Ludo Chakka: Unveiling the Thrills of Dice, Moves, and Victory

The Ludo game is one of the beloved games in India, being played in the country for generations. The game can be found spread throughout Indian history with various names like Ludo Chakka, Pachisi, Ludo goti, etc. The game Ludo Chakka, with its still ever-growing popularity, has even reached the digital plane and has widely become available as an online game, becoming one of the most-played online board games in the world.

Ludo Empire is one such online Ludo Chakka wala game where players can play Ludo online from their phone at any time from anywhere. It is an online skill-based Ludo game, where not only can you enjoy traditional Ludo gaming online but also win real cash prizes with your skills.

Ludo Chakka Play Online India

Ludo Empire is a multiplayer Ludo game with similar gameplay and rules to the general Ludo game. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players on a square board with 4 sets of coloured gotis/tokens for each player and dice. You have to take your Ludo gotis to the winning zone, also known as home, before your opponents do to win the game.

This Chakka Ludo game has multiple game modes available for players to enjoy – Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4 and Tournaments, all following similar gameplay with a few special rules for each. But before you can start playing Ludo Empire, you need to be familiar with the Ludo rules so you can play easily without worrying about making any mistakes.

Ludo Goti Wala Game Rules

Ludo has some fairly simple game rules that you need to know how to play the game.

  1. All tokens are locked inside the base at the start of the game. You need to roll either a six or a one on the dice to unlock them before you can start moving them.
  2. Rolling a six on the dice gives you an extra turn.
  3. If you roll a six on the dice 3 times in a row, your turn gets cancelled, and the dice passes over to the next player.
  4. The number rolled on the dice determines the number of moves a token can make.
  5. Taking a token home gives you an extra turn.
  6. Landing on the same box as an opponent’s goti can eliminate that goti, sending it back to the base to restart its journey.

With these rules, you can easily start your Ludo gaming on the online Ludo Empire win cash daily game, but just knowing the rules does not guarantee winning, you also need to practice your gaming as well as make strategies for your moves to increase your chances of winning this play and earn money game.

Ludo Chakka Tips and Tricks To Victory

While the Ludo dice game might seem like a luck-based game, especially due to the unpredictable dice rolling, it is not. It is a skill-based game where players have to use their Ludo strategies, tactics, and gaming skills to win the game. 

Unlocking Tokens

In the online game Ludo Chakka, your first focus should be on unlocking all your gotis as soon as you can. Opening all your tokens increases your options of moves to take as well as helps in taking control of the Ludo board.

Exercise Patience

Ludo is a competitive, exciting and thrilling game; it is important that you maintain calm and focus while playing to not spoil your winning chances. Do not let your frustrations affect your gaming, be patient in your moves and dice rolls and think clearly before making any moves.

Creating Blocks

One of the lesser-known strategies in the online Ludo play game is creating barricades in your opponent’s path to slow down their progress. To create blocks, you need to place two or more of your gotis one after another, in a row, most efficiently near their home zone, stopping them from entering the home row.

Be Adaptable

Not every opponent plays the game in the same way, you need to be flexible in your gaming strategies and adapt to how your opponent is playing. Observe your opponent’s moves, try to figure out their strategy and adjust your playing accordingly, to win.

Balance Offence and Defense

The cash Ludo game requires you to maintain a balance between your defence and your offence moves to stay steady and ahead on the board. As important as it is to move your gotis forward, remember that sometimes the risk might not be necessary and that sometimes it is better to move another token than just advancing the one near the home zone.

Grouping Tokens

In the online money-earning game Ludo Empire, a special tactic is the grouping of your tokens, also known as the Double Hit strategy. By placing two or more of your gotis in the same box, you can create a safe spot, making them safe from elimination and protecting them on their journey towards the winning zone.

Timing the Home Zone Entry

The ultimate goal of the Ludo Chakka game is to take all your tokens home before your opponents. You must be careful in your moves here and make sure you only make moves with lower risks and higher winning chances. Try to get your gotis inside the safe home row in a direct dice roll to safeguard it from getting eliminated.


Playing the Ludo Chakka game on the online Ludo Empire earn cash app is an extremely fun experience as it offers players nostalgic gaming of the traditional Ludo with the exciting twist of real money winnings. Ludo Empire has a lot of special features that make it the perfect Ludo goti wala game like an amazing referral program, instant cash winnings, safe and secure withdrawals, RNG-certified unpredictable dice, zero bots, real-time players, fair play gaming, regular online tournaments with big cash prizes, and many more. 

You can easily get the Ludo wala game from the Ludo Empire website and do the Ludo APK download to start playing. So, don’t wait, get the Ludo Empire App today and start your Ludo win cash daily gaming today!


1. How to get the perfect victory in the Ludo Chakka game?

The best way to better your victory chances in the real money-earning Ludo game is to practice your Ludo gaming, skills and strategies at the online skill-based Ludo Empire App.

2. What are the benefits of eliminating an opponent’s goti?

Eliminating an opponent’s token in the Chakka Ludo game gets you an extra turn as well as sends the opponent’s goti back to the base, putting them way behind you in the match.

3. Does the Ludo Empire game require a price to play?

The online skill-based play-and-earn-money Ludo Empire game requires you to pay a small fee to join a game. The entry fee starts from as low as ₹1, with the winning amount going up to thousands of real cash daily. 

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