The Top Online Games for 2 Players in 2022

Online gaming is a recent fad among gaming enthusiasts. Consequently, there are many online games for two players on the internet.

But what’s tricky is finding the perfect online games for two players that you both can enjoy playing with each other.

This blog has made the job easier for you by shortlisting the best online games with two players for you.

What are the Best Online Games for Two Players?

If you’re only looking for the best two players online games, it’s better to look for traditional board games on virtual platforms because they are the best way to indulge in a multiplayer battle. They are not only exciting but also successfully instill the urge to compete and win. Here’s our list of some of the best online games for two players that you can play to keep the adrenaline running.

The Most Popular Multiplayer Games

There are millions of online games for 2 players. But if you were to handpick the best of them, you won’t be able to find many. Fortunately, we’ve made a list of the best 2 player online games with friends.

Here’s our list:

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is the online version of Ludo – the traditional board game that’s popular among kids and adults alike. It’s also one of the most suitable online games for two players because of the ease of play and the excitement involved. The most exciting thing is it allows you to experience the joy of playing the traditional board game on your smartphone. Moreover, you can also engage in cash battles in Ludo empires and win real money.


Monopoly is one of the most popular online multiplayer games after Ludo that you can enjoy with your friend. It is fun, easy to play, and requires a comprehensive strategy to win. The economics-themed requires you two to buy and trade properties and develop them with houses and hotels.


Chess is as fun in the online mode as in the offline mode. It requires the same strategizing technique if you wish to checkmate your opponent. It is one of the most exciting online games for two players if you both love planning and outwitting each other.

What is the Difference between Online & Offline Two-Player Games?

All online and offline two-player games use the same format; you need to play and outsmart the other player. However, there are slight differences. For example, in offline two-player games like Ludo and Chess, you need boards and pawns to play the game. Moreover, the two players must be present in front of each other. While in online two-player games, you can play against anyone from all over the globe. All you need is a smartphone. 

Last Few Words

Online gaming has been gaining traction over the last few years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was locked down to curb the spread of the virus. The top online games mentioned above are some of the most popular games that keep online gaming enthusiasts glued by helping them earn real money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the most played online game in 2022?

Ludo Empire is among the most frequently played online multiplayer games. It has a vast fan base, and millions of players download it regularly.

2. What can you play in multiplayer 2022?

There are many online games for 2 players, including Ludo Empire, multiplayer chess games, monopoly, etc.

3. Which is the no. 1 multiplayer game in the world?

Regarding popularity, Ludo Empire is one of the most famous online games, with twoor four players on a global level.

4. What is the number 1 online game in 2022?

In 2022, Ludo Empire topped the charts in terms of users and activity.

5. What game is popular right now?

The virtual alternative to the traditional board game, Ludo Empire, is trending in all smartphone app stores.

Which Game Type is Better: Single Player or Multiplayer?

Ever since people have had the option to play Ludo multiplayer online, the popularity of single-player games has increased by leaps and bounds. Many single-player games are more popular than multiplayer games; the legendary status of Rockstar Games is enough to prove that. However, even those games are now catering to the online community by releasing their multiplayer versions.

With these new developments, the single-player vs. multiplayer debate is gaining more traction. Now, it’s time to conclude the discussion. This blog has thrown light on single-player vs. multiplayer games to cut the clutter.

Single-Player vs. Multiplayer Online Games

As far as online games are concerned, multiplayer games take the lead in terms of the overall user base. This is because you can experience online gaming with your friends and loved ones.

For example, Ludo Empire multiplayer is one of the most popular online games in the world right now. And why is that? Because it allows people to play Ludo, a traditional viral game, with their friends on smartphones and computers. With a massive increase in the support for online multiplayer games within the gaming community, online Ludo is gaining global momentum.

A Split in the Behavior of Gamer or a Millennial Change of Guard? 

People wonder if the sudden rise in the popularity of online Ludo multiplayer games is because of a shift in the gamers’ mindset or if it is simply a generational change of preferences. Then, there’s another question, “Why do people consider multiplayer games best, even better than high-rated single-player games?”

The reason is simple – user experience. In single-player games, you always know what’s going to happen because there aren’t a lot of possibilities of something new happening.

However, multiplayer games can surprise you, as the other players are equally in control of the game, so there’s no way for each to know what will happen next. If you play Ludo multiplayer online, you’ll find winning more challenging than playing a single-player game against the computer.

