Ludo Empire - Play Ludo Online and Earn Real Money

A Ludo Game to compete professionally and win cash!

  • Play online Ludo with friends and challenge Ludo Enthusiasts globally.
  • Follow the rules of the ludo game and win exciting prizes up to Rs. 1 crore.
  • Rated 4.1 on Play Store and is one of the most downloaded games in India.

The most popular Paisa kamane wala ludo in India - compete with professional ludo players online and earn real money.

India's Most Loved Real Money Ludo Game App

Playing online Ludo is the newest trend among online gamers. Replacing the majestic experience of the traditional board game wasn't easy. But with the introduction of Ludo Empire, you can feel the same satisfaction of eliminating your opponents and helping your gotis pass the finish line.

play ludo online and win cash prizes

Ludo Empire is now the leading, trendiest online game. With over 75 lakh users competing against each other, you can play Ludo with real money in India or anywhere else. The Ludo Empire download process is very straightforward too. All you need to do is get the Ludo Empire APK on your smartphone and install it.

From there on, you can enjoy the many advantages of playing Ludo Empire online.

Do you know the best part? It's the same old Ludo wala game you grew up playing on a board, except it's played online with a speed twist. You can make a fortune by being on the top of the leaderboard in just 10 minutes.

The Ludo Empire app is owned by Fabzen Technologies, the harbingers of tradition. They introduced Ludo Empire online and rekindled the age-old spirit of the highly popular board game.

After completing the Ludo Empire app download process, you’ll see that the online game is fast, easy to understand, fun to play and with a good and streamlined interface. It also has multiple game modes, using which you can earn Ludo real money.

The difficulty to play Ludo with real money in India has been revolutionized by Ludo Empire, as it has partnerships with top finance-related brands like PhonePe, GPay, and so on. You can download Ludo Empire and enjoy safe and secure transactions and use Ludo to win cash seamlessly.

It’s not easy to believe that you can use Ludo to earn money by playing and winning against the top players. Playing the Ludo game online comes with several other benefits, such as increasing your cognitive abilities, enhancing your strategic mindset, and so on.

So, come on then, roll the dice, play Ludo online, and start winning ludo real cash!

  • Play online ludo game and earn money while you recapture the joy of your youth.
  • Play your favourite Ludo game online for Ludo real money and win upto 1 crore.
  • Play Ludo on the ludo game app and put your Ludo skills to the test.
  • Ludo Empire is the most user-friendly Ludo earning app.
  • Win real cash and daily rewards and deposit winnings into your UPI account.

We support Visa and bank transfers and all leading UPI apps such as PhonePe and Google Pay. With over 75 lakh players competing against one another, we are now the leading ludo real money app. Start playing with as little as Rs. 1.

Daily payout

75+ Lakh
Trusted users

get ludo empire app on play store

Special Features of our Ludo App

Ludo Empire is known for its versatile gaming structure. It offers multiple features and game modes. Some of them are:

play with real money
Play Ludo and Earn Money.

The real cash Ludo game, Ludo Empire, can help you win and multiply your Ludo win cash by defeating your opponents. Transactions are always safe and secure. They are supported by top payment platforms such as PhonePe, GPay, Visa, and UPI, and are safe, secure and instant.

play ludo tournaments online
Play in Global Tournament.

In the skill-based Ludo Empire game, you can compete against the top Ludo professionals all over the globe daily, weekly, and monthly and ultimately earn real cash Ludo game. With our multiplayer option, you can also choose between enjoying playing the game with with two or four players.

ludo game with instant withdrawl
Safe, Secure & Instant Payments.

Our proprietary Ludo instant withdrawal feature allows users to conveniently earn money by playing Ludo. In just a few clicks, you can withdraw your online Ludo money directly to your bank account without any issues. Play Ludo to earn money instantly.

classic mode
Classic Match.

Play a classic online Ludo cash game and join forces with your friends to play an engaging money Ludo game and defeat them using your wits. Enjoy each Ludo game with the same enthusiasm as you delve into nostalgia. Classic Ludo paisa wala games can be played by any Ludo enthusiast above 18 years.

quick mode in ludo empire
Quick Match.

Enjoy a streamlined version of Ludo in Quick Mode. Our paisa wala Ludo game will help you win real cash Ludo game right away. The quick Ludo money game mode is equally exciting as the classic mode! Play the quick Ludo game and earn money by just guiding two of your tokens home in under 10 minutes.

24/7 customer support
24*7 Customer Support.

