Top 5 Reasons Why People Love Ludo Online

Ludo, a game that was invented in India has reached every part of the world today. It is a historical game enrouting deep in people’s hearts as a prominent childhood memory. This game has reached different parts of the world with the same variation. The Ludo rules and moves have till date almost remained the same, what changed is the mode of playing it. Moreover, some different variations of the game have also come up for the players to choose from various options according to their preferences. A game that was played with the board, gotis and dice, can now be played digitally.

There have been massive changes occurring in the world over centuries, be it in terms of their thoughts and ideas or tastes and preferences. Similarly, in the gaming area, many new games have developed over time, while many games have been facing transitions due to the changed preferences of players. But Ludo, being an ancient-time game, is still being continued and played with the same love and interest.

Bouncing on ancient times, Ludo is mentioned in the Classic Indian Epic, Mahabharata, implying its existence,  trend, and prominence since back then. Moreover, on staring at the current world circumstances Ludo has proceeded to go digital as well, making it an outstanding game of all time.

Online Ludo is a major game and is considered one of the most played games online. Many online Ludo games have developed on seeing people’s love for Ludo.  Considering this, Ludo Empire is one of the most popular Ludo games which is a smooth and secure Ludo online app that also gives real money to its players on winning the game. 

There are many reasons for Online Ludo being this significant, but the top 5 major reasons for online Ludo prominence are discussed further in this blog.

1. Availability

Being an online game, online Ludo is easily availed on everyone’s devices. It is an easily accessible, quickly available and equally affordable game. Most online Ludo games are free of cost to download and play, which makes it budget-friendly. With such features and free Ludo download, players can smoothly get their hands on the Ludo game anywhere and anytime they want, without any complications. Such convenient and approachable traits make online ludo the top choice for players.

2. Win Real Money

From being an early board game to an online digital device game, Ludo has come this far. It has witnessed evolution, progression, and adaption and is now on the verge of monetisation. Thereafter, the beloved game can now empower people to win money by playing online Ludo.  It is an enormous opportunity for the players to participate in online Ludo tournaments and matches, showcase their skills and talents, and win real online cash prizes for the same. Many online ludo real cash-based games are emerging these days. These games provide real money to their players, providing them with a good source of earnings.

This aspect has attracted many potential players towards the online Ludo, making it a greatly loved game.

3. Adaptive to The Modern World

Ludo has been maintaining its consistency, implying how perfectly this old-age game meets modern-day entertainment requirements and definitions. Ludo, on a digital note, is even more interesting and easier to play and understand. Online Ludo fits in well with the essentials of the current digital era.

It has been taking over the minds and hearts of people generation after generation. By adapting the modern-day trends and going digital, Ludo has reached heights where it is available for anyone, anytime. Thus,  Ludo has been keeping up with the trends and people’s preferences over the changing patterns which makes it adaptive and significant.

4. Connectivity

In the digital era where people from all over the world can connect with each other, online ludo comes up as a great platform for the same. Online Ludo masters connectivity as it allows people from different regions, cultures and backgrounds to play and connect with each other.

It grants people from diverse backgrounds to link, interact and share the Ludo board. The top Ludo players get a chance to compete with other enthusiastic and pro-players throughout the world. Online Ludo not only allows players to play with their friends and family but with strangers as well, successfully building connectivity.

5. Simplicity

Online Ludo is very simple and easy to understand. Its rules, tips and tricks are uncomplicated and can be remembered easily as well. It is a game with a perfect mixture of race, competition, hurdles, and eliminations with stability, steadiness, and easiness. A player need not go through any difficulties and hurdles to understand the game rules and play Ludo. Online Ludo’s simplicity and captivity keep it engaged with millions of players’ love and craze.


These were the top 5 reasons for online Ludo being loved and appreciated on a higher scale. Ludo game has ruled almost everyone’s childhood memories and is now ruling the top most loved online board games list. The progress and success of this game have resulted in its expansion and digitalisation. On that note, Ludo Empire comes up as a perfect online real-money Ludo game, which meets all the top Ludo qualities mentioned above.

Thus, online ludo is a game with a touch of modernisation and monetisation, which is easily accessible and understandable; and is also easily available to players irrespective of their origins and backgrounds.

We tried to cover almost everything about why people love Ludo, and to know more about Ludo or any other game including real money games, refer to our other blogs. Our blogs have detailed explanations, facts and figures and more information about various games.


1. Is it free to play online Ludo?

Yes, the Ludo game is available free of cost for everyone. You can easily download the Ludo Empire app without any cost.

2. From where did Ludo originate?

Ludo was originally created in India and its mention can be found in the Indian Epic Mahabharata. It was initially known as Pachisi in ancient India.

3. Can online Ludo be played with people from anywhere in the world?

Yes, online ludo can be played with different people throughout the world. Players can play Ludo with strangers and top Ludo players from worldwide.

4. Does the Ludo Empire give cash prizes to its players?

 Yes, Ludo Empire gives its players the opportunity to win real money prizes by playing Ludo. Players can win up to Rs.1 Crore on winning the game and tournaments.

Ludo Tournament Online – Real Money Contest

Ludo is one of the most popular board games that originated in India many years ago. It was called Pachisi by some, while some others called it Chaupar. From then to now, technology developed, people developed, and Ludo also developed, so much so that it was brought online through various gaming apps for everyone to play. 

Ludo boards turned into Ludo screens!

Millions of people started to play Ludo every year. But what keeps them so engaged with the game is the tournaments, where several people participate and test their skills.

One of the leading and the most popular apps to play Ludo is the Ludo Empire. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Ludo APK download file that is available on the Ludo Empire website. It is a skill-based real money-earning game that not only allows players to enjoy the thrill of playing Ludo but also encourages them to win and earn real cash. 

Online Ludo Tournament

Ludo Online Tournaments are a great way to improve your skills. They have many rounds in each game. It also helps you to gain immense confidence while playing with some of the best players from all over the country. Everyone here gets an equal chance to exhibit their skills without any restrictions. They also have massive price pools for the whole lot of people who participate. 

What’s more fun than earning money while having fun?

There are four different types of online tournaments in Ludo Empire, they are, two players – one winner, four players – one winner, two- player multi-winners, and four-player multi-winners.

1. One Winner

Two Players and Four Players

  • In this mode of tournament, the game starts with either two or four players and multiple rounds.
  • After each round, there is a winner who will go to the next round and the same process repeats until all the rounds are over. 
  • Ultimately, the player with the highest points wins real money.
  •  Each tournament has a fixed number of rounds that would be mentioned on the tournament card when you start the game.

2. Multiple Winners

Two Players and Four Players

  • The tournament starts with two players or four players, competing in a multi-round Ludo contest.
  • The player who wins a round plays the next round with a different opponent and so on.
  • In the end, the player with the highest points wins huge money from the prize pool. 
  • The best part here is that even if you lose the game, don’t lose your heart, because you can still win some money depending on your position on the leaderboard and the overall points earned.

