Ludo Goti Strategies for Beginners: Start Your Journey to Victory

The first game to hit our minds when talking about popular board games has to be the historic popular game, Ludo. This classic game is consistent in entertaining people from all generations, letting every age group jam and play it together. What makes this game striking and engaging is its simplicity and easy game rules.

Millions of players play Ludo with interest and passion, bringing high competition to the surface. Moreover, Ludo on a digital platform brings more players to the game, adding to its competitiveness. Considering this huge Ludo craze, various online Ludo gaming apps have come up; among them, one of the best apps is Ludo Empie. This fastest-growing online Ludo app in India provides opportunities for its players to win real money while enjoying the game and is also free to download.

Hence, in order to stand out from the list of top players, gamers need to get their hands on certain strategies, be different from others, and know the game rules transparently. In this blog, we have mentioned various Ludo goti strategies and their layers to enhance your gameplay and make you a master of this game.

Moving ahead, when we look at the basics of Ludo, it is a game that involves pawns (gotis), dice, and home. However, there is more to it than just rolling dice and moving your pawns ahead. The Ludo ki goti itself holds great importance for a player to plan their steps accordingly.

Mastering the Ludo Goti

Ludo is a game of 2 elements, mainly dice and gotis. People assume Ludo to be a game of only gotis, which are supposed to race home before all, as per the dice rules and rolls. But, to look through it more carefully, the journey of pawns to the home involves many stages of adventure throughout. Ludo pawns are influenced by many factors, such as the numbers appearing on dice, eliminations, safe zones, etc.

Rolling of Ludo Dice

Gotis are wholly dependent on the numbers that appear on the dice. Many players think that dice is something beyond their control; this is purely a myth because players can use them strategically to win the game. In fact, the strategic use of dice numbers to wisely take pawns each step ahead turns out to be a game-changer.

  • The most desired number in Ludo, “6,” not only takes gotis way ahead and unlocks them but it can also be used to plan powerful gameplay.
  • Use every 6 wisely; unlock as many gotis as you can, as this will help you use each chance without a turn being skipped. Some games, like Ludo Empire, also allow you to unlock your gotis on dice number 1. So, keep the rules in mind to not miss any favourable chances.
  • Maintain a distance from the opponents’ gotis as far as you can. Check the Ludoboard carefully, and try running your gotis away from other players’ gotis to the max. Sixes will help you jump many steps ahead, reducing the risk of elimination, so make sure you take advantage of each 6 fully.
  • Similarly, the dice patterns 6, 6, and 5, which is the highest rolling number pattern that can appear on the dice. This series of numbers can do wonders for you and help you lead the Ludo board.

Safe Zones

  • The Ludo board is marked with various safe zones in order to save gotis from elimination. The gotis in these spots cannot be eliminated.
  • Focus on saving your gotis first before eliminating others, as sometimes the game is to defend and not attack.
  • Never miss a chance to land your gotis in these safe zones, as even a single elimination can make or break your game; hence, scan the board, other gotis’ positions, and safe zones before going ahead.
  • Ludo Empire has a special trick to protect your gotis. When 2 or more gotis of the same colour reside in the same spot, they make a safe zone there and cannot be eliminated. For that reason, grab the chance of getting your gotis in the same spot to keep them safe from getting eliminated.


  • Eliminations are an important part of Ludo. They are a game-changer and can turn the tables around.
  • By eliminating a leading goti, you can turn the whole game in your favour. Therefore, work towards eliminating as many opponents’ gotis as you can.
  • Ludo is about racing pawns throughout the board as well as stamping out other gotis along the way, so keep this in mind and don’t miss out on a chance to eliminate other gotis.

Build a Favourable Gameplay

Ludo has been evolving and advancing from time to time. And so, with the ongoing digital era, Ludo has successfully gone digital too, being available for everyone, anywhere, and anytime, and keeping up with the changing preferences of people over time. Moreover, Ludo is also available as a real-money game, allowing players to win money based on playing Ludo. 

Over time, Ludo has had a few interesting twists and add-ons, so you can plan gameplay that is more in your favour and suits your schedule and budget better.

Noting your valuable time, if you wish to play and win the game but have less time to spare, go for playing shorter modes in Ludo Empire, like the “Quick Ludo” mode or the “Furious 4” mode.

Similarly, if you aim to compete with the top players from all over India, lead the top Ludo players’ board, and simultaneously win a huge amount of online money, you can switch to the “Ludo Tournament” mode available in the Ludo Empire.

And of course, to play and earn money while also enjoying the classic game of Ludo, the Ludo Empire’s “Classic Ludo“ mode is always the best option for players. This mode is best for players who want to indulge themselves in traditional Ludo gaming.

That being so, with such variations and easy availability, players can always choose to play Ludo according to their favourability and win money despite various circumstances. So, choose and build gameplay that fits in well with your time management instead of holding away from playing your favourite game due to your busy schedule.


Ludo is one game that is mentioned in history and is still setting history in the gaming world. Ludo lovers are immensely involved in playing this game, especially with the involvement of real-money Ludo, which results in a lot of traffic among Ludo players.

The majority of players go ahead to play Ludo without recalling the tips, tricks, strategies, and rules of the game. But you can become a master of the game and win big by following the above-mentioned Ludo tricks and key points on the Ludo Goti.

For even simpler, easier, and more enjoyable gameplay, go ahead with downloading Ludo Empire and get your hands on both big Ludo matches and money.


1. Can players control the movement of gotis in the Ludo game?

Players can control the movement of pawns in Ludo, but they cannot control the number of steps to move ahead, as it wholly depends on the dice roll number. Instead, players can use the tips and tricks related to Ludo gotis and accordingly plan a strategy to win the game.

2. Is it easy to play Ludo at Ludo Empire?

Yes, Ludo Empire has easy and simple Ludo rules and smooth gameplay, based on the traditional Ludo game. Moreover, it has many different gaming modes available for players to choose from to play to their liking. To be a pro in this game, consider following the tips and tricks for winning big at Ludo Empire.

3. Does the Ludo Empire involve real money?

Yes, Ludo Empire is one of the fastest-growing real-money games in India, with 100% safety and security. It also has big cash-winning tournaments and the benefits of instant cash withdrawals.

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