Introducing the New Game Mode for Ludo Empire – Furious 4

The Ludo game is an all-time popular, classic board game of India, so much so that it is now available digitally and online. Online Ludo gives players the opportunity to enjoy their favourite Ludo game from anywhere at any time for their comfort, one of the advantages that come with online Ludo in comparison to the traditional Ludo board game.

One of the leading Ludo online play games in India currently is the Ludo Empire game. Ludo Empire is an online skill-based real-money Ludo game with over 1 Crore players.

Ludo Empire and Game Modes

In Ludo Empire, you can not only have fun playing the traditional Ludo game but also win real cash with your Ludo gaming skills. Ludo Empire also offers players different game modes of Ludo, like Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Tournaments, giving them new and exciting formats of Ludo gaming.

Ludo Empire’s Classic Ludo game mode is the traditional game of Ludo made online. This mode is a 4-player Ludo game, to win the Ludo match – you have to take all 4 of your pawns home before any of your opponents do. It has similar rules and gameplay as the regular rules of Ludo.

Quick Ludo game mode in Ludo Empire is for players who want to enjoy the traditional gaming of Ludo but do not have the time to play a full-time game. It is a 2-player short Ludo game where you only have to take 2 of your pawns home before your opponents do to win the match. A quick ludo game can be finished in as short as 10 mins.

Ludo Empire Tournament is the Ludo mode for players who are looking for more professional Ludo gaming. It is a multi-round, point-based Ludo battle where players compete against multiple Ludo players from across India to prove themselves as top Ludo player. In the online Ludo tournaments, you can win up to 10 lakhs in real cash.

The availability of different Ludo modes is one of the reasons that make Ludo Empire a loved Ludo game among the players of India. Ludo Empire, seeing the players’ enjoyment that came with playing Ludo in the various modes, has decided to introduce one more and has recently launched a brand new game mode called “Furious 4”.

Ludo Empire Launches New Game Mode “Furious 4”

The launch of this new Furious 4 Ludo game mode by Ludo Empire has brought Ludo players all over the country a new and exciting variation of their favourite Ludo board game to enjoy and compete in. 

Furious 4 is a rapid-fire single-round Ludo contest with high stakes and less time. It is the game mode for players looking for a thrilling and adventurous Ludo match. Furious 4 is a 4-player game where players, using their gaming skills and Ludo strategies, have to make more points from the opponents before the game timer ends to win.

How to Play Furious 4?

While the gameplay of the Furious 4 game mode is similar to the general Ludo Empire Tournament gameplay, it is still best to look at them before you start playing so you don’t make any mistakes during your gaming.

Here are all you need to know to play the Ludo Empire Furious 4 game mode:

  • You need at least 2 and at max 4 players to play a Furious 4 match.
  • A Furious 4 match is a short time-limited game that at max can go up to 10 minutes.
  • In this mode, all your pawns will already be outside the base at the start of the game. You don’t have to worry about unlocking them and can start moving immediately.
  • If two or more of your pawns are placed in the same box, then it creates a safe spot and your pawns are then safe from elimination.
  • Each move your pawn takes gets you 1 point; the maximum number of points a pawn can get is 56.
  • If your pawn gets eliminated, then you lose the points that particular pawn has earned you in the game. 
  • Taking your pawn home doubles up your points, giving you a big advantage over your opponents.
  • Total points are shown on the game board after each throw, making it easier for you to see how you’re fairing against your opponents.
  • The player who has the maximum points at the end wins the match and gets the real cash prize.
  • If two or more players have the same points at the end, the winning amount is equally divided between them.

Now that you know how to play the Furious 4 game mode, all you have to do to start your Ludo fun cash game playing is to get the Ludo Empire app.

How to Download The Ludo Empire Furious 4 Game?

You can download the Ludo Empire app by 2 methods, either by visiting the Google Play Store or from the Ludo Empire website. 

Follow these steps to download the Ludo play and earn money game, Ludo Empire, and start your win cash daily Ludo gaming:

  1. Visit the Ludo Empire website,
  2. Click on “Download App” and get the Ludo Empire APK file.
  3. Go to your downloads and click on the downloaded APK file.
  4. Click on “Install” to complete the playing Ludo app downloading process.
  5. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions and if you agree with them, click on “I Agree”.
  6. Complete your registration process with your mobile number.
  7. Choose the Furious 4 game mode and start playing!


Ludo Empire doesn’t just offer players different modes of Ludo playing but also gives them several other benefits like a sign-up bonus, an amazing refer and earn program and the exciting advantage of instant withdrawals of your real money winnings. 

With this new game mode launch, you can now enjoy playing Ludo in a new thrilling and exciting way. Furious 4 is a fast-paced match where players can use their Ludo skills and tricks to win real cash in just a few minutes. So, start your Furious 4 gaming today and win huge amounts of real cash prizes!


1. What is the entry fee for the Furious 4 game mode?

The entry fee for the online Ludo Furious 4 mode starts from as low as ₹1/- and has winnings in thousands.

2. How many players can play the Furious 4 mode?

The Furious 4 mode of Ludo Empire online cash game can be played at max between 4 players.

3. What other modes does the Ludo win online money game have?

Ludo Empire has a total of 4 modes: Furious 4, Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Tournaments for players to choose from at their preference.

4. Is the Ludo Empire Furious 4 game download for free?

The Ludo Empire app is completely free, players can easily download it from the Google Play Store or the Ludo Empire website without paying any fee.

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