Ludo Tournament Rules

Tournaments are generally the most entertaining aspect of Ludo and the four modes make them even more fun for the players to play. But now the question arises about how to play the game.

For this, you first need to be aware of the rules of Ludo as they give you an entire outline of the game before you get started. Some of the rules are:

Ludo tournament is a time and point-based game where each move of your pawn fetches you a point. Your pawn will have to cross 56 boxes to reach home, earning 56 points for those moves, and once it reaches home, the 56 points received till then get doubled to become 112. But, if the pawn gets knocked out on the way, then the points earned by that pawn get deducted from the overall points. 

Thus, your ultimate goal in the Ludo championships is to earn more points. In this journey, you can get a chance to knock out other’s pawns or be knocked out by other’s pawns. Thus, play smart.

The rounds of the Ludo contests run under a timer, which means that each round takes place only for a certain amount of time. So, in most cases what matters is the points that you have than the number of pawns at home. Therefore, try earning more points before the timer ends. Knowing certain Ludo tactics and tips can help you achieve this. 

After the pawns and the board, the Ludo dice is one of the most important weapons in Ludo. It is a cube that is numbered from 1 to 6. You will have to roll a dice and the number obtained on the dice is the number of boxes that your pawn can move. Here, you can choose any pawn that you wish to move.

A special feature in Ludo Empire is that you have the choice to skip your chance 3 times but the fourth time you will be eliminated from the game.

For every 6 rolled on the dice, you will get an additional chance to roll the dice, and if 6 is rolled three times back to back, then it will be eliminated.

If you knock out the opponent’s pawn, then their points will be reduced simultaneously and this will increase your chances of winning the game.

Once the pawns reach home, they cannot be knocked out or returned to the base.

In the case of online Ludo tournaments, the pawns are already open, so you don’t have to wait to roll a 6 or 1 to start the game, instead you can start moving the pawns immediately.

There are 12 safe spots marked on the board. When you are in these boxes, you cannot be knocked out by your opponent. Therefore, two or more pawns of opponents can stay in these boxes at the same time.

Also in the online Ludo Empire, if two or more pawns of the same player are placed in the same box, it becomes a safe zone and the opponents can’t knock them out.

These are some of the basic ideas about the game. Once you decide to go ahead to play the tournament, you can download the Ludo app. 

Here, there are 4 basic modes of Ludo, that is Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4, and Tournaments. As a beginner, it is always advised for you to start small, and for this, you can use the Quick Ludo and Furious 4 modes. 

Furious 4 is a rapid-fire game mode that works like a one-round Ludo tournament with similar gameplay and rules. Thus, the Ludo match gets over soon and is apt for practice and leveling up your skills.

Once you are confident and well aware of your game, you can start playing tournaments. In this mode, there are a series of tournaments available with different price pools and modes that can be filtered using the “filter” option. You can opt to register/ join any of them at your convenience, but make sure that you join the tournament before the join/ registration window closes. In this process, make sure to note the start time, prize pool, and number of rounds mentioned in the tournament that you join and then start playing.


Ludo Tournament India is one of the most exciting and happening events in the country, with over lakhs of people on board every time. It stands out among all modes and has achieved extreme popularity in no time because of the massive entertainment that it offers. You can play and win money up to 1 Crore. Online tournaments on Ludo Empire are conducted on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis so that you don’t miss out on your dose of entertainment at any cost.

So, what’s holding you back, it’s fun time!

Come have a quick catch-up with our Ludo Goti’s and brighten your smiles!


1. What is the entry fee for playing Ludo tournament?

You can start playing the game with an entry fee starting from just ₹1. 

2. What is the best mode of Ludo to choose when you have less time to play?

Quick Ludo and Furious 4 are really quick game modes that can be played in between tight schedules.

3. What is the best app to play Ludo?

Ludo Empire is one of the best online real-money gaming apps. It has four major platforms, they are, Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4, and Tournaments.

4. How to download Ludo Empire?

It is very simple. All you need to do is, go to the Ludo Empire website and download from the Ludo download APK file or you can also download from the Google Play Store.


Play Ludo Goti Game Online

The classic Ludo game has been a part of almost everyone’s childhood and is one of the most popular board games in India. The game with its easy rules, interesting gameplay and competitive yet friendly nature has forever maintained its popularity in recent years, with the emergence of online gaming, it has reached its peak.

The online Ludo game offers players the traditional Ludo game on an online platform, giving them the comfort of enjoying the game from anywhere at any time.

Online Ludo goti wala game is considered to be the top choice when it comes to having easy, interesting, competitive, slow and steady gameplay.

Ludo Basics

While Ludo is not that complicated to understand, it is better to have proper knowledge about the game and its variables, so you can best win the game. Here are all the basics about the Ludo goti game that you need to know before you start playing:

1. Ludo Gotis

Ludo has 4 sets of gotis; each set is of a different colour and consists of 4 gotis each. A player must choose one of his choices with which they will continue the game. It’s a game about racing the gotis from their bases to the home, taking a long round to the board. But this is not all about it; the long round that the gotis go through involves thrills, suspense, eliminations, and lots of fun.

2. Movement of the Gotis

The Ludo dice and gotis rules go hand-in-hand; the gotis move ahead step by step according to the number that appears on the dice. With every chance, the goti jumps onto the board ahead, taking a round of the board clockwise. But, throughout the journey, these gotis have to face and go through a lot, as there are other competitive gotis on the round. They relay in order to reach the same home, so there’s quite a quarrel throughout the board. A goti can eliminate another coloured goti, its competitor, and send it back to its base. As a result, the eliminated goti will have to restart the journey, whereas the eliminator goti is in the lead. Now, players have to plan their gameplay accordingly, with every move they have to analyse the positions of each goti, where their main aim is to reach home by eliminating other gotis.

3. Dice Roll

When it comes to the dice roll, the player need not do much. The matter of Ludo dice depends on luck to an extent, rest is subjected to the player’s skills and gameplay. The player can only analyse the dice patterns, but to use those numbers wisely to drive the Ludo ki goti is what a player needs to set their skills in. One particular thing to note in the Ludo dice game is that rolling a 6 on the dice for 3 consecutive times nullifies the player’s turn, with the dice passing over to the next player.

Online Ludo Game

The idea of merging this historical game with technology emerged with the output of the growing digital era. At the times when everything was available for everyone and anywhere, there was no reason for Ludo to be left behind. Downloading Ludo on your devices and playing it from anywhere, with whomever you prefer is an uncomplicated task.

Following people’s love for Ludo, many online Ludo gaming apps have emerged. Among the several ones, the most popular, safe, smooth and trusted app is the Ludo Empire. In addition to providing smooth and exciting gameplay, it monetizes the gameplay. With Ludo Empire, players get a chance to win real money by playing Ludo, which makes the game more exciting.

