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Ever felt as if you're too good at Ludo to play it for free? Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you. With Ludo Empire, you get the chance to compete with some of the most skilled professionals worldwide and win real cash.

That's right, winning real cash by playing online Ludo is now possible. So, what do you need to ace the game? Just a mobile phone with an internet connection and a sound mind for strategizing your Ludo moves.

Before you kick-start your professional online board game journey, you need a proper Ludo demo to help you conquer the Empire.

Here's how you play and win.

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Playing Ludo isn't very difficult when you look at it from the outside. All you need to do is advance your pawns or gotis to the finish zone before your opponent does.

Easy, right?

As a matter of fact, it's not that simple. To get a proper shot at competing at the highest level, you need to know very clearly how to play Ludo step-by-step, especially on an online platform.

The wait is over, if you are trying to figure out how to play Ludo games without an actual board on your smartphone, you're at the right place.

Here's a complete demo on how to win and conquer the Ludo Empire.

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Steps to Play
Online Ludo for Free

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Playing online Ludo free is now easy. Not only can you hone your skills as a player, but you can also win some real cash. With Ludo Empire, you can enjoy a beautiful online Ludo game for free, all you need is a good strategy to beat your opponents and win your way to the top.

Here's what you need to do:

arrowStart Ludo Empire

The good thing about playing Ludo online? You don't need to waste your time or resources trying to find a board. You can play your favourite board game on your mobile phone without even stepping out in the sun!

All you need to do is visit and download the application on your smartphone. The application allows you to compete against friends, family, and even strangers who are trying to build their own Ludo Empires. In this battle of wills, you can enroll in tournaments, engage in one-on-one battles, and ultimately bag real cash after winning games of your own.

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ludo empire game modes

arrowChoose your Game Mode

With Ludo Empire, you can enjoy a variety of game modes, including single duels, team battles, tournaments, quick matches, and so on. Each game mode houses specific rules and regulations that you must follow.

The preferred game mode will allow the users to enjoy the game at their convenience. For instance, they can play a "Quick Mode" game if they don't have enough time. In this game mode, the match will end when you or your opponent manages to get two of their pawns or gotis past the finishing line instead of all 4.

types of modes

Enjoy the nostalgic Ludo game online multiplayer in different ways by selecting your favourite game mode.

Whether you want to have the classic Ludo game online four players experience or simply go for the Ludo game online play 2-player option; you have all the choices at your disposal.

Here are some game modes you can enjoy while playing Ludo Empire:

arrowClassic Mode

ludo empire classic mode

The traditional way of playing Ludo, "Classic Mode", brings you a whole board of memories. Enjoy a full-on duel with your opponents and try and lead all four of your pawns or gotis to the finish line before your opponent.

Whoever finishes first wins the game and wins cash. Use your wits to outsmart your opponents and finish the game before the competition can even roll their dice.

It's not just your pride at stake, it's a whole lot of money as well.

arrowQuick Mode

ludo empire quick mode

Don't have a lot of time at your disposal and still want to play a game to clear your mind? You can use the "Quick Mode" to your advantage, where you can finish a game in just 10 minutes.

Unlike the traditional classic match, the quick mode only requires you to lead two pawns or gotis to their respective centre squares, After doing that, you will win the game.

Unfortunately, your opponent will also have to adhere to the same rules.

arrowFurious Mode

ludo empire furious mode

Looking for a short but fun break? Then our Furious 4 Ludo game mode is the mode for you, where you can play a game of Ludo in just a few minutes and win real money prizes.

It is a rapid-fire game where you need to score more points than your opponents in the game before the timer ends. Use your skills and Ludo tactics to win more your opponents and earn real money.

Think you have what it takes to win? Then give it a try and prove yourself a Furious 4 Ludo expert!


ludo empire tournament mode

Sick and tired of playing against your friends or family in a one-off match? Feel the need to participate in something more? Ludo Empire Tournaments allow you to play Ludo, win money, and look good while doing that!

Ludo Tournaments take place on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and are open to all. You can enroll in any Ludo championship and test your skills against some of the top Ludo players worldwide.

Here, you will pit yourself against some of the best Ludo players and win huge amounts of cash up to 10 lakh.

arrowChoose your Colour

Just like in every classic Ludo game, this online space allows you to choose your team. Whether you want to be as bold as red, as noble as blue, as loyal as yellow, or as cunning as green, it is up to you. Remember that the colour you choose will stick with you till the end of the game. You must get your pawns or gotis safely to their respective centre squares.

ludo empire goti colour
ludo empire game board

arrowStart Playing

And that's it. Now you can officially start your online Ludo experience. The interface of Ludo Empire is convenient for all users. You will encounter zero complications while enjoying your favourite childhood board game in a virtual space.

From here on, you need to strategize to the best of your abilities and beat your opponents. Every move is as important as the last one. It's up to you to take the battle into your own hands and deliver the finishing blow.

And, did we mention -exciting rewards in the form of real cash await your victories!

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Conditions to Win

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The Ludo game demo will clarify one thing: winning a Ludo match is not that complicated.

If you get your strategies right, you will defeat your opponent easily.

You can practice the Ludo Empire demo game online to get the hang of the rules and regulations. After that, you can start participating in tournaments to get a chance to win real cash.

Here are the conditions that you need to fulfill to win some cash:

    • Participate in different matches and tournaments. Win against your opponents to get real cash.
    • To win the game, you need to either get 4 of your pawns or gotis across the finish line (Classic Mode), or you can end the match by simply leading 2 of your pawns or gotis to the centre square (Quick Mode).
ludo empire winning screen
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Yes, the Ludo game requires one to have skills like strategic thinking, logic, attention and knowledge of the game to win as such making Ludo Empire win cash daily game a game of skill.

To win a ludo game, you need to take all 4 of your gotis/pawns past the finishing line towards home before your opponent does.

There are 4 Ludo game modes available in Ludo Empire: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Ludo tournaments.

Ludo Empire gives you a chance to win cash daily by playing the real cash Ludo game. You can also take part in the special Ludo tournaments of the Ludo Empire and win huge amounts of money online and get them directly into your bank account instantly.