Games for One Player That You Can Play on Any Device

Despite the rise of multiplayer games, you can’t argue that single-player games are still top-rated.

Here are some single-player games that you can enjoy on your computer, laptop, or smartphone:

  1. Ludo Empire (Against CPUs)
  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  3. Cut The Rope
  4. Sim City
  5. Dots

Games with Multiple Players That You Can Play on any Device

The single-player vs. multiplayer debate is evergreen. Online games with multiple players are more popular now. Here are a few of them that you can play:

  1. Ludo Empire Multiplayer
  2. Animal Crossing
  3. Call of Duty
  4. Snakes & Ladders
  5. Fruit Dart

List of Multiplayer Games on Ludo Empire You Can Play

If you want to play Ludo multiplayer online, you shouldn’t look any further than Ludo Empire – the most popular online game in the world right now.

It offers multiple multiplayer game modes that you can try. Some of them are:

  1. Classic Match
  2. Quick Match
  3. Tournament Mode

These different game modes allow users to have a different experience each time, making their online Ludo multiplayer experience even more prosperous.


Now that you know the difference between multiplayer and single-player games, it’s for you to decide which one you’d like to play. If you love experiencing the challenges head-on all by yourself, you’ll probably love single-player games. On the flip side, if you love gaming with other fellow gamers, multiplayer gaming is what you’ll love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are multiplayer games good?

Multiplayer games offer a better experience because they are unpredictable. In single-player games, you can figure out what will happen next.

2. Are single-player games losing popularity??

Single-player games are less popular now than multiplayer games, even if they are not entirely extinct.

3. What type of game is good for a single player?

Single-player gamers can enjoy games like Grand Theft Auto, which is story-based and requires the players to complete missions.

4. Which is the no. 1 multiplayer game in the world?

Ludo Empire is the trendiest and the number 1 multiplayer game in the world.

5. Are multiplayer games more popular?

Multiplayer games are now more popular among gamers because of the experience it offers.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Indians Enjoy Playing Online Ludo

In India, the trend of playing online Ludo is disrupting the internet. The country’s traditional board game is now adorning a virtual mask. But why do Indians like to play online Ludo games?

Many people believe that it could be more fun to play online Ludo with friends when compared to playing it on a physical board. Some people also wonder how to play online Ludo. Despite this, the trend of playing Ludo online with friends is gaining traction in the Indian subcontinent. Let’s find out why.

1. Ludo Game is simple and Easy to Play

Ludo Game is simple and Easy to Play

You will only have to spend a little bit of time trying to understand how to play online Ludo with friends. The game is not complicated and only involves a few basic rules you need to know.

How you play an online game like Ludo is for you to decide. But it involves strategizing, outwitting your opponent, and just having fun.

2. It Differs From Other Board Games and Apps Due to the Following Elements

It Differs From Other Board Games

There are several advantages of playing Ludo online with friends. Let’s discuss some of the factors:

While playing Ludo, you can connect with your childhood and unlock some precious memories.

If you play online Ludo games, it will strengthen your bond with friends and family.

Many parents are encouraging their children to play Ludo online multiplayer with friends as it contributes to a child’s mental development. Moreover, with games like Ludo Empire, you can also play online Ludo and earn money.

3. Connect With Your Childhood 

Connect With Your Childhood

Ludo is fun! However, enjoying this childhood board game in this fast-paced world is becoming more challenging.

But now, you can click on the online game Ludo download option and enjoy the board game with your friends using only a smartphone.

4. It Involves Strategy

Ludo is fun because beating your opponents feels satisfying. It’s not a game of luck or chance. It involves outwitting your opponent to take your pawns to the centre squares before them.

5. It is Fun

Lastly, Ludo is popular because it induces a joyful experience all around. Similarly, playing online Ludo radiates a similar kind of fun.

Know How to Play

Playing Ludo is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is unlock your pawns or “gotis” by rolling a six on your dice. Once opened, your pawns are free to move.

Whoever gets all 4 of their pawns to the finish line first wins the game. Playing online Ludo with friends is that simple!

Final Wrap-Up 

Online Ludo is one of the most popular games in India. And there’s not just one reason for that, but five big ones! We have tried summarizing why Indians love playing Ludo online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What games can you play with mobile and PC?

You can enjoy online multiplayer games like Ludo Empire on your mobile and PC.

