you might find it a bit difficult to triumph over the champions at Ludo Empire.

Climbing up the table of top players in the game will not only give you a wicked sense of satisfaction but also allow you to win more and more real cash as you continue to win.But before you get ahead, we should remind you that millions of people play the Ludo game online. To be the best, you will have to beat the best.

For that, you need to make sure that you deploy the best strategies and tactics to win all games, whether it is a classic, traditional Ludo game, a quick match or a multi-level tournament.


First, let's go over a few right and wrong moves of a traditional game of Ludo, that can help make or break your game:

  • Unlocking your gotis from the base by rolling a six or a one on the dice.
  • Eliminating your rivals' gotis by advancing your players on the same square as them.
  • Focusing on leading your gotis to home to finish the game and claim victory.
  • Getting eliminated by an opponent and having to restart the goti from your team's base.
  • Rolling out three consecutive 6s on the dice and having to skip the turn.
  • Trying to eliminate the opponent's players when they have two of their pawns sitting on the same box.
  • Trying to eliminate the opponent's players when they have two of their pawns sitting on the same box.

As you can imagine, you'll have a tough time trying to play all your cards right in Ludo Empire, but that's what makes the whole game beautiful. The competition will be so fierce that you will be forced to make errors. But how you come back from your defeats will define you as a Ludo champion.

Apart from a good number of strategically-timed movements, you will need to take help from some of the most well-known tricks of the game.

So now let's work on improving your game, shall we?

Tips To Master The Game

While playing the game to its strength is certainly an important requirement, you still need to make good use of your brain, wits and skills.

Many people think that the Ludo tips and tricks can define the game but they can only take you so far. To become a real champion of the Ludo cash game, you have to play with a clear and sharp mind of your own.

Nevertheless, below are the tips and tricks the top Ludo players use in their Ludo, play and win cash, gaming.


This one is certainly not rocket science. Before playing any game, you should be well-versed with each rule and regulation that defines its scope. No Ludo game tricks will help you if you play the wrong turns because you were unaware of a particular rule.

To help you remain up to date with the latest changes in the game, here's a list of all the fundamental ludo rules that you must know before you battle it out with a fellow Ludo enthusiast:

  • You can only start a traditional game of Ludo if there are a minimum of 2 players or a maximum of 4 players willing to participate.
  • You can immediately start moving your gotis in Ludo Empire, all gotis will already be unlocked. Whereas in some special matches, you might have to roll out a six or a one on your dice to unlock one of your gotis from the base before it can move further on the board.
  • The moves of your gotis are dictated by the number you roll on the dice.
  • The players get an extra turn whenever they roll a six on their dice.
  • Rolling three consecutive 6s on your dice will lead to the dismissal of your turn. In such a case, the moves will be null, and the opponent will get their turn instead.
  • You can eliminate your opponent's goti by landing on the same square as them. In such a case, the eliminated goti must once again start from the beginning.
  • To avoid having your pawn/goti eliminated, you can form a block by placing two of your pawns/gotis on the same square. In such a situation, your pawns/gotis will be immune and safe from getting eliminated if the opponent's pawn/goti lands on the same square.
  • With a Ludo Empire special, you can avoid your goti getting eliminated, by forming a block by playing two or more of your gotis on the same box, making it a safe spot.
  • There are several unique markings on the Ludo boards that represent "safe zones" - the boxes where your gotis are protected against elimination.
  • The Ludo game will get its winner when the first player manages to guide all 4 of its gotis to home.

Do you have a unique Ludo playing style?


Then you should get one.

There's a reason why the top players know how to win a Ludo game every time. They follow a specific playing style and base their strategy around that. Do remember that you won't always play Ludo online with beginners. Sometimes, the game will matter a lot, especially if you reach the latter stages of a tournament.

Thus, a defined style of play is essential for consistent winning streaks.

There are t major playing styles in Ludo:

The first is ' The Killer Style'. In this, the Ludo player opts to finish off the opponent's goti before they start concentrating on reaching home. Doing so involves unlocking all your pawns/gotis and keeping them in strategic positions to land the killing blow. This strategy slows off the opponent and allows you to skip home easily.

The second is ' The Gangster Style'. More practical of the two, gangsters move their gotis in pairs of two. The first pair advances quickly and frantically towards home. The second pair will be placed in strategic positions to eliminate the opponent's gotis.

The third is ' The Runner Style'. A well-known playing Ludo style, here the players focus on just one thing and one thing only, reaching home first. The goti takes the lead, without engaging anyone or bringing any attention to themselves and just runs off to home.

One of the rookie mistakes of any Ludo player is when they try to get one of their gotis past the finishing line first. It's better to unlock and spread all the gotis throughout the board and then move towards home. It will allow you to strategize your movements better and protect your gotis against elimination.

Don't make frantic turns; be patient in your gaming, and rethink your moves before playing. If your opponent is ahead of you, it's not a bad thing. Just think of it as an opportunity to eliminate them. Slow and steady will win the game.

Playing offensive is the best winning tips. Try to keep your gotis as close behind the opponent as possible. strike whenever possible. Sometimes, even eliminating one goti at the right time can win you the match.

Creating blocks by having two of your gotis on the same box grants you protection. Always try to move in pairs of two and create a blockade when the opponent is sniffing behind you.

Ludo Strategies

While there are a lot of Ludo players on the surface, every one of them wants to win the game and earn real money. By following some Ludo strategies and tricks mentioned here, you can stand out from the crowd and successfully manage to win the game.

  • Spread out your gotis all around the board for better and easier movement.
  • Do not miss the chance to move your goti to a safe spot to protect it from elimination.
  • Observe the board and gotis' positions and check whether you can eliminate opponents goti with your chance.

Plan a gameplay strategy that stands out and helps you win the game in the best way possible. Remember the rules and tips of the Ludo Empire mentioned above. Note that each move holds importance, so plan and prepare every move accordingly.


The Ludo game is a multiplayer game that can be played by 2 to 4 players at a time.

The best way to be good at playing the online Ludo game is by understanding the ludo rules, strategizing accordingly and having lots of practice.

One of the most effective ways to become a Ludo champion is by using these Ludo tips: spread out all your pawns immediately, plan your gameplay, attack whenever you can, block your opponent's way and stay patient.