A Guide on How to Earn by Playing Ludo

Ludo, an evergreen classic board game of India, has in recent years gone through a transformation towards digital platforms and is now also an online game. 

Online Ludo is one of the most popular online board games, with its childhood nostalgia, charm and entertainment as well as the new twist of the ability to play the game from anywhere at any time without having to look for an opponent or a board.

Ludo Empire: Ludo Game Earn Money

Ludo Empire is one such online Ludo game where players can compete in multiplayer Ludo matches against players from all across the country, and it’s not just that. At Ludo Empire, you can also turn your fun and gaming skills into real-money earnings.

Ludo Empire is a skill-based online play Ludo and earn money game, where players can play with their gaming skills to win real cash. The rules of Ludo Empire are similar to the rules of the traditional Ludo game; to win, you have to take their pawns home before any of their opponents do.

This Ludo offers different amount tables for players to choose from, as per their preference, starting from as low as ₹1/-.  There are 4 game modes available in Ludo Empire for players to play: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4 and Tournaments.

Ludo Empire Tournaments are one of the most special modes in Ludo Empire, as in these online tournaments, players can compete with Ludo professionals in a multi-round contest and earn lakhs from as low as an entry fee of ₹10/-.

Earn Money by Playing Ludo Empire

Ludo-earning apps provide players with the opportunity to use their gaming skills and tricks and turn them into something beneficial. With Ludo Empire, players can not only refresh their minds and polish their Ludo tactics but also earn real cash prizes with their gaming while also having lots of fun.

Here are the top 3 ways for you to learn how to earn money from the Ludo game:

Ludo Matches

One of the simplest ways of earning money from Ludo is by playing a game of Ludo Empire. By choosing a Ludo game mode and selecting your entry amount table, you can easily start playing Ludo against multiple online Ludo Empire players and earn huge cash rewards with your skills. The games start from as low as ₹1/- and can have cash prizes in thousands.

Classic Ludo Mode

In this play online Ludo game and earn money mode, players can enjoy the traditional gaming of the Ludo. Players can choose to play a 2-player or 4-player Classic Ludo match. You need to take your tokens home, all 4 of your tokens, in the 4-player match, and only 1 token, in the 2-player match, before your opponents, to win the match and earn cash rewards.

Quick Ludo Mode

This Ludo earn money mode is for players who are looking to enjoy a short game of Ludo. In this game mode, you have to take only 2 of your tokens home before your opponent does to win and earn money; a Quick Ludo match can be finished in as short as 10 minutes.

Furious 4

This is a brand new game mode of Ