15 Ludo Hacks and Strategies for Always Winning the Online Game!

Ludo is not like just any other board game in existence. It’s fun and equally competitive, allowing you to enjoy the spirit of the game to its full extent.

The game requires constant strategies to outwit the opponents and complete the run. The players use many tips and tricks for Ludo to overcome the challenge posed by the opponents.

While playing Ludo can be a friendly affair, all the players involved in the battle want to win. And if you want to know how to win Ludo all the time, you’ll need to be an experienced player, competing against other professional players on a large scale.

Ludo’s Best Tricks and Tips to Play Online

Earlier, it was easy to become the Ludo champion. All you needed was a handful of Ludo trips and tricks to win against your friends and relatives.

However, if you have a knack for strategy and tactics involved in Ludo, it’s time you take it to a professional level. While Ludo, as a board game, is less popular now, it has donned virtual apparel.

That’s right! You can now play Ludo online and compete against other Ludo enthusiasts worldwide.

The most popular option to play Ludo online is to complete the Ludo Empire hack APK download process. We’ll call it a hack because it serves as a cheat code for professional and highly-skilled Ludo players.

Don’t believe us?

Ludo Empire presents you with the opportunity to earn real cash. The more you win, the more money you earn. And all of your rewards and winnings can easily be transferred into your bank account.

When the stakes are so high, you might want to figure out how to win Ludo easily. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks for Ludo that you can use to make yourself a formidable opponent against your competitors.

Using these Ludo tips and tricks to win against the top Ludo Empire players can help you win a large amount of money. This is especially true in the case of tournaments, where the cash prize could be as high as one crore rupees.

But if you want to earn that kind of reward, you’ll need to know how to always win in Ludo since you’ll have to defeat all the competitors in your way.

It’s challenging but not impossible. You can learn how to win Ludo all the time by deploying certain strategic moves and tips during the game.

Here’s what you can do.

15 Ludo Tips and Tricks to Win Against Top Competitors

The people who claim that Ludo is a game of luck are misinformed. Sure, the numbers that appear on your dice are somewhat dependent on luck.

For example, you’re lucky if you need a five on your dice to win the game and get it on the first turn. If you don’t get a five for multiple turns, your opponent can use that time to regroup and outrace you. In that case, luck is favouring your opponent.

But you cannot base the entire existence of the game on treating it as luck-dependent. All the top players use Ludo hacks and strategies to ensure their victories. While they are also somewhat at the mercy of luck, they also believe in building their fate.

To give you a proper perspective, a professional player would always have a flexible strategy for Ludo. They will still use them efficiently if they do not get favourable digits.

Often, it’s not about what appears on the dice but how you use that number to help your team win. Ludo is a game that requires immense calculation and strategic mindsets. If you want to win against your opponents daily, you should learn some tricks to play Ludo.

Here are the top and the most important Ludo tricks that you will need to win against any opponent:

1. Plan out Your Moves

All the crucial tricks for playing Ludo require prior planning. When you roll out a dice, you cannot just make any decision on a whim. Just like in a game of chess, you should weigh your options and make the best move.

For example, if you had the fortune of getting a large number on your dice, you may want to use that to move their farthest pawn forward. While that may work in some cases, it may also prove fatal if opponents are waiting to eliminate your pawns.

In such a case, elimination would hurt worse than slow, calculative progression.

2. Do Not Slack Off

Suppose you are engaged in a game of Ludo for more than half an hour. Neither you nor your opponent is displaying any signs of giving up. The game is also at a climatic point.

You can use the top Ludo hacks and strategies to outwit your opponent. However, people tend to slack off when the battles go on for too long. They make rushed and hasty decisions, which could result in eliminations. Ultimately, you will lose the game, having wasted your time.

3. Keep Your Best Man Safe

In a game of Ludo, you’ll be controlling a minimum of four pawns or gotis. One of the most fundamental tricks for playing Ludo is keeping all these pawns unlocked simultaneously.

Out of these unlocked gotis, there must be one that’s farther than the rest. That pawn is more likely to finish the game before the opponents. Unfortunately, the opponents are likely to notice such developments too.

They’ll use elimination Ludo tricks to win and get your best pawn out of the game. You’ll have to prevent elimination in such a case. Safeguard your best pawn by keeping them in safe zones or creating a blockade with your teammates.

4. Do Not Underestimate Your Opponent! 

When playing Ludo Empire, chances are that you’ll be facing some of the top professionals. Unlike at your home, where you know everything about the opponent. You shouldn’t, therefore, underestimate online players.

You’ll need to use the best strategy for Ludo to defeat them. Underestimating your opponent will make you let your guard down which they can use that to their advantage and defeat you, in a flash.

5. Make the Most of your ‘Time’

Ludo is not a game of speed. It’s not a race, either. But every second of the game counts. If you are making slow and calculative progression, make sure that you eliminate as many enemy pawns as possible.

If you are making huge strides to win the match early, you would need to make secure progress. Avoid elimination by playing strategic moves to manoeuvre against the opponent.

6. Use All of your Tokens to Play 

Your tokens, or gotis, are the ultimate weapon you can use to defeat your opponent. The most important Ludo tricks to win will start with you unlocking all your tokens from the team zone.

Once you’ve unlocked all four pawns, you can strategize better. Doing so will give you more options for movement, especially if there is an unfavourable digit on the dice.

Unlocking all of your tokens will also allow you to safeguard yourself against potential eliminations. All you need to do is play the right move at the right time.

