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  • Challenge over 71 Lakh Ludo Enthusiasts globally.
  • Defeat them in tournaments.
  • Get cash prizes worth up to 1 crore rupees!

Put Your Ludo Strategies To Good Use!

about ludo empire

About Ludo Empire

Playing online Ludo is the newest trend. Replacing the majestic experience of the traditional board game wasn't easy. But with the introduction of Ludo Empire, you can feel the same satisfaction of eliminating your opponents and helping your goti pass the finish line.

Ludo Empire is now the leading, trendiest online game. With over 70 lakh users competing against each other, it allows you to play Ludo with real money in India or anywhere else. The Ludo Empire download process is very straightforward too. All you need to do is get the Ludo Empire APK on your smartphone and install it.

From there on, you can enjoy the many advantages of playing Ludo Empire online.

The Ludo Empire app is owned by Fabzen technologies, the harbingers of tradition. They introduced Ludo Empire online and rekindled the age-old spirit of the highly popular board game.

After completing the Ludo Empire app download process, you’ll see that the online game is fast, easy to understand, and fun to play with a good and streamlined interface. It also has multiple game modes, using which you can earn Ludo real money.

It’s not easy to believe that you can use Ludo to earn money by playing and winning against the top players. Playing the Ludo game online comes with several other benefits, such as increasing your cognitive abilities, enhancing your strategic mindset, and so on.

Now, you can play Ludo online and exhibit your skills against the top players from around the world. The time and effort you put into the game will give you a valuable return in terms of cash. That's right; now you can play Ludo and earn money.

The difficulty to play Ludo with real money in India is revolutionized by Ludo Empire, as it has a partnership with top finance-related brands like PhonePe, G-Pay, and so on. You can download Ludo Empire and enjoy safe and secure transactions and use Ludo to win cash seamlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete the Ludo Empire APK download process and start your journey!

Daily payout

71+ Lakh
Trusted users

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The Ludo money earning app that we call Ludo Empire is not a boring, one-dimensional game. It offers multiple features and game modes. Some of them are:

play with real money
Play Ludo, Earn Money.

With Ludo Empire, you can now earn Ludo real money by defeating your opponents. You can then transfer the winnings directly to your bank account. The money making game offers safe and secure transactions.

play our tournament
Play in Global Tournaments.

Ludo Empire is a skill-based game where you can compete against the top Ludo professionals through daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. In the end, you can earn money with games by winning the tournament.

instant payout
Safe, Secure, & Instant Payments.

Our propriety Ludo instant withdrawal feature allows users to conveniently earn money by playing Ludo. They can transfer the winnings directly to their bank accounts without any issues.

classic mode
Classic Match.

Enjoy a classic match of Ludo with your friends and defeat them using your wits.

quick mode
Quick Match.

Enjoy a streamlined version of Ludo. In this game, complete the game by guiding only a single token to the finish line.

24/7 customer support
24*7 Customer Support.

We at Ludo Empire are always available to solve the queries and problems of our players.

Why We Love Ludo Empire?

Players adore Ludo Empire because it has successfully reignited the eternal flame of Ludo. Now, you don’t need a board to play. All you need is the Ludo Empire APK. But the simple nature of Ludo Empire’s download process does not take away the feeling of enjoyment.

Instead, after completing the Ludo Empire APK download process, the real fun begins. So fill in the Ludo Empire login details and start your adventure. The nature of the Ludo Empire mixed with Ludo fun is unparalleled.

So, stop doubting and start playing Ludo Empire online!

love ludo empire

Outstanding Gaming Experience

outstanding experience

Enjoy the online Ludo game experience like no other. You can play Ludo online exactly like how you would enjoy a traditional game of Ludo with the board!

How the Game Works:
Showcase your Skills with Real Money & Win Cash

Earning Ludo cash money with Ludo Empire is very straightforward. You can enjoy cash battles against your friends and strangers if you want to play Ludo for money. You can also earn Ludo real money by participating in tournaments. While the entrée fee is only as low as ten rupees, you can earn Ludo cash prizes worth one crore rupees!

The Ludo money game will allow you to earn real money so as long as you play regularly and confidently. Now is the time to use the opportunity of playing Ludo to earn money.

real money win cash

Ludo Game Rules

ludo game rules

To have a great Ludo Empire experience, you'll need to learn Ludo rules. There are some unknown regulations, like Ludo killing rules, that often confuse the people. So make sure you know all the Ludo board game rules before playing.

Refer your Favorite Ludo Empire Game
to your Friends and Win Real Money

Have you downloaded the Ludo Empire mod APK on your smartphone? Now, you can ask your friends to download the Ludo Empire APK to earn money. If your friends complete the Ludo Empire download APK process through your referral, you win cash.

So, what are you waiting for? Invite all your friends to engage in Ludo Empire APK download latest version.

refer friends

Play Ludo Bonanza

ludo bonanza

The real money Ludo game hosts the daily Bonanza at 8 PM. Join the Ludo game to earn money. With this Ludo online cash game, put your skills to good use and enjoy financial benefits.

How to Install Ludo Empire?

Installing Ludo's real money APK file is an easy process. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Ludo Empire’s download page and get the APK.
  • After the Ludo game downloading is finished, install the APK.
  • After installing the Ludo Empire APK, you can start the game.

That’s how easy it is to complete the real money game’s app download process.

Ludo Money Withdrawal
with our Payment Partners

The Ludo money withdrawal process has been made easy.

You can play Ludo and earn money easily. But equally easy is to transfer the Ludo real cash to your bank account. Ludo Empire is the only Ludo real money app to have payment partnerships with industry giants like PhonePe and Gpay. With their help, the Ludo game Gpay withdrawal is as easy as rolling a die.

With safe, secure, and fast transactions, everything is convenient. All you need to do is play the online Ludo game and earn money.

bank transfer
Bank Transfer
avtar 1

Excellent & impressive, I really like the game and platform. I hope you do well in future with your updates I am heartly wishing you all the best.

Ebin Varghese,

avtar 2

Great app I have earned ₹1550 in just 7 games, I recommend everyone to play the game if they love to earn money in free time.

Pavan Kumar Telkar,

avtar 3

The game is secure and withdrawals are very smooth and quick. It's a good platform for earning money, no doubt. I also play other Ludo games, but love to stay in Ludo Empire. Simply enjoying and earning some good money.

Madhumita Bose

West Bengal
avtar 4

The one and only Ludo game which is available on play store. Based on the Android platform, it is the most recommended Ludo app in the market. You should try this once, definitely you will love it.

Chandresh Shakya

Madhya Pradesh
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