Ludo Empire – Real Money Game

Ludo Empire came up with the idea of monetizing the game of Ludo to provide its users with a chance to win real money while getting their hands on fun and exciting gameplay. It is a skill-based game where players have to use their Ludo strategies and gaming skills to win the game.

Ludo Empire avails its users of different types of gaming modes, keeping in mind the diversities in people’s choices. Here, players get a chance to play and interact with multi-live Ludo players and compete with top Ludo champions from all over India.

Types Of Game Modes

There are 4 Ludo game modes from which players can choose their mode of gameplay, referring to their time, mood and gaming preferences.

1. Classic Ludo

The historical classic rage of the ludo game, which has been carried over for ages, is the Classic Mode in the Ludo Empire. As usual, here the player focuses on rounding their 4 pawns or gotis to the home. To open the gotis, or to move them out of their base, the player needs to roll the dice to  “6” or “1”. The one who gets all the 4 gotis to the home first, wins the game and earns real cash.

2. Quick Ludo

Cherishing the valuable time of its players and supervising their desire for entertainment, Ludo Empire has come up with the Quick Ludo gaming Mode. It is a short game that can be completed within 10 minutes, where the player is supposed to round only 2 gotis to the home. In Quick Ludo, unlike Classic Ludo, players do not need to open the gotis. Whoever leads the gotis to home first, wins the game as well as real money gains.

3. Furious 4

A rapid-fire Ludo round, where in just a few minutes players can play the game, compete, score points and win online money. It is a short and fun game in which the player who scores more points before the timer ends, carries off and wins the game.

4. Tournament

Online Ludo Tournaments allow top Ludo players to compete against each other, exhibiting their skills and talents; top-scoring the Ludo leaderboard and earning appreciation and real prize money. Players can win up to 10 lakhs by benefiting from the Ludo Empire Tournaments. Tournaments happen on a time-to-time basis; it is daily, weekly and monthly.

These were the gaming modes that Ludo Empire offers. Its diverse and user-concerning nature makes it the top, leading and fastest-growing real-money Ludo gaming app in India.

Steps to Download the Ludo Empire Play and Win Real Money App

  • Go to the Ludo Empire Website, and click on “Download App”. Or, go to the Google Play Store and install the application.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the game and register or sign up with a mobile number to start.
  • Before diving into the gameplay, go through the Ludo rules and instructions of the game
  • You can start with as low as ₹1/- and can get a chance to win up to 1 Crore in real cash.

How to Play Ludo Goti Wala Game?

After the Ludo goti download is done, here is a step guide and rules to play the Ludo Empire goti game:

  • Goti Colour- Choose the colour of the Ludo goti out of the four available options. Remember you will have to go forward with the same coloured goti throughout the game.
  • Starting Move- In Ludo Empire, unlocking the gotis from its base is the first step to start the game. But for that, the players need to roll a “6” or “1” on the dice, if they are playing the Classic Ludo game mode. Only on getting these numbers on the dice, one is allowed to move the goti out of the base in order to continue with the game.
  • Eliminating the opponents’ goti- As players move forward with the gotis, they have the chance to eliminate or kill the opponents’ gotis and replace their spot. On clashing with the competitor’s goti at the same spot, the eliminator goti takes its place, as a result, the eliminated goti is dragged back to its base. Here, it is a chance for the players to take the lead, leaving behind their rivals.
  • Protecting gotis- Ludo Empire has a special rule for saving gotis from elimination. The rule says that if 2 gotis of the same colour are placed on the same spot, a safe zone is created, making it impossible for them to be eliminated. Also, there are a few spots marked throughout the board, which are considered safe spots. Any goti residing there would be safe from elimination.
  • Home- After going through all the hurdles and competition, the gotis reach home. The one who manages to get gotis to the home first wins the game and gets some really big cash prize.

Ludo Empire is an easy game to play, with uncomplicated rules. All the rules and regulations of the game are easy to understand and execute. Hence, Ludo Empire is a reasonable choice when it comes to earning money by playing Ludo.


With several emerging real-money gaming apps, what makes the Ludo Empire worth investing in? Since real money games not only deal with fun and entertainment but with money too, this makes the matter a little sensitive based on reliance.

On that note, Ludo Empire is a 100% trusted, safe and secure gaming platform. It has over 1+ Crore of trusted users, who earned a considerable amount of money on winning. The Ludo Empire dice is RNG certified; it proves that the game is not fixed but is genuine. It ensures that the game is honest, true, random and fair. The numbers on the dice are entirely unpredictable and the results only depend on the players’ gaming skills and how they play the game. 

On the subject of confidentiality of financial transactions, Ludo Empire has a partnership with several trusted payment platforms, such as PhonePe and GPay, demonstrating safe and secure money transactions.

It is safe to say that the Ludo Empire is appraised as a game of trust, reliability, safety, and security, with an opportunity to earn real money at a consequential amount. 

Consider playing Ludo at Ludo Empire, and seize the experience and some exciting cash prizes!


1. Are the results fixed at Ludo Empire?

No, the game, the dice roll numbers and the results of the game are not fixed at all. It is totally a spontaneous game, with RNG-certified dice. This implies that the Ludo dice is completely random. The game depends on the player’s skills and how they play the game.

2. Is the download Free for Ludo Empire?

Yes, the Ludo Empire APK download is totally free of cost. You can download the Ludo real cash-winning online game easily from the website or the Google Play Store.

3. What is the minimum amount to start playing Ludo Empire?

The players can start with a minimum of Rs1/- to play Ludo Empire. Players can start by investing Rs1/- and can get a chance to win up to Rs 1 crore.

Ludo Wala Game: Download the Ludo Khelne Wala App

Who doesn’t like to play Ludo, after all?

This generation doesn’t have the time to sit and play offline, so we want the Ludo khelne waale app to sit back, relax, and play whenever we want, right?

Not just this, we prefer games that not only offer us fun but also the chance of earning money side by side, and luckily one app does that, which you will get to know in the article. Scroll through the article to learn more about the ultimate Ludo Wala game app, the Ludo Empire.

Spoiler Alert: It is a super safe and secure app where you can earn money and play the game. The money that you earn can be withdrawn easily and quickly. You get to play games online, sharpen your skills, become a pro, and then you can win big and earn cash prizes.

Ludo Empire: Ludo Khelne Wala App

Ludo Empire is one of the top online Ludo games in India! Let us explain how cool it is and how different it is!!

Amazing Designs

Ludo Empire has an amazing design, that looks appealing and relaxing, and almost feels like a treat! The Ludo Empire look is colourful, engaging and yet simple and calm, making it easier and all the more relaxing for players to enjoy. Moreover, these designs are so perfect and pretty that they can be a great flex for your Insta fam. You can just take a screenshot, or even if you share it with your friends, the game Ludo itself would look so thrilling!

After all, who doesn’t love aesthetic things?

