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Ludo is a popular and traditional board game of India that with its popularity has now reached the digital world, making a home in our virtual space. Online Ludo is one of India’s most trending online games, with its timeless appeal and exciting gameplay. 

Ludo Empire is one such Ludo online game where players can enjoy the traditional Ludo game whenever and wherever they want and it comes with a few special twists too. Ludo Empire is not only a Ludo board game online but it is also a real-money game where you can play and earn money just by playing Ludo with your gaming skills. 

Ludo Empire Online India

Ludo Empire is a skill-based real-money Ludo online play game where players using their Ludo tactics, tricks, and skills can win huge cash rewards, making it an attractive and captivating Ludo game app for both casual and competitive players.

Ludo Empire has multiple game modes and over 1 Crore players, offering each player an easy chance of an opponent to play against at any time from anywhere in the Ludo mode of their preference. The game, while commonly known as a casual game, also has a degree of competition involved in it, with players trying to win and prove themselves as top Ludo players.

Ludo Game Leaderboard

Ludo leaderboards are fascinating ranking systems that show a live-time climb of players to the top. The leaderboards are for players who enjoy the thrilling and competitive nature more than the traditional Ludo and its casual gaming. 

Ludo Empire has one of the most versatile leaderboards with sections for ranks, badges, the amount won, and the number of games played, with daily, weekly, and monthly basis rankings of the players.

Features of Ludo Empire Leaderboard

Ludo Empire Leaderboard stands out in the crowd from others for its special features. It makes the general ranking of Ludo winners and gives it an even more competitive edge.

Number of Games Played

The leaderboard features a section for the number of games a player has played in their Ludo Empire gaming. The players’ ranks are calculated compared to the amount of cash they have won against the number of games played.


Ludo Empire awards players with special badges for the number of games they have played. The badge titles are Soldier, Master, Grand Master, Elite, King and Emperor depending on the players’ skills in the Ludo board game online, they can keep earning new badges regularly.

Amount Won

The game leaderboard is heavily influenced by the amount won by players in their online Ludo Empire gaming. The leaderboard shows the total Ludo cash winnings a player has earned from their Ludo Empire gaming and the higher amount number is the higher the player’s rank.


Types of Online Leaderboard

There are different kinds of online Ludo Empire mobile leaderboards available in the game where players are ranked based on their constant gaming.

Daily Leaderboard

In this game leaderboard, players are ranked on how they are doing in their Ludo Empire gaming for the day. The daily leaderboard changes every day with every new game played. 

Weekly Leaderboard

This leaderboard ranks the performance of the players in a week based on how many Ludo Empire games they have played and the amount won. 

Monthly Leaderboard

This is the longest-running leaderboard in Ludo Empire, where players are ranked on the total games played and the amount won in a month.

Tournament Leaderboard

In Ludo Empire online tournaments, the players are ranked based on the points they earn in their game. Each round the players are ranked on the basis of their points and earn real money prizes, according to their rank too.

Tips and Tricks to Top the Leaderboard

Reaching the top of the leaderboard is no easy task, one needs to be practised in their Ludo gaming, perfected in their strategies and polished their gaming skills. 

Using these special Ludo tips and tricks, you can make your Ludo winning chances even easier.

Know the rules before you start your gaming so you can avoid making any mistakes while playing. The Ludo rules are simple, easy to understand and remember and once you are familiar with the rules, your gaming becomes easier.

Create a strategy for your gaming to make better moves. A Ludo strategy needs to be adaptable and perfected with practice, as it goes a long way in getting an upper hand on your opponents as well as understanding their strategy so you can easily counter it. 

Balance your pawns on the board equally. One of the best strategies in Ludo is to open all of your Ludo pawns as soon as you can and then spread them around the board so you can move them better and keep them safe from elimination.

Understanding your opponent and their gaming is very important in winning a Ludo game. Observe your opponent’s moves, analyse their strategy and try to predict their move so you can place your pawns accordingly.

Knowing when to attack or not is the key to winning a Ludo game. Try to keep your pawns near your opponents’ pawns at all times and strike the moment you can, but make sure that this attack does not leave you vulnerable to any opponents’ attacks.

In the Ludo Empire game, placing two of your pawns in the same spot creates a safe spot, making your pawns safe from elimination. Use this special rule to your advantage whenever you can.


With Ludo leaderboards, the competitive nature of the game has increased tenfold, making the already popular online Ludo games even more popular. Ludo Empire offers players different opportunities and game modes to reach the top of the Ludo leaderboard with their gaming as well as earn huge cash rewards. You can easily do the Ludo APK download by going to the Ludo Empire website or the Google Play Store. 

So download the Ludo Empire app, choose your game modes, play the match and top the Ludo leaderboard with your Ludo skills!


1. How many types of game leaderboards are there in Ludo Empire?

Ludo Empire has 3 leaderboards in the game, a daily leaderboard, a weekly leaderboard and a monthly board, located at the bottom of the game’s home screen. There is another leaderboard available in Ludo Empire, the Tournament leaderboard that can be found inside the tournaments.

2. What are the different kinds of game modes available in the online play and earn real money Ludo Empire game?

There are 4 game modes available in Ludo Empire: Classic Ludo, for players who enjoy the traditional gaming of Ludo, Quick Ludo, for players who want to enjoy a short Ludo game, Furious 4, a brand-new rapid-fire Ludo time-based game, and Tournaments, for players who are looking for heavy Ludo competition with big cash prizes.

3. How to top the leaderboard every time?

The Ludo leaderboard is a competitive place, to reach its top one has to have lots of practice with their gaming, a polished and perfected strategy and most importantly loads of patience.

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