2. Which is the No. 1 online game in the world?

Ludo Empire is the most popular game in the world right now, with over one million players competing every day.

3. Can mobile and PC players play together?

In Ludo Empire, cross-platform plays are available. You can play with your smartphone against a PC-using opponent.

4. Which is the No. 1 Android Game?

Ludo Empire is the trendiest Android game in the Play Store right now.

5. What games are cross-platform with mobile and console?

Games like Ludo Empire can be played online with friends on mobile, laptops, PCs, and other devices.

Best Games for Android Devices You Must Grab Away

Mobile gaming now occupies a central position in the gaming world. If you love playing games on your android phone and are looking for amazing Android games, look no further. We’ve created the best guide on the best games for Android depending on a gamer’s diverse choices.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top games for Android in 2022

What are the Best Games for Android Devices?

While there are several games for Androids, you must know the best ones that are exciting to play. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Ludo Empire

It’s one of the top games for Android, free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything to get started. Instead, you can earn money by playing this game and winning competitions.


Square Valley

Want to play the best games for Android in the puzzle category? This one’s perfect for you.



Repulze is one of the Android games best creations. It is a racing game set in a futuristic, sci-fi world.


There are several Top-Notch Gaming Applications Available on Google Play and other Play Stores

Want to get the best Android games, multiplayer or single-player? You don’t have to worry. There are a lot of options that you can explore.

The best games for Android can be free or paid. You can download it directly from Playstore, depending on the type of games that you wish to play.

Here are some top Android games that you can enjoy:

  1. Ludo Empire Multiplayer or Single-Player
  2. Tick Tock: A tale of Two
  3. Animal Crossing
  4. Granny: Chapter Two
  5. Apex Legends Mobile
  6. Infinity Ops
  7. Raid: Shadow Legends
  8. Diablo Immortal
  9. Them Bombs
  10. Super Mario Run
  11. Stardew Valley
  12. Chrono Trigger

We’ve Chosen a Variety of Genres Among the Top Mobile Games for 2022

The best games for Android pack different levels of excitement. Each genre comes with its unique set of challenges.

As such, we’ve chosen only the trendiest games for Android. You can either enjoy some of these games for Android free of any cost or pay a small fee to purchase them from Playstore. Either way, the experience will be great for you, and we hope to see you enjoying it for a long time.

Wrapping Up

The best games for Android are all over the market. But there are several options that you wouldn’t enjoy as much. As such, we’ve helped you by shortlisting the best games for Androids that you can enjoy on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the No. 1 game on Android?

Ludo Empire is the trendiest and the most popular game in Android’s Play Stores right now, with millions of users enjoying the game every day.

2. What is the top 10 mobile game?

The top 10 mobile games are as follows:

  1. Ludo Empire
  2. Apex Legends
  3. Super Mario Run
  4. Infinity Ops
  5. Animal Crossing
  6. Them Bombs
  7. Raid: Shadow Legends
  8. Diablo Immortal
  9. Square Valley
  10. Repulze

3. Which is the no. 1 game in the world?

Ludo Empire is the no. 1 game in the world right now, with millions of players competing against each other for real cash.

4. Who is the best game in the world for Android?

Ludo Empire is the best game for Android, allowing users to have fun while earning real money.

5. What game is popular right now?

Ludo Empire is trending in the entire Indian subcontinent right now, with over a million registered players playing every day.

Adulthood is boring. But there are ways to spice up your days and revisit your childhood. 

What is the best way to do that other than playing the most popular board game to ever exist in the Indian subcontinent – the game of Ludo! 

But this time, you don’t need to spend much time trying to get your friends and relatives together for a single game. With Ludo Empire, you can experience all the fun of the traditional board game in a virtual mode. 

Sounds exciting? Join millions of Ludo players online and get on the fun train because it’s time to chase the boredom away!

What is Online Ludo Game?

You can now play the online Ludo game with your friends and family from within the comfort of your home. As a result, the online Ludo gameplay is quite streamlined and smooth. Moreover, with the arrival of multiplayer gaming, you can now play online Ludo games even with your loved ones who live far away.

Ludo Empire makes it easy for Ludo enthusiasts to play the game online. You can play online Ludo games, with around 6 million users competing for the top spot.

All these years, you must’ve missed rolling down those consecutive 6s on your dice to get a head-start over your best friend. Now, with the top multiplayer game in the subcontinent, you can relive those precious moments again. 