Game Modes

There are four modes in the world of Ludo Empire, and you can play any of them:

Quick Ludo: This Ludo mode as the name itself suggests is a Quick Ludo game. Here, you get to play and earn money in just about 10 minutes. It is all about who’s fastest in getting only 2 of their pawns in the home. Once you do that, you win! This game mode is quite suitable for office breaks, study breaks, or maybe even your chai breaks.

Classic Ludo: Second is the classic Ludo; it is a more traditional method. This mode is the classic battle between the pawns and who takes all their pawns home. Old-school Ludo lovers, this is for you!

Ludo Tournaments: Ludo Tournaments are a professional favorite. Here, you get to compete with the top Ludo players on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You get multiple chances to show off your Ludo skills and win real cash.

Furious 4: This mode is like a rapid-fire Ludo. You have a timer going on, and you have to score more points than the opponent. So, all the attack mode players, this is for you all. No need to play defense anymore – it is time to get furious.

Skill-Based Ludo Game

Ludo is widely believed to be a luck-based game, but when it comes to Ludo Empire, it isn’t! It is a skill-based game!

Ludo Empire involves skill, so when you notice the little things. You need to use your observational and cognitive skills and be good at decision-making, and that is when, with the help of your skills, you can win the game. When you play by these tricks and tactics, you realize that Ludo is much more than pure luck. You can read the ludo tips and tricks and apply them in Ludo Empire today to see it for yourself.

Real Money Winnings

Yes, you read it right!

Ludo Empire gives you a chance to earn money. You can put in a very small amount of money and earn more. This small amount of money becomes a little investment of yours that can help you turn your leisure time into an opportunity to win real money as well.

The great part is the game allows you to put in a small amount of money with the help of which you can even practice first, and then play big!

Safe Transactions

When it comes to money, feeling a little scared is quite obvious. However, you don’t need to worry, as Ludo Empire comes with a quite safe and secure platform that ensures transactions are as smooth as ever. 

Even about the withdrawals, you wouldn’t have to wait days like the old platforms, but these processes would happen in a click, and you can start playing in a few minutes, so sit back and relax while everything happens.


Ludo, the evergreen game, is here to help us survive through our hectic schedules, and the online ones can be played anywhere at any time. 

You can have a million options in the online world when choosing a platform to play Ludo, but Ludo Empire is way ahead in its field, which is why you should play here. Ludo Empire provides you with the opportunity to turn this leisure time into an opportunity to earn money while also relaxing. Isn’t that great?

With its multiple modes to play, you have enough choices to select from as per your free period and the amount of money you are planning to invest. Ludo Empire is one of the appealing Ludo platforms thanks to its amazing graphics, which doubles the fun and aesthetic of Ludo, right? 

Such a combination of earning and having fun makes it stand out amongst other platforms. To join the world of Ludo Empire, you can just download the Ludo APK from the website or Google Play Store right away. Start playing in a few seconds and rule the Ludo Empire world!


1. Can Ludo Empire help one earn money as well?

Ludo Empire provides a smooth and safe platform that allows you to withdraw money securely, so when you play a game online and win, you earn money. Furthermore, there are many tournaments that you can participate in and win real cash prizes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

2. How is Ludo Empire different from other Ludo games?

Ludo Empire’s characteristic of safe and secure transactions makes it stand out. After all, everyone wants to earn money even while relaxing. So, you can just earn money and not worry about withdrawals and everything.

3. Is Ludo Empire skill-based and helps with skill development?

Yes, Ludo Empire is not a random Ludo but involves skill development. The more you play and practice, the more your skills get sharpened.

4. Is Ludo Empire available for download on mobile devices?

Yes, Ludo Empire can be easily downloaded from its website, or you can just download it from the Google Play Store anytime, allowing players to enjoy the game on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Ludo Chakka: Unveiling the Thrills of Dice, Moves, and Victory

The Ludo game is one of the beloved games in India, being played in the country for generations. The game can be found spread throughout Indian history with various names like Ludo Chakka, Pachisi, Ludo goti, etc. The game Ludo Chakka, with its still ever-growing popularity, has even reached the digital plane and has widely become available as an online game, becoming one of the most-played online board games in the world.

Ludo Empire is one such online Ludo Chakka wala game where players can play Ludo online from their phone at any time from anywhere. It is an online skill-based Ludo game, where not only can you enjoy traditional Ludo gaming online but also win real cash prizes with your skills.

Ludo Chakka Play Online India

Ludo Empire is a multiplayer Ludo game with similar gameplay and rules to the general Ludo game. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players on a square board with 4 sets of coloured gotis/tokens for each player and dice. You have to take your Ludo gotis to the winning zone, also known as home, before your opponents do to win the game.

This Chakka Ludo game has multiple game modes available for players to enjoy – Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4 and Tournaments, all following similar gameplay with a few special rules for each. But before you can start playing Ludo Empire, you need to be familiar with the Ludo rules so you can play easily without worrying about making any mistakes.

Ludo Goti Wala Game Rules

Ludo has some fairly simple game rules that you need to know how to play the game.

  1. All tokens are locked inside the base at the start of the game. You need to roll either a six or a one on the dice to unlock them before you can start moving them.
  2. Rolling a six on the dice gives you an extra turn.
  3. If you roll a six on the dice 3 times in a row, your turn gets cancelled, and the dice passes over to the next player.
  4. The number rolled on the dice determines the number of moves a token can make.
  5. Taking a token home gives you an extra turn.
  6. Landing on the same box as an opponent’s goti can eliminate that goti, sending it back to the base to restart its journey.

With these rules, you can easily start your Ludo gaming on the online Ludo Empire win cash daily game, but just knowing the rules does not guarantee winning, you also need to practice your gaming as well as make strategies for your moves to increase your chances of winning this play and earn money game.

Ludo Chakka Tips and Tricks To Victory

While the Ludo dice game might seem like a luck-based game, especially due to the unpredictable dice rolling, it is not. It is a skill-based game where players have to use their Ludo strategies, tactics, and gaming skills to win the game. 

Unlocking Tokens

In the online game Ludo Chakka, your first focus should be on unlocking all your gotis as soon as you can. Opening all your tokens increases your options of moves to take as well as helps in taking control of the Ludo board.

Exercise Patience

Ludo is a competitive, exciting and thrilling game; it is important that you maintain calm and focus while playing to not spoil your winning chances. Do not let your frustrations affect your gaming, be patient in your moves and dice rolls and think clearly before making any moves.

Creating Blocks

One of the lesser-known strategies in the online Ludo play game is creating barricades in your opponent’s path to slow down their progress. To create blocks, you need to place two or more of your gotis one after another, in a row, most efficiently near their home zone, stopping them from entering the home row.

Be Adaptable

Not every opponent plays the game in the same way, you need to be flexible in your gaming strategies and adapt to how your opponent is playing. Observe your opponent’s moves, try to figure out their strategy and adjust your playing accordingly, to win.

Balance Offence and Defense

The cash Ludo game requires you to maintain a balance between your defence and your offence moves to stay steady and ahead on the board. As important as it is to move your gotis forward, remember that sometimes the risk might not be necessary and that sometimes it is better to move another token than just advancing the one near the home zone.

