Ludo Dice and Token Rules Online

A Ludo dice is what makes a Ludo game. In Ludo, the dice and its rolled numbers determine the number of moves a player can move their tokens, commonly known as gotis. Each ludo player gets a personal set of tokens in a match that they must strategically move around the board to reach the winning zone or home. 

All Ludo games, offline and online, have dice and tokens of their own, and while online Ludo is similar to traditional Ludo, there are still a few differences in its dice and token rules that all players must know before they can start their Ludo gaming.

Ludo Empire is an online ludo real-money app that while following the dice rules of traditional Ludo also has some special rules. It has various online Ludo game modes that have different gameplays with dice and token rules following which players can win cash in their games.

Ludo Dice and Tokens in Different Ludo Modes

Ludo Empire has 3 game modes: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, and Ludo Tournaments and each game mode has different rules for its dice and tokens. 

The Classic mode of Ludo Empire follows the same rules as that of the traditional Ludo game, where at the beginning of the game all tokens are locked inside the base and can only be taken outside by rolling a six or one on the dice. 

Ludo Empire’s Quick mode is for players who want to enjoy a short game of Ludo. In this game mode, all tokens are already opened and waiting outside the base ready to move at any Ludo dice roller number. To win the game, you only need to take 2 of your tokens home before your opponents.

The Ludo Tournaments of the Ludo Empire are special contests that have separate unique dice and token rules for different tournaments. Tournaments are fun competitions between Ludo players with the winning chance of huge cash prizes. If you love playing Ludo, then tournaments will be a plus for you, as Ludo Empire has plenty of tournaments held on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Ludo the Dice Game

Dice is a significant part of the Ludo game, it is what makes the game move forward. While in a traditional game, you can try and control the dice roll, you can never guarantee what number you can get on the dice.

Ludo Empire is a skill-based game, where the outcome of your match depends only on your skills and how you play the game. Let’s understand this in more detail:

  • The Ludo Empire game is RNG certified, meaning its dice is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and random. 
  • Instead of thinking about the number, you should focus on the game, and use your ludo-playing skills to win and enjoy the game.

Ludo Goti

In every game, there are Ludo Goti or tokens in four different colors and 16 in number for 4 players. The colors of the tokens are red, yellow, blue, and green and each color is four in number. You can select which color token you want to play the game with and by moving your gotis in a clockwise cycle as per your dice numbers you can reach home and win the game.

Online Token Rules

Tokens in Ludo serve as the player’s representation on the game board, allowing them to move and progress towards their goal. Each player typically has four tokens, which they must strategically navigate around the board, avoiding obstacles and opponents’ tokens. The tokens act as a means for players to compete against each other, adding a competitive element to the game as they try to reach the finish line before their opponents do.

The rules for moving tokens on the board in Ludo are straightforward. Players take turns rolling the dice and based on the numbers they roll, they can move one of their tokens that many spaces forward. 

However, there are certain conditions to consider, tokens can only move in a clockwise direction around the board and must follow the designated path. Additionally, a player’s token can land in the same spots, and if there are 2 or more tokens of the same player in the same spot, it creates a safe box and those tokens can not be eliminated.

As mentioned earlier, the Ludo Empire game has token rules each and every Ludo player is required to follow during their gaming:

  1. In Classic Ludo mode, if the Ludo dice rolls a six or one then the player can open their tokens and get them outside the base; whereas in Quick Ludo mode, the tokens are already outside the base and ready to move.
  2. Rolling a six gets you an extra turn, but if there are more than three sixes in a row, you will lose your turn to play.
  3. The opponent’s tokens can be eliminated by placing your token in the same spot as theirs’, making them start from the beginning and you earn an extra turn.
  4. The game ends once all the tokens of the player reach the home before their opponent(s) and that player wins.
  5. If there are more than three skips in a match, the player will be eliminated from the game.
  6. Taking a token home gets you an extra turn.


Understanding the dice and token rules is crucial in order to fully grasp the Ludo strategies for winning the real money game. By knowing how the dice and tokens function, players can make informed decisions and utilize their special dice effectively. Additionally, choosing your favourite tokens’ color adds a personal touch to the game, allowing players to express their individuality and enhance their overall gaming experience. Overall, comprehending these rules enhances the gameplay and makes Ludo Empire even more enjoyable for all players. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the basic rules for tokens?

In the classic Ludo, the basic rule for tokens is that players need to open their tokens from the base by rolling a six or one and take them all home before their opponents do.
Apart from classic mode, there are some other modes such as quick mode and tournaments – in quick mode, all tokens are open from the beginning and you only need to take 2 tokens home to win and in ludo tournaments, each move of your token gets you a point and the player with the maximum points wins the tournament.

2. What are the benefits of Ludo Empire Tournaments?

The main benefit of the Ludo Empire Tournaments is that you can win huge money by proving your ludo playing skills among other players.

3. Is it necessary to kill a token of an opponent?

No, it is not necessary to kill an opponent’s token in a game but it can be beneficial in increasing your chances of winning the game by putting your opponent way behind you.

4. What happens if a player rolls 3 sixes in a row?

If a player rolls 3 sixes in a row on their Ludo dice, then their turn will be cancelled and the chance will pass on to the next player.

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