Ludo Empire is more active than ever, with around 3 lakh players competing daily for fun, and cash, while enjoying the fun experience of playing an online Ludo game free

Oh, didn’t we mention it? With Ludo Empire, you get to have fun AND earn money simultaneously. The game, brought to you by Fabzen Technologies, is a real-money multiplayer competition in which players are pitted against each other in a not-so-friendly game of Ludo. 

You can win cash by competing with your friends and family or opt for glory and compete in the leaderboards by playing against some of the top names from around the well. Now, you can play an online Ludo game and earn money. Who would have thought?

Ludo Empire recreates the traditional joy of the popular board game while eliminating all the hassle required to set it up. By providing a virtual solution for the same, Ludo Empire allows millions of users to come together as a community and rekindle the flame of Ludo all over again. Only this time, you get to connect with not just your friends and family but with Ludo enthusiasts from different regions as well. 

Ludo Empire uses groundbreaking technology and algorithm to create a fair, fast, and convenient user experience. In this rapidly changing world, Ludo is the only constant from our childhood. And Ludo Empire aims to preserve that sentiment by providing a smooth gaming experience. 

Why Has Ludo Been So Popular Up to this Point?

The memories of playing the Ludo game with your friends and family are something that we cherish deeply. There’s a reason why we wanted to start playing Ludo online – we cherished to recreate such memories. Now, you can play online Ludo games and earn money, doubling the experience. 

Ludo has been the most popular board game in the Indian market for a long time now. The main reasons behind its massive fan base are how easily accessible the Ludo board was, how simple the rules were, and how competitive the game could be. 

With Ludo Empire, the same popular game is back, only with better features and more convenience for the players. You can now play Ludo game online with just a few simple clicks. Moreover, the game also allows you to engage in playing Ludo and earn money simultaneously – a dream come true for many.

Think back to all the memories you created while playing Ludo with your friends and family when you were just a kid. The online Ludo gameplay can recreate such memories thousand times over. 

Life was undoubtedly simpler back in our childhood. Unfortunately, we cannot un-complicate life right now. But we can simplify Ludo by shifting it to a virtual platform.

That is precisely what we did. We ensured the board’s and dice’s presence online, replicating the traditional board game. With us, you can create memories you thought were buried long ago.

Bond with Family, Make New Friends 

There was a slight downside to playing the traditional board game in a physical setting. You could only play with a limited number of people who were in close vicinity. However, several people you wanted to play with couldn’t be there.

With Ludo Empire, the hassle of organizing and assembling is over. All you need to do is invite your friends to download the application on their smartphones and start playing with them.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to play with the people you know. Ludo Empire is home to millions of Ludo enthusiasts. You can choose to play a game with any of them whenever you feel like making new friends. 

After all, what’s better to start a unique friendship story than defeating them in a game of virtual Ludo? 

What Equipment is Needed to Play Ludo?

Traditionally, Ludo players required a board with pawns (or gotis) to compete with each other. But, the online Ludo gameplay does not require any additional equipment. You can play online Ludo games without purchasing anything. 

All you need is a smartphone to access the best Ludo game online and start an online Ludo game free by tapping on your phone a couple of times. 

Three clicks – that’s all you need to do to install the application on your phone. Simply download the APK file and start playing. Here’s what you need to do for a smooth online Ludo game download process and start playing. 

  1. Go to Ludo Empire’s official website
  2. Locate and tap on the “Download Now” button. 
  3. Grant your phone permission to download from a new source. 
  4. Allow your device to complete the installation process. 
  5. Once installed, locate the Ludo Empire icon and tap on it. 
  6. Start a game and begin your money-making journey. 

That’s how easy it is to download and install the best online Ludo game. After downloading, you can simply access the online Ludo game free of any cost. 

Follow the steps mentioned above and start earning cash right away! 

Enjoy Ludo in All Shapes & Sizes 

Fortunately, enjoying Ludo in all shapes & sizes does not mean that we are just presenting a circular board to you. No, we are keeping all the rules the same as the traditional regulations of the board game. After all, we are here to preserve memories, not alter them! 

But what you can do is enjoy the different game modes of Ludo Empire. That’s right; you don’t have to spend hours playing the same thing repeatedly. Despite our love for the game, we realize that doing so might eventually lead to a whole lot of unaccounted boredom! 

Fortunately, Ludo Empire comes with a solution for that. We have different game modes that you can enjoy while playing the multiplayer game. 