Grouping Tokens

In the online money-earning game Ludo Empire, a special tactic is the grouping of your tokens, also known as the Double Hit strategy. By placing two or more of your gotis in the same box, you can create a safe spot, making them safe from elimination and protecting them on their journey towards the winning zone.

Timing the Home Zone Entry

The ultimate goal of the Ludo Chakka game is to take all your tokens home before your opponents. You must be careful in your moves here and make sure you only make moves with lower risks and higher winning chances. Try to get your gotis inside the safe home row in a direct dice roll to safeguard it from getting eliminated.


Playing the Ludo Chakka game on the online Ludo Empire earn cash app is an extremely fun experience as it offers players nostalgic gaming of the traditional Ludo with the exciting twist of real money winnings. Ludo Empire has a lot of special features that make it the perfect Ludo goti wala game like an amazing referral program, instant cash winnings, safe and secure withdrawals, RNG-certified unpredictable dice, zero bots, real-time players, fair play gaming, regular online tournaments with big cash prizes, and many more. 

You can easily get the Ludo wala game from the Ludo Empire website and do the Ludo APK download to start playing. So, don’t wait, get the Ludo Empire App today and start your Ludo win cash daily gaming today!


1. How to get the perfect victory in the Ludo Chakka game?

The best way to better your victory chances in the real money-earning Ludo game is to practice your Ludo gaming, skills and strategies at the online skill-based Ludo Empire App.

2. What are the benefits of eliminating an opponent’s goti?

Eliminating an opponent’s token in the Chakka Ludo game gets you an extra turn as well as sends the opponent’s goti back to the base, putting them way behind you in the match.

3. Does the Ludo Empire game require a price to play?

The online skill-based play-and-earn-money Ludo Empire game requires you to pay a small fee to join a game. The entry fee starts from as low as ₹1, with the winning amount going up to thousands of real cash daily. 

Avoiding Ludo Mistakes: A Guide to Mastering Winning Tactics

Ludo is the ultimate evergreen game!

You can play this evergreen game while multitasking, but that might be the reason you start losing frequently.

Ludo Empire is one of the top Ludo games in India and is available on Android phones. With its easy and smooth user interface, you get to enjoy the game more. Just like that, you can just pick a Ludo game mode in the app to start a match.

But, you know what’s the best part? You get to win real money! Yes, you heard it right, you can play and earn money. The transaction process is quite easy, smooth, quick, and most of all safe and secure. You can easily win cash daily with Ludo gaming and make secure withdrawals directly to your bank account. You can put in a very small amount to begin your journey at Ludo Empire and then gradually go on to playing big as well, and who knows you might have a better winning streak here!

To ensure that you win and have a lot of fun (yes, money too), just make sure you avoid making some very basic ludo mistakes, and this blog is here to help you with that. Scroll through the blog and get a ludo guide to learn how to avoid ludo mistakes and be a master at winning tactics.

Mistake #1: Not Utilizing Safe Spots

When there are opponents nearby, players frequently make the error of moving their pieces down risky lines rather than the safe ones on the board. Incase your opponent sends your piece back to the beginning, this might result in needless losses.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Plan well and make sure that you smartly choose the routes and spots, keeping other people’s tokens in mind.
  • Make sure you don’t lose sight of the opponents so you have a better chance of predicting their moves and making your route safer. 

Mistake #2: Being Too Aggressive

Sometimes the players become too aggressive while playing, which means they keep on eliminating other people’s tokens but forget to keep focus on their tokens. As a result, they can overlook calculated actions that might guarantee their own parts.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Make sure that you go ahead with a balanced approach, which means being offensive but still staying defensive. 
  • Another point is even when you are in your attack mode, make sure you analyze your move so you don’t suffer later on.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Home Safety

There are instances when you end up focusing on taking all your tokens/ gotis out of the house and just starting the game, but too many tokens out there is also an issue. This way, you end up neglecting your token’s safety. Disregarding home security might expose parts to being returned to their initial state.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • To avoid other opponents taking up your column, make sure you keep that way blocked, that is keep at least one token/pawn there to avoid making it a safe space for other houses. 
  • Even if you decide to push most of the tokens out, make sure your goal is the safety of your tokens and not eliminating other’s tokens.

Mistake #4: Not Planning Ahead

Since we end up thinking that this is just a random time pass game, we never plan but mind you, planning ahead plays a huge role in the ludo game

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Predict the moves of your opponents so you play accordingly. 
  • Make sure your tokens are in a position to adapt to the strategy you might need to take which is either rush home or eliminate others. 
  • Moreover, consider future turns, not just take a move in a hurry. 

Mistake #5: Forgetting Dice Probability

Probability plays a huge role in the game. Ludo Dice probability is used in deciding and forming strategies, which we end up forgetting at times to consider.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Remember that the occurrence of a number has a probability of ⅙, so you would not always get 6.
  • Plan your strategies as per the probabilities.
  • Stay adaptable and modify your strategies per roll.

Mistake #6: Being Merciful

Sometimes, out of a feeling of sportsmanship or a desire to stay out of trouble, players are reluctant to return their opponents’ pieces to their beginning positions. It isn’t life, it is Ludo so we do have a choice to be brutal here.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Don’t let opportunities go if you have the turn to eliminate a token then do it!
  • Examine if you eliminate a token would it backfire on you or would you be safe, because you need to prioritize your play first.
  • Make a balance between aggression and strategy.

Mistake #7: Being Overconfident

Overconfidence can result in reckless actions and a disregard for the tactics used by opponents. If you underestimate your opponents, you can end yourself taking chances and losing the game.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Keep your attention on the present stage of the game while anticipating possible actions from your rivals.
  • Prioritize safe and strategic gameplay above needless risks.
  • Recognize that there is often unpredictability in the game and try to strike a balance between confidence and prudence.


Now that you have read the entire blog, we hope you understand how crucial these mistakes are. Since it is quite easy to just avoid them with a little extra energy, you have the capacity to become a new master at the Ludo game by following easy steps to play Ludo better. Ludo Empire is made just for masters like you. Master the Ludo game today by downloading the Ludo game app with a click and once the  Ludo Empire APK is downloaded utilize your time enjoying with live players in multi-player mode and even winning some real money.


1. What makes Ludo Empire user-friendly?

The easy usage of Ludo Empire, playing on the app, with amazing game features and its accessibility on Android phones, make it quite user-friendly.

2. How do I start playing Ludo Empire?

Just download the app Ludo Empire on your Android phones and start playing, as simple as that.

3. Why is it important to maintain balance in the Ludo Empire?

It is important to make balance in Ludo Empire because one needs to eliminate yet save their own tokens if you keep being aggressive you might lose your tokens but if you play too defensively the other opponents might have a better edge.

A Guide on How to Earn by Playing Ludo

Ludo, an evergreen classic board game of India, has in recent years gone through a transformation towards digital platforms and is now also an online game. 