7. Park the Token in the Beginning and Grab

“Grabbing” is eliminating your opponent’s tokens. A good strategy that many top professionals use is parking one of their tokens at the starting point and using it as the executioner.

If your opponent’s tokens want to move forward to the finish line, they’ll need to cross your team’s starting point. If one of their tokens is waiting at the starting point, you can use it to chase the opponent and eliminate it.

Doing so will hurt the opponent significantly and reduce their chances of winning the game.

8. Use the Safe Boxes

There are many safe boxes in Ludo where you can park your tokens. In these boxes, the opponent won’t be able to grab and eliminate you. Strategic positioning and movement according to the location of these safe boxes can help you win the game.

9. Understand the Opponent

Different opponents have different strategies. While some want to take the game slow and safe, others want to rush things up and win it quickly.

To counter their tactics, you’ll need to understand their style of play. Focus on what their moves are leading up to, and act accordingly. If they focus on eliminating your tokens, make sure you use safe zones regularly. If they are speeding up and trying to win quickly, lay down traps and blockades to eliminate them.

10. Division of Dice Scores

When you get a smaller digit on your dice, use them to move the left-behind tokens.

The pawns farther along will require more protection and need to be quicker for security. You can reserve all the big digits for such pawns so they can cross the finish line quickly without any threat of elimination.

11. Keep Track of your Token Position 

While playing a game of Ludo, focus on more than just a single token. Always be aware of where all of your tokens are. Sometimes, if you are too engrossed in the progression of one pawn, the opponent might sneak up and eliminate all the leftovers. This can cause significant damage to your chances of winning the game.

12. Home > Kill

The home, or the finish line, of the Ludo board, is located at the center. It’s the zone where all the pawns need to progress if they want to win the game.

Some top professionals believe it’s better and more strategic to aim to get your pawns across to home rather than waiting to kill and eliminate the opponent.

But again, both of these play styles are different and require distinct strategies for successfully implementing them.

13. Enhance your Skills

This goes without saying; apart from learning all the Ludo tricks to win every time against your opponent, you also need to work on honing your skills.

Of course, tips and tricks can help you a great deal. But you’ll only win if you are skilfull. Competing against the best players in the world is a complicated affair that would require a lot of ability to overcome.

As such, you should learn with every game of Ludo that you play.

14. Choose your Format Based on the Level of Risk

The strategy that you use should depend on the type of opponent and the risk factors present in the game. For example, if you are playing a ‘quick match’ on Ludo Empire, your opponent can win the game by simply guiding two of their tokens to the center squares.

In such a case, you cannot sit back and hope to eliminate your opponent. You will need to act fast and accordingly have rapid progressions in the forward direction. At the same time, you can deploy one or two of your tokens at the starting point to trap and kill the opponents.

15. Always Strive for Improvement

You’re not going to become a master of the game after a couple of matches. To become a top professional, especially in a competitive landscape such as the one in Ludo Empire, you’ll have to perform consistently.

There will be a time when you meet an opponent that can outscore you easily. In such a case, dejection and frustration shouldn’t be your primary experiences. Instead, you should learn from your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Such a mentality will help you keep on climbing the ladder of Ludo supremacy until you are at the top yourself.

Final Thoughts on Winning the Online Game

We presented you with the best Ludo game strategy and tips to help you win against your opponents. As with Ludo Empire, you can now play Ludo and win cash; it’s important to get the hang of such Ludo- winning strategies and tips.

With Ludo Empire, you can play this online Ludo game, win real money, and transfer the reward directly to your bank account. That’s right, you can now play Ludo win money, and finally, put your skills to good use.

Of course, winning against the top Ludo players in the world is not easy. You need to know all the Ludo tips and tricks to win. You’ll also need to learn how Ludo game algorithm works if you want to play Ludo and win cash.

The Ludo Empire hacks and tricks will help you use your existing wits and strategy to make yourself a formidable player of the traditional board game.

While other players, amateurs mostly, will rely on luck and the numbers that appear on their dice, you can become a champion and make your luck. It doesn’t matter what appears on your dice because you can make everything work in your favour.

With the best Ludo tips and tricks to win, you can compete toe-to-toe against some of the top Ludo players in the world until you become the best yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there any tips and tricks to win the Ludo online game?

Ludo Empire is one of the most competitive games in the modern world. To win against the top professionals, there are various tips and tricks that you can implement during your match. These hacks and strategic moves will help you outwit and defeat your opponent.

2. Is Ludo online a game of skill or luck?

Ludo is a game that is dominated by skill. While luck plays a part, especially while rolling the dice and not knowing what digit is going to appear, you can be lucky or unlucky. But a top Ludo player can make every roll of the dice be in their favour. They can do so through strategic planning, skills, and experience – some things that luck can’t offer.

3. Where can I play online Ludo games?

You can play online Ludo games on your smartphone or other preferred devices. The most popular online Ludo game, Ludo Empire, is free to download, and you can enjoy the game on your smartphone device easily. All you need to do is go to the official Ludo Empire website, download the game’s APK, and install it.

4. Can I cheat while playing Ludo?

Earlier, players could manipulate their dice rolls to get the desired outcomes. However, online Ludo has a random algorithm that you cannot tamper with. As such, cheating on online games like Ludo Empire is not an option. However, you can still use certain tricks and tips that can help you win all the games, almost like a cheat code. The only difference is that these tricks are more suited to be called skill sets rather than cheats.

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