Tournament Mode:

Perhaps the most popular game mode is the tournament mode in Ludo Empire. Millions of players enroll in these daily, weekly, and monthly competitions. 

You get to compete with some of the most strategic and advanced Ludo players from around the country and even from other parts of the world. Play as well as you can, defeat as many opponents as possible, and at the end of it – win the ultimate prize. 

You guessed it right – a considerable cash sum for the winner of each tournament. These cash prizes can go as high as one crore rupees.

Imagine going home with your earnings worth lakhs of rupees and showing them to your family. Still think Ludo is a waste of time? Think again, perhaps. 

Classic Mode:

The game mode perfectly depicts the traditional way of playing Ludo. In the classic game mode, you follow the basic rules & regulations of the board game and use your skills, wits, and strategy to defeat your opponents.

You can play a classic game against anyone. If you want, you have the choice of creating a private room and playing with your friends, family, and acquaintances. On the other hand, you can also enjoy a fierce game of Ludo with a competent stranger. The advantages of taking the popular board game online are immense!

In the classic mode, you must take all 4 of your pawns or “gotis” to the center squares before the opponent. Whoever achieves this feat before the other will win the game. It’s simple, convenient, fun, and easy to understand. 

Quick Mode:

Sometimes, life is too fast-paced to enjoy a full match of Ludo comfortably. But if the board game has become an addiction and you still want to play it despite your busy schedule, there’s one way to do it – hop on the Ludo Empire bandwagon. 

The multiplayer game offers a quick mode wherein one can enjoy the fun and nostalgia of a traditional Ludo game in a fast-paced environment. 

In a quick match, all you need to do is guide 2 of your pawns or “gotis” to the finish line, as opposed to the traditional rule of guiding all 4 of your pawns. Using your skills and strategy, you can win and finish the game in just under 10 minutes. 

You can enjoy this game with your friends, families, or acquaintances in a private room. You also have the option to play with strangers from around the world, depending on your mood.

What are the Basic Rules for Playing Ludo?

Ludo Empire is simple to learn and play, regardless of expertise. Even for amateurs, playing Ludo Empire won’t be difficult because Ludo basic rules are easy to understand. 

There are some simple rules for playing Ludo that a player must follow. Some of the basic Ludo rules and regulations are:

  1. Unlock your pawns (or gotis) from the base by getting a six on your dice. 
  2. You can move any of your unlocked pawns based on the digits you get on your dice. 
  3. You get another chance if you get a six while rolling the dice. However, if you get three consecutive 6s, you will have to skip the turn and pass it on to the next player. 
  4. You can eliminate the opponent’s goti by being on the same square as them. This will result in the opponent’s goti returning to its team base. The opponent player must get another 6 to unlock that goti all over again. 
  5. You can protect your goti from being eliminated by standing on certain safe points or by having two of your same-colored pawns stand on the same square. 
  6. The sooner you get all your pawns to the center square, the sooner you win. 

There is no difference in the rules for Ludo board game and the rules required to play the online version of the game. You need to follow these simple rules and learn how to play Ludo and win. Additionally, we’ll give you some tips for Ludo to help you win. 

Here are a few Quick Tips for Winning an Online Ludo Game 

Winning an online Ludo game requires more than just your luck. It needs strategy, skills, and wits. It would be best if you outsmarted your opponent to ensure they don’t gain an advantage over your style of play. That’s how you win at the best online Ludo game. With these below-mentioned tips, you can learn how to play Ludo online with friends and outwit them. 

Here are a few tips you can implement to make sure you get better at online Ludo games and earn money through Ludo Empire. 

  1. Ensure to unlock all your pawns first before you start rapid movements. This will allow you to get more choices as the game progresses. 
  2. Keep some of your pawns close to your opponents to grab the chance to eliminate them. 
  3. You can try and move your pawns in sets of 2 to prevent them from being eliminated by your opponent. 
  4. Make use of all the safe spots to protect your pawns against opponents. 
  5. Use your skills to determine which of your pawns should move in a specific turn. Always progressing forward can sometimes lead to untimely elimination. 
  6. Be patient. Speed doesn’t always win you Ludo matches. 

These are the tips that can help you triumph over your opponents while playing online Ludo games free of cost. Implementing these will make your online Ludo gameplay experience even more fun. 