Online Ludo is one of the most popular online board games, with its childhood nostalgia, charm and entertainment as well as the new twist of the ability to play the game from anywhere at any time without having to look for an opponent or a board.

Ludo Empire: Ludo Game Earn Money

Ludo Empire is one such online Ludo game where players can compete in multiplayer Ludo matches against players from all across the country, and it’s not just that. At Ludo Empire, you can also turn your fun and gaming skills into real-money earnings.

Ludo Empire is a skill-based online play Ludo and earn money game, where players can play with their gaming skills to win real cash. The rules of Ludo Empire are similar to the rules of the traditional Ludo game; to win, you have to take their pawns home before any of their opponents do.

This Ludo offers different amount tables for players to choose from, as per their preference, starting from as low as ₹1/-.  There are 4 game modes available in Ludo Empire for players to play: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4 and Tournaments.

Ludo Empire Tournaments are one of the most special modes in Ludo Empire, as in these online tournaments, players can compete with Ludo professionals in a multi-round contest and earn lakhs from as low as an entry fee of ₹10/-.

Earn Money by Playing Ludo Empire

Ludo-earning apps provide players with the opportunity to use their gaming skills and tricks and turn them into something beneficial. With Ludo Empire, players can not only refresh their minds and polish their Ludo tactics but also earn real cash prizes with their gaming while also having lots of fun.

Here are the top 3 ways for you to learn how to earn money from the Ludo game:

Ludo Matches

One of the simplest ways of earning money from Ludo is by playing a game of Ludo Empire. By choosing a Ludo game mode and selecting your entry amount table, you can easily start playing Ludo against multiple online Ludo Empire players and earn huge cash rewards with your skills. The games start from as low as ₹1/- and can have cash prizes in thousands.

Classic Ludo Mode

In this play online Ludo game and earn money mode, players can enjoy the traditional gaming of the Ludo. Players can choose to play a 2-player or 4-player Classic Ludo match. You need to take your tokens home, all 4 of your tokens, in the 4-player match, and only 1 token, in the 2-player match, before your opponents, to win the match and earn cash rewards.

Quick Ludo Mode

This Ludo earn money mode is for players who are looking to enjoy a short game of Ludo. In this game mode, you have to take only 2 of your tokens home before your opponent does to win and earn money; a Quick Ludo match can be finished in as short as 10 minutes.

Furious 4

This is a brand new game mode of Ludo Empire, where players play a rapid-fire fast-paced game of Ludo against random 2 to 4 players in a time-limited match. In this Furious 4 mode, players have to score more points than their opponents to win cash rewards. This is one of the fastest Ludo earn money game modes.

Online Tournaments

Ludo Empire Tournaments are some of the most competitive Ludo games, where you can win up to 10 lakhs with your gaming skills. Online tournaments are held on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and players can compete in as many Ludo championships as they want. The tournaments are multi-round point-based tournaments, the player with the most points at the end of the rounds wins the game and the cash prize.

Referral Program

Ludo Empire has one of the most beneficial referral programs of all the online Ludo earn money games in India. By referring this game to your friends and family you can win exciting cash bonuses. The refer and earn program of Ludo Empire gives you a ₹5/- bonus every time your referral code is used to sign up and a 2% commission from their joining fee every time they play a game. Sharing your referral code can instantly boost your Ludo game earnings.


Ludo-earning apps, like Ludo Empire, have had a recent rise in their popularity, due to their ease of availability and gameplay. Once, you know how to play the Ludo game, practice your Ludo strategies and learn how to reach the top of the Ludo leaderboard against the other players, it is a lot easier to earn money by playing Ludo. Players can get the play Ludo earn-money game on their smartphones by either going to the Ludo Empire website and doing the Ludo APK download or from the Google Play Store. 

So, don’t wait! Download the Ludo Empire play and earn money game, complete your registrations and start playing Ludo to start earning big daily!


1. Is the Ludo Empire play-and-earn money game safe?

The Ludo Empire app is ISO-certified, promising transparent, safe and secure transactions for players. Ludo Empire has partnered with multiple trusted payment partners like GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

2. How do referral programs work in the Ludo Empire game?

With the Ludo Empire’s refer and earn feature, players can share their referral code with their friends and family and earn multiple bonuses. The code can be shared with as many people as you want but the bonuses are only earned when your code is used to register.

3. How do the Ludo earn money gaming work?

In the Ludo Earn Money game Ludo Empire, players have to submit an entry fee to play a game and by using their skills, logic and tricks take their pawns home to win the game and get the cash prizes. You can also do instant withdrawals of your Ludo winnings into your bank account, whenever you want. 

Ludo Leaderboard

Ludo is a popular and traditional board game of India that with its popularity has now reached the digital world, making a home in our virtual space. Online Ludo is one of India’s most trending online games, with its timeless appeal and exciting gameplay. 

Ludo Empire is one such Ludo online game where players can enjoy the traditional Ludo game whenever and wherever they want and it comes with a few special twists too. Ludo Empire is not only a Ludo board game online but it is also a real-money game where you can play and earn money just by playing Ludo with your gaming skills. 

Ludo Empire Online India

Ludo Empire is a skill-based real-money Ludo online play game where players using their Ludo tactics, tricks, and skills can win huge cash rewards, making it an attractive and captivating Ludo game app for both casual and competitive players.

Ludo Empire has multiple game modes and over 1 Crore players, offering each player an easy chance of an opponent to play against at any time from anywhere in the Ludo mode of their preference. The game, while commonly known as a casual game, also has a degree of competition involved in it, with players trying to win and prove themselves as top Ludo players.

Ludo Game Leaderboard

Ludo leaderboards are fascinating ranking systems that show a live-time climb of players to the top. The leaderboards are for players who enjoy the thrilling and competitive nature more than the traditional Ludo and its casual gaming. 

Ludo Empire has one of the most versatile leaderboards with sections for ranks, badges, the amount won, and the number of games played, with daily, weekly, and monthly basis rankings of the players.

Features of Ludo Empire Leaderboard

Ludo Empire Leaderboard stands out in the crowd from others for its special features. It makes the general ranking of Ludo winners and gives it an even more competitive edge.

Number of Games Played

The leaderboard features a section for the number of games a player has played in their Ludo Empire gaming. The players’ ranks are calculated compared to the amount of cash they have won against the number of games played.


Ludo Empire awards players with special badges for the number of games they have played. The badge titles are Soldier, Master, Grand Master, Elite, King and Emperor depending on the players’ skills in the Ludo board game online, they can keep earning new badges regularly.

Amount Won

The game leaderboard is heavily influenced by the amount won by players in their online Ludo Empire gaming. The leaderboard shows the total Ludo cash winnings a player has earned from their Ludo Empire gaming and the higher amount number is the higher the player’s rank.


Types of Online Leaderboard

There are different kinds of online Ludo Empire mobile leaderboards available in the game where players are ranked based on their constant gaming.