We at Ludo Empire are always available to solve the queries and problems of our players. You can give us a call on 020-67320405 or write to us at [email protected]. We are also available on social media; drop us a ‘hi’ and our team will reach out to you.

Why Players Love Ludo Empire?

Ludo Empire has successfully reignited the flame among Ludo enthusiasts. Now, you can play Ludo without a physical board. You only need to download and install the Ludo Empire APK. That’s all! Millions of users play online ludo games on the Ludo Empire app - one of India's most popular and reliable online gaming platforms.

why people love ludo empire game

But the simple nature of Ludo Empire’s download process does not take away the feeling of enjoyment. Instead, after completing the Ludo Empire APK download process, the real fun begins. The nature of the Ludo Empire mixed with Ludo fun is unparalleled.

So, stop doubting and start playing Ludo Empire online! Here’s why Ludo Empire is a revolutionary Ludo-earning app

Outstanding Gaming Experience

Your game experience with Ludo Empire will be top-notch and perfect, and you'll also have access to all the information and rules of Ludo game.

Minimal Wait Time

The wait time in this Ludo game is very short which means that you can find your opponent as soon as you log into the game.

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface blends well with your emoticons and makes this paisa wala Ludo more enjoyable.

Complete Data Protection

Ludo Empire guarantees total data protection, information security and privacy of the identities of users.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

You can play Ludo online with your loved ones and buddies and compete against one another anytime, anywhere.

Why Play Ludo Cash Game Online?

Our beloved game from childhood is now back and available online. The online Ludo game brings back fond memories of playing with friends and family, laughing at sending opponents' tokens home, and strategizing to win. It also paves the way for us to relive those moments and create new ones.

Real Cash Ludo Game

Ludo Empire makes it easy for Ludo enthusiasts like you to play Ludo online and win real cash. The gameplay is quite simple and the rules are pretty straightforward. All you need to do is start a game, and strategize and outwit your competition to win real cash.

Remain Stress-Free

Playing online Ludo has multiple benefits in our life. Are you always stressed? Is your work pressure too much? Do you find it hard to relax after a day or week of hectic work? Online Ludo game will help you to relieve stress and calm your mind.

Improve Bond with Family or Friends

Is your relationship with your family and friends strained because you don’t have the time to meet or hang out like before? Online Ludo improves stressed family relations and brings back the original bond that went missing in this busy world.

Improve Cognitive Skills

Online Ludo game has more benefits than you think! You have to defend as well as attack at the same time – attack your opponents by sending their token home and defend yourself from them and try to win the game! This helps improve critical thinking, logical reasoning, and spatial reasoning.

Development of Interpersonal Skills

Online Ludo game builds interpersonal relationships by helping you connect with other Ludo enthusiasts. When you are playing with different players, you would be able to understand the manner in which different people approach the game.

Dealing with Victory and Defeat

Online Ludo game teaches us to take loss in a sporting spirit and improve our reaction to frustrations. Playing the game online also improves our problem-solving skills as we have to deal with sudden losses or attacks and find a way to win despite the setback! It teaches us to be resilient in every situation.

Enjoy Ludo Empire & Win Prizes on Your Phone

You can play Ludo Empire with real Ludo enthusiasts from across the world and earn real money on your mobile wallet. You can also refer your family and friends on Ludo online to earn money. With our Ludo real money app in India, you have countless opportunities to win actual cash prizes.

How the Game Works:
Showcase your Skills with Real Money & Win Cash

Earning Ludo cash money with Ludo Empire is very straightforward. You can enjoy cash battles against your friends and strangers if you want to play Ludo for money. You can also earn Ludo real money by participating in tournaments. While the entrée fee is only as low as one rupee, you can earn Ludo cash prizes worth one crore rupees!

The Ludo money game will allow you to earn real money so as long as you play regularly and confidently. Now is the time to use the opportunity of playing Ludo to earn money.

real money win cash

Ludo Game Rules

rules of ludo empire game

To have a great Ludo Empire experience, you'll need to learn Ludo rules. There are some unknown regulations, like Ludo killing rules, that often confuse the people. So make sure you know all the Ludo board game rules before playing.

Share your Ludo Empire Referral Code
and Win Cash

Have you downloaded the Ludo Empire mod APK on your smartphone?

Now, you can ask your friends to download the Ludo Empire APK to earn money. If your friends complete the Ludo Empire download APK process through your referral, you win cash.