Say Goodbye to Boredom 

Ludo is one of the most entertaining board games in existence. It is simple, easy to play, and can be highly competitive if you start a game against your friends or family.

Nevertheless, it is also fun and can be a good way to pass the time on a slow day. With Ludo Empire, there’s no need to spend hours setting up a match successfully. 

Simply download the application and play your heart away. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I play Ludo online?

You can play Ludo online by visiting the official site of Ludo Empire and downloading the application on your smartphone device. 

2. Can I play Ludo King on mobile?

You can play Ludo King on your smartphone by simply downloading the application and installing it on your device. 

3. Can I earn money by playing Ludo online?

Ludo Empire allows players to earn real money by playing online Ludo and winning against their competitors in cash battles. 

4. Which is the best online Ludo game?

Ludo Empire is the most popular and entertaining online Ludo game in the market right now. 

5. Which Ludo can we play online?

Ludo Empire allows you to experience the classic game of Ludo in an online mode. You can also try out some of their other game modes, like Quick Matches, Classical Matches, and Tournaments. 

6. How to play Ludo with friends?

Ludo Empire allows you to create a private room and play with your friends and family. You just need to download the application and invite each other to play.

7. Is playing Ludo online safe?

Online Ludo is safe and secure for anyone. The money will be kept safe in popular and reliable gateways like PayTM, PhonePe, etc.

How to Play Ludo & What are its Benefits

To play Ludo is an emotion. Playing Ludo helps us break out from our monotonous life routine, and indulge in a fun & engaging game with our family and friends.  Ludo is probably India’s most popular board game that has an ancient heritage. The game is a modified version of the traditional boardgame ‘Pachisi’. It was the British colonizers, who changed certain elements of Pachisi, and patented it into the famous boardgame we now know as Ludo. Since then, the boardgame has travelled worldwide, and today, the Ludo game has many versions.

Traditionally the Ludo game was played offline.  However, with the advent of the internet, Ludo has taken over the digital world as well. Now, Ludo lovers can play the game anytime, anywhere, all they need is a stable internet connection. Although, there are many versions of the Ludo game now, let us look at some of the universal rules of the Ludo game below:


  • Ludo is a boardgame of dice played between 2 to 4 players. Players start the game by throwing their dice in a clockwise direction.
  • The goal of the game is to take all 4 pawns or Gotis home from the base before other players.
  • The Ludo dice has numbers from 1 to 6, and players take turns to throw the dice. As per the dice outcome, players move their Gotis across the board towards home.
  • Gotis have to move 57 steps across the Ludo board to reach home.
  • Note; Players can start moving a Goti from the base, only when they get 6 during a dice throw.
  • In the Ludo game, players can kill each other’s Gotis when it lands on an opponent’s Goti.


Ludo is very much a game of skills. The online ludo game is a mix of luck, strategy and skills, that helps us to improve our logical skills. There are many benefits of playing Ludo.

  • Ludo improves our Logical & Cognitive Skills:

Playing Ludo enhances our brain development and improves our planning skills. The Ludo game requires considerable amount of concentration and logical ability, thus, making us stay alert and attentive all the time.

  • Ludo is a Great Stress Buster:

Stress is a part and parcel of modern life. The Ludo game allows us to forget about our daily busy schedule for some time, and helps us escape and give some much-needed relaxation.

  • Ludo Brings Us Together:

We all have memories of getting cosy, and playing ludo game online together with our loved ones. This is what Ludo does.  It brings people together. No wonder Ludo is one of the oldest surviving board games in the world.

The Bottom Line:

There are a few things to keep in mind while playing Ludo. It’s a fun, strategic boardgame that is not just about luck. The Ludo game is a mix of luck, strategy and skills, that helps us to improve our logical skills. Along with that, Ludo gives us an opportunity to build relationships & friendships.

Ludo Tips & Tricks to Help You Win Every Game

Ludo has to be India’s number one board game. Earlier known as Pachisi, the Ludo game has evolved over the years, and today, it entertains people of all ages.  Generally, people think that the Ludo game is purely luck-based. It is because the Ludo game involves random dice throws. However, that’s not entirely true. The Ludo game is also a game of planning & strategy, where using the right Ludo tips & tricks can improve your win percentage considerably.

The increasing popularity of online Ludo games has made it readily available to us at our fingertips. With that, real-money ludo games have become the new fad in India. People are not just playing casual Ludo, they are more into real-money Ludo games where the competition is high, and everybody plays their best game.