Daily Leaderboard

In this game leaderboard, players are ranked on how they are doing in their Ludo Empire gaming for the day. The daily leaderboard changes every day with every new game played. 

Weekly Leaderboard

This leaderboard ranks the performance of the players in a week based on how many Ludo Empire games they have played and the amount won. 

Monthly Leaderboard

This is the longest-running leaderboard in Ludo Empire, where players are ranked on the total games played and the amount won in a month.

Tournament Leaderboard

In Ludo Empire online tournaments, the players are ranked based on the points they earn in their game. Each round the players are ranked on the basis of their points and earn real money prizes, according to their rank too.

Tips and Tricks to Top the Leaderboard

Reaching the top of the leaderboard is no easy task, one needs to be practised in their Ludo gaming, perfected in their strategies and polished their gaming skills. 

Using these special Ludo tips and tricks, you can make your Ludo winning chances even easier.

Know the rules before you start your gaming so you can avoid making any mistakes while playing. The Ludo rules are simple, easy to understand and remember and once you are familiar with the rules, your gaming becomes easier.

Create a strategy for your gaming to make better moves. A Ludo strategy needs to be adaptable and perfected with practice, as it goes a long way in getting an upper hand on your opponents as well as understanding their strategy so you can easily counter it. 

Balance your pawns on the board equally. One of the best strategies in Ludo is to open all of your Ludo pawns as soon as you can and then spread them around the board so you can move them better and keep them safe from elimination.

Understanding your opponent and their gaming is very important in winning a Ludo game. Observe your opponent’s moves, analyse their strategy and try to predict their move so you can place your pawns accordingly.

Knowing when to attack or not is the key to winning a Ludo game. Try to keep your pawns near your opponents’ pawns at all times and strike the moment you can, but make sure that this attack does not leave you vulnerable to any opponents’ attacks.

In the Ludo Empire game, placing two of your pawns in the same spot creates a safe spot, making your pawns safe from elimination. Use this special rule to your advantage whenever you can.


With Ludo leaderboards, the competitive nature of the game has increased tenfold, making the already popular online Ludo games even more popular. Ludo Empire offers players different opportunities and game modes to reach the top of the Ludo leaderboard with their gaming as well as earn huge cash rewards. You can easily do the Ludo APK download by going to the Ludo Empire website or the Google Play Store. 

So download the Ludo Empire app, choose your game modes, play the match and top the Ludo leaderboard with your Ludo skills!


1. How many types of game leaderboards are there in Ludo Empire?

Ludo Empire has 3 leaderboards in the game, a daily leaderboard, a weekly leaderboard and a monthly board, located at the bottom of the game’s home screen. There is another leaderboard available in Ludo Empire, the Tournament leaderboard that can be found inside the tournaments.

2. What are the different kinds of game modes available in the online play and earn real money Ludo Empire game?

There are 4 game modes available in Ludo Empire: Classic Ludo, for players who enjoy the traditional gaming of Ludo, Quick Ludo, for players who want to enjoy a short Ludo game, Furious 4, a brand-new rapid-fire Ludo time-based game, and Tournaments, for players who are looking for heavy Ludo competition with big cash prizes.

3. How to top the leaderboard every time?

The Ludo leaderboard is a competitive place, to reach its top one has to have lots of practice with their gaming, a polished and perfected strategy and most importantly loads of patience.

Introducing the New Game Mode for Ludo Empire – Furious 4

The Ludo game is an all-time popular, classic board game of India, so much so that it is now available digitally and online. Online Ludo gives players the opportunity to enjoy their favourite Ludo game from anywhere at any time for their comfort, one of the advantages that come with online Ludo in comparison to the traditional Ludo board game.

One of the leading Ludo online play games in India currently is the Ludo Empire game. Ludo Empire is an online skill-based real-money Ludo game with over 1 Crore players.

Ludo Empire and Game Modes

In Ludo Empire, you can not only have fun playing the traditional Ludo game but also win real cash with your Ludo gaming skills. Ludo Empire also offers players different game modes of Ludo, like Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Tournaments, giving them new and exciting formats of Ludo gaming.

Ludo Empire’s Classic Ludo game mode is the traditional game of Ludo made online. This mode is a 4-player Ludo game, to win the Ludo match – you have to take all 4 of your pawns home before any of your opponents do. It has similar rules and gameplay as the regular rules of Ludo.

Quick Ludo game mode in Ludo Empire is for players who want to enjoy the traditional gaming of Ludo but do not have the time to play a full-time game. It is a 2-player short Ludo game where you only have to take 2 of your pawns home before your opponents do to win the match. A quick ludo game can be finished in as short as 10 mins.

Ludo Empire Tournament is the Ludo mode for players who are looking for more professional Ludo gaming. It is a multi-round, point-based Ludo battle where players compete against multiple Ludo players from across India to prove themselves as top Ludo player. In the online Ludo tournaments, you can win up to 10 lakhs in real cash.

The availability of different Ludo modes is one of the reasons that make Ludo Empire a loved Ludo game among the players of India. Ludo Empire, seeing the players’ enjoyment that came with playing Ludo in the various modes, has decided to introduce one more and has recently launched a brand new game mode called “Furious 4”.

Ludo Empire Launches New Game Mode “Furious 4”

The launch of this new Furious 4 Ludo game mode by Ludo Empire has brought Ludo players all over the country a new and exciting variation of their favourite Ludo board game to enjoy and compete in. 

Furious 4 is a rapid-fire single-round Ludo contest with high stakes and less time. It is the game mode for players looking for a thrilling and adventurous Ludo match. Furious 4 is a 4-player game where players, using their gaming skills and Ludo strategies, have to make more points from the opponents before the game timer ends to win.

How to Play Furious 4?

While the gameplay of the Furious 4 game mode is similar to the general Ludo Empire Tournament gameplay, it is still best to look at them before you start playing so you don’t make any mistakes during your gaming.

Here are all you need to know to play the Ludo Empire Furious 4 game mode:

  • You need at least 2 and at max 4 players to play a Furious 4 match.
  • A Furious 4 match is a short time-limited game that at max can go up to 10 minutes.
  • In this mode, all your pawns will already be outside the base at the start of the game. You don’t have to worry about unlocking them and can start moving immediately.
  • If two or more of your pawns are placed in the same box, then it creates a safe spot and your pawns are then safe from elimination.
  • Each move your pawn takes gets you 1 point; the maximum number of points a pawn can get is 56.
  • If your pawn gets eliminated, then you lose the points that particular pawn has earned you in the game. 
  • Taking your pawn home doubles up your points, giving you a big advantage over your opponents.
  • Total points are shown on the game board after each throw, making it easier for you to see how you’re fairing against your opponents.
  • The player who has the maximum points at the end wins the match and gets the real cash prize.
  • If two or more players have the same points at the end, the winning amount is equally divided between them.

Now that you know how to play the Furious 4 game mode, all you have to do to start your Ludo fun cash game playing is to get the Ludo Empire app.