So, what are you waiting for? Invite all your friends to engage in Ludo Empire APK and download the latest version.

refer friends

Play Ludo Mahasangram
& Earn Real Money

play ludo bonanza tournament

The real money Ludo game hosts the daily Bonanza at 8 PM. Join the Ludo game to earn money. With this Ludo online cash game, put your skills to good use and enjoy financial benefits.

How to Download and Install
Ludo Empire App?

Installing Ludo Empire's real money APK file is an easy process. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the website
  • After the Ludo game download is finished, install the APK.
  • After installing the Ludo Empire APK, you can start the game.
  • That’s how easy it is to complete the real money game’s app download process.
  • Set your profile photo by choosing a selfie from your phone gallery or an avatar from the app.

Instant Withdrawal Through
Our Payment Partners

You can play Ludo and earn money easily. But equally easy is to transfer the Ludo real cash to your bank account. Ludo Empire is the only Ludo real money app to have payment partnerships with leading fintech companies like PhonePe and GPay. With their help, the Ludo game cash withdrawal is as easy as rolling a die. With safe, secure, and fast transactions, everything is convenient.

All you need to do is play an online Ludo game and earn money.

Transfer your money to bank directly
Bank Transfer
withdrawl your money with Phonepay
withdrawl your money with Gpay
withdrawl your money with Visa card
withdrawl your money with any UPI
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About Fabzen Technologies

Fabzen Technologies seeks to innovate the Ludo money game. Established in 2017, we are an independent game label having partnerships with leading Game Studios. Our team boasts top-notch development skills, industry know-how, and innovative thinking. As gamers, developers, and publishers, we aim to craft engaging and unforgettable Ludo experiences for enthusiasts across the globe. We have exciting Ludo game modes to ensure all Online Ludo lovers have an exceptional gaming experience.

Ludo Empire is a multiplayer online Ludo game where Ludo enthusiasts strive to be at the top of the leaderboard. You can play it on mobile with live online opponents. Choose your game mode and play this skill-based board game to become the top leaderboard champion.


board image

You can play the Ludo game on the Ludo earning app, Ludo Empire and earn real money. You can transfer all your winnings to your bank account and withdraw the amount.

Ludo Empire is the most trusted app that gives its users Ludo real money. Trusted by 75+ Lakh users, you can start playing even with a small amount of Rs.1 on Ludo Empire. All your winnings can be transferred through UPI, Visa, or Bank transfer.

Ludo Empire is an online gaming platform that has several Ludo game modes. The app offers a real money ludo game that can be played online with 2 or 4 players. You can:

  • Play more online matches and make money.
  • Read regular updates on Ludo and follow other players' strategies.

One of the most popular ludo real money APK games in India is Ludo Empire. On the Ludo Empire app, you can participate in exciting events and win Ludo real money. Your winnings can be seamlessly transferred to your bank account.

The traditional board game now has a new and exciting look on Ludo Empire. Players have the chance to Ludo win real cash by playing Ludo online at Ludo Empire. You can play Ludo Empire on Ludo earning money app and enjoy comprehensive support from our customer support team.

Yes, with Ludo Empire, you can opt for Ludo instant withdrawal at any time. If your wallets like PhonePe or GPay account are KYC compliant, your Ludo cash withdrawal can be handled within a few hours. The withdrawal process is instant.

It is easy to play Ludo online. Go to Play Store and download Ludo Empire, ludo money-earning app. Sign up with your user ID and password. You can start a game with just Rs.1 online. So, invite your friends or join a tournament. Enjoy Ludo and win cash or exciting prizes.

Ludo Empire is one of the Ludo money-earning apps that encourages you to act and earn money as a ludo prize. You can play on our online ludo game app without investing and earn cash immediately.

You can earn Ludo cash by playing Ludo Game online at Ludo Empire. Download the app from the Play Store and enrol in the game by signing up. Add your bank details or connect your phone number for UPI transactions.

Deposit money (you start from Rs.1) and play Ludo and earn money. You can invite your friends to play or enter a multiplayer cash battle.

Ludo Empire allows playing Ludo with real money in India. There is no minimum or maximum limit for playing an online Ludo game at Ludo Empire. You can start with just Rs.1. We have 75+ lakh trusted users, many of whom have earned lakhs by playing online at Ludo Empire.

There are many online Ludo game apps, but Ludo Empire is the most trusted Indian app that guarantees exciting cash prizes with every Ludo wala game. First-time users also win bonus ludo cash prizes.

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