Whether you are playing casual Ludo or real-money Ludo, here are some essential Ludo Tips & Tricks that will surely help you win more games.

Open All Pawns

In most Ludo games, getting 6 or 1 lets you start moving your pawns out from the base. You should not just take 1 pawn out of the base. Right from the start, you should focus on taking all your 4 pawns out of the game.

Spread Out the Pawns

Try to move all your pawns equally. To get a strategic advantage in a Ludo game, you should focus on spreading all your pawns on the board. Spreading your pawns on the Ludo board lets you move your pawns more freely during the game.

Play a Safe Game

Remember that Ludo boards have safe spots spread equally in the form of a star-shaped box, where pawns cannot be killed. Therefore, always try to keep your pawns on the safe boxes of the board whenever the opponent’s pawns are nearby.

Observe & Move

Before moving your pawns, carefully observe where your opponent’s pawns are on the Ludo board. One should play a smart game. If the opponent’s pawns are nearby, it is wise to wait in a safe spot. If your pawns are alone, you should focus on taking pawns home.

Play a Balanced Game

Try to play a balanced game. Apart from moving pawns home, it would help if you also focus on chasing the opponent’s pawn whenever possible.

Patience is Key

To win a Ludo game patience is key. Patience is one of the best qualities a Ludo player can have. At the end of the day, Ludo is a game of random dice numbers, and one should not expect to get 6 on every turn. Having patience can prevent you from taking a rash move that can get your pawns killed, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Bonus Tip:

Understand Each Individual Game’s Rule

There are a ton of Ludo games out there. Each Ludo game brings its twist to the popular board game. In addition, many online Ludo apps out there offer fun & exciting Ludo game modes apart from the traditional Ludo. Therefore, it is wise to properly understand the game rules of each Ludo game before playing.

Why Playing Ludo Empire is the Most Fun

We all are familiar with images of playing ludo sitting around a large table with our families.  With the coming of smartphones and tablets, it was the common belief that the popularity of Ludo would wane over time. In reality, the opposite happened. The popularity of online Ludo real money games kept growing considerably in recent years.

While online Ludo games were already famous, the COVID Pandemic fueled this trend even more. The nostalgia of reliving childhood memories and isolation from lockdowns are the two main reasons behind the popularity of online ludo games. Equally gaining similar popularity are real-money ludo games. Today, online real-money Ludo games are a great way to play ludo & earn money.

Ludo Empire : Fun Ludo Game Modes to Earn

We all know that the Ludo game is a luck-based boardgame, where the outcome depends on the numbers generated from dice throws. This makes typical real-money ludo games a gamble.

Play Logic Mode : Use your Brains to Win Money

This is where Ludo Empire is making the difference through its unique game modes. Ludo Empire’s Logic Mode brings a welcome twist to the classic Ludo game. In Ludo Empire’s Logic Mode, players share each other’s number from 5 initial random turns in the next 5 turns. And the pattern repeats till the game ends. This way, players get to plan their moves in advance and play a Ludo game of Strategy, not luck!

Win Money in 10 Mins at Quick Mode : Play More, Win More!

Ludo Empire offers Quick Ludo matches, where players can win a Ludo game by taking just 2 out of the 4 pawns home. Ludo Empire is one of the best real money earning games which offers Quick Ludo matches, usually end up within 10 minutes, making it one of the quickest online board games to win money. It’s a great way to have some quick fun in-between tight schedules, at the same time, earn some money.

Since Ludo Empire’s Quick Ludo matches finish so fast, it allows players to play more games in a day and ultimately win more money. Playing Ludo has never been so much fun before.

Ludo Empire Brings Us Together

Since its launch, more than 55 lakh players have signed up for Ludo Empire. Earn money playing games as the app hosts more than 1 lakh Ludo matches daily. And daily, live players get over 1 Crore worth of cash as a winning amount. The app has one of the best referral systems. Players can share their invite code with friends & loved ones to get an instant referral bonus as soon as they sign-up. In addition, players earn an extra 2% commission every time a referral plays a Ludo game.

So, the more a player shares, the more money they win from the Ludo Empire app.

Why Ludo Empire is the Best Real-money Game

Ludo Empire is not just a simple real-money game that offers the same old classic Ludo matches. Apart from the traditional Ludo, Ludo Empire has many exciting and unique game modes. Since its launch, Ludo Empire has emerged as one of the fastest-growing Indian Ludo board games, with more than 55 lakh registered users. More than 1 lakh live players play the game daily. And, over 1 Crore instant payouts are ditched out to winners every day.