How to Download The Ludo Empire Furious 4 Game?

You can download the Ludo Empire app by 2 methods, either by visiting the Google Play Store or from the Ludo Empire website. 

Follow these steps to download the Ludo play and earn money game, Ludo Empire, and start your win cash daily Ludo gaming:

  1. Visit the Ludo Empire website,
  2. Click on “Download App” and get the Ludo Empire APK file.
  3. Go to your downloads and click on the downloaded APK file.
  4. Click on “Install” to complete the playing Ludo app downloading process.
  5. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions and if you agree with them, click on “I Agree”.
  6. Complete your registration process with your mobile number.
  7. Choose the Furious 4 game mode and start playing!


Ludo Empire doesn’t just offer players different modes of Ludo playing but also gives them several other benefits like a sign-up bonus, an amazing refer and earn program and the exciting advantage of instant withdrawals of your real money winnings. 

With this new game mode launch, you can now enjoy playing Ludo in a new thrilling and exciting way. Furious 4 is a fast-paced match where players can use their Ludo skills and tricks to win real cash in just a few minutes. So, start your Furious 4 gaming today and win huge amounts of real cash prizes!


1. What is the entry fee for the Furious 4 game mode?

The entry fee for the online Ludo Furious 4 mode starts from as low as ₹1/- and has winnings in thousands.

2. How many players can play the Furious 4 mode?

The Furious 4 mode of Ludo Empire online cash game can be played at max between 4 players.

3. What other modes does the Ludo win online money game have?

Ludo Empire has a total of 4 modes: Furious 4, Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Tournaments for players to choose from at their preference.

4. Is the Ludo Empire Furious 4 game download for free?

The Ludo Empire app is completely free, players can easily download it from the Google Play Store or the Ludo Empire website without paying any fee.

Comparing Online Ludo to Traditional Ludo Board Game

Ludo is an all-time favourite board game of people throughout the world. This Indian classic board game has served as a popular pass-time for players of all ages for generations and is still going strong, so much so that it has transitioned to the digital world in the form of online Ludo games.

Online Ludo has brought players the comfort and fun of the game with ease of comfort for they can enjoy the game anywhere at any time. As the Ludo game has evolved to online Ludo, so have the game modes. The new Ludo games come with different variations of rules, boards and modes of playing that make each Ludo platform unique.

Traditional Ludo Gaming

A traditional Ludo game is typically played between 2 to 4 players at a time, where you have to choose your 4-token set of a unique colour to play and move around the board. This traditional way of Ludo requires the availability of the physical elements of playing, like a game board, tokens and a dice. 

To win the game traditional Indian Ludo game, you need to take all 4 of your tokens to the winning zone before any of your opponents. The best part of offline Ludo gaming is that it allows people to gather and spend quality time together while playing.

Online Ludo Board Game

Among the various digital online Ludo platforms present Ludo Empire is the current leading platform of them all. Ludo Empire is a Ludo online game where you can enjoy playing multiplayer Ludo with players from all across the country. Online Ludo gaming with Ludo Empire is the perfect gaming Ludo app for you, as you can enjoy the game from anywhere at any time you want, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Ludo Empire has 3 different Ludo game modes available for you to choose from, according to your preference, Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Tournaments. The rules of Ludo Empire are similar to that of the traditional Ludo game, the game’s easy-to-play routine and special bonus features make it a very popular app. Ludo Empire is a skill-based online Ludo game where you can enjoy playing Ludo and at the same time get the chance to win real cash with your Ludo skills.

Online vs Traditional Ludo India

While both ways of Ludo gaming follow the same gameplay, they are both unique in themselves with certain differences between them. Here are a few differences that occur between playing Ludo on an online digital platform and a physical Ludo board:

1. Requirement of Ludo Materials

In a traditional Ludo game, there are several physical materials that you need at hand to play the game, such as a Ludo board, 4 different sets of uniquely coloured tokens and one six-sided cube-shaped dice. 

Whereas, the online Ludo game does not need any material for you to play except for a smartphone with an internet connection and the Ludo Empire app. You can easily get the app by doing the Ludo Empire download from the Ludo Empire website or the Google Play Store and start playing.

2. Dice Roll

Online Ludo games have dice that is automatically rolled by your tap inside the game and as such the dice number is completely random and unpredictable to any of the players, making it a true and fair game.

While in traditional Ludo, you have to personally roll the dice by hand to play. Some players can use this to influence their dice number by throwing the dice in different ways, giving them a chance to cheat.

3. Availability of Players

With Ludo online games, you never have to wait to find anyone to play Ludo with, as multiple players are playing at a time on an online platform. The comfort of always having someone available to play against, be it day or night, is one of the reasons online Ludo is so popular.

However, traditional Ludo requires that you at least have one player available near you physically to play the game, which can be an inconvenience to your gaming wishes as even with the availability comes the person’s wish to play the game. 

4. Special Rules and Benefits

The rules of traditional Ludo are the same; people have been playing with them for generations, which makes the rules easier to remember and easier for you to play the game but can sometimes make the game a little boring.

On the other hand, online Ludo games have various variants, modes, special rules and benefits for you to enjoy, depending on the platform you play on, which makes each game a little more exciting than the last.

5. Real Money Winnings

Some Ludo online games, like Ludo Empire, are not just ludo play games but also come with the play and earn money feature, where players can win cash rewards with their gaming.

In Ludo Empire, you can not only win lakhs of cash daily by starting with an entry fee of only ₹1/- but also do instant withdrawals of your cash rewards directly into your bank account. Ludo Empire is a perfectly safe, secure and regulated legal app for you to earn real money rewards with your Ludo strategies and skills.

Traditional ludo, on the other hand, is typically played for recreational purposes. Playing money games on a physical board is considered illegal as the game is not regulated as such there is no surety of safety and any cheating can occur.


While there are several differences between the two types of ludo games, online and traditional, each has its charm. Whether you are looking for a casual and entertaining game with a sit-in with your friends and family or for ludo championships on Ludo Empire to become a Ludo professional and earn cash, players can choose whichever they prefer, there is an option for everyone. So pick a Ludo board or get the Ludo Empire app and start your Ludo gaming today!


1. Which Ludo gaming is faster?

Online Ludo games are usually faster than Traditional Ludo games as they are usually time regulated and players have to make their moves before they lose their turn.

2. Where to get the online Ludo game?

Players can get the Ludo online game by doing the Ludo Empire APK download from the Ludo Empire website and enjoy the best online Ludo app in India.

3. What are a few Ludo Empire special rules?

In Ludo Empire, if players can place two of their tokens on the same square, they can make it a safe spot and become safe from elimination. Taking a token home in a Ludo Tournament on Ludo Empire doubles a player’s points, giving them a huge advantage over their players.

4. What benefits can be found in online Ludo games?

Online Ludo real-money games have several benefits for players such as sign-up bonuses, amazing referral program rewards, instant cash withdrawals, etc.

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