Here in this article, let us look at some of the reasons why Ludo Empire is the best among all real-money games.

Win Money in a Jiffy at Quick Ludo!

Ludo Empire’s Quick Ludo mode lets users finish a Ludo game within 10 minutes. In Ludo Empire’s Quick Mode, players need to promote 2 pawns to win a Ludo game. This way, Ludo games end super-fast, usually under 10 minutes.

The game’s Quick Mode is a great way to earn money during short breaks or even when someone needs to kill time while traveling or waiting.

Use Your Brains to Win Cash. Say Bye to Luck!

What makes Ludo Empire the most different real-money game in the market is its unique Logic Mode. Ludo Empire’s Logic Mode uses a fair play logic where both the competing Ludo players share each other’s sequence of numbers. In the Logic Mode, both players start with 5 random dice throws. In the next 5 turns, both the players will get each other’s sequence of numbers from the first 5 turns in reverse order. This way, both the competing players can plan their moves in advance. And, this makes Ludo Empire one of the best real-money games of logic and skills. Now, players don’t just have to depend on luck.

Take Part in Ludo Tournaments, Win 1 Crore in 1 Hour!

Ludo lovers can now take part in Ludo Empire’s thrilling multi-round, 1-hour tournaments with just a one-time entry fee. With each round progression, players get double the winning amount. The leaderboard topper wins up to 1 crore. Ludo Empire’s Lakhpati & Crorepati tournaments is a great way to become rich in just an hour.

It’s a Zero Deposit, Real-money Game!!

The best part about playing Ludo Empire is that players can start winning real-money Ludo games for free. All Ludo Empire registered users get Rs.10/- welcome bonus instantly, which users can use to join real-money Ludo rooms. At Ludo Empire, real-money Ludo rooms start at just Rs.5 /-. So, players can start winning money without depositing any money in their wallets.

The More You Share, The More You Earn!

Ludo Empire has one of the best referral systems among other real-money games. Players can share their invite code with their friends & loved ones to get instant referral cash of Rs.5/- as soon as their referrals sign-up. What’s more on offer is a 2% commission every time a referral plays a Ludo match.

4 Interesting Facts About the Ludo Game

The Ludo game has emerged as the most popular boardgame in India. Online real-money Ludo games are also increasingly gaining a lot of users. Thus, it is now very easy to play online Ludo games against live players on a real-time basis. Online Ludo games are a great way to relive the nostalgia of our childhood days. They offer a platform for us to connect with our loved ones, even though they are located somewhere else. Despite the recent surge in popularity, Ludo is a classic boardgame that has its roots in ancient India. Here are some interesting facts about the Ludo game that makes the game even more special

Ancient Indian Game

The game got its name from the Latin word “Ludus,” which means “Play.” It is the modern-day version of the ancient Indian dice game “Pachisi.” Pachisi was played in India during the 6th century CE and earlier. Earlier, the boardgame was using Cowries. It was only during the colonial times when the modern-day classic game of dice and pawns that we all love evolved.

Ludo in Ellora Caves

The earliest depictions of a boardgame that resembles Ludo was first discovered in the Ellora Caves of Maharashtra. The portrayal of boards on the caves of Ellora is the oldest indication of this game’s emergence in India.

An archaic version of Ludo is also there in the Indian epic Mahabharata. When Shakuni defeats the Pandavas with a cursed dice, that ultimately leads to the famous Mahabharata war.

Patented by England

Even though the Ludo game has its roots in ancient India, the British colonizers re-invented the Pachisi game into the modern classic we know today as Ludo.  In 1896, Pachisi was re-invented to use cubical dice and pawns instead of the traditional cowries and was first patented in England as Ludo.

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Game of Luck & Skills

The Ludo game generally comes across as a game of luck. However, that is not entirely true. Of course, in Ludo, there is a random throw of dice, but there are many different strategies that a player can apply to move his/her pawns. Ludo players can also strategize and kill their opponent’s pawns in many different ways. This makes Ludo a game of both luck and skills.

Additionally, there are a ton of online Ludo games out there nowadays that come with their unique features. They are fun, mentally stimulating & highly competitive at the same time. In recent times, Ludo games have become an excellent medium for people to improve their logical skills and earn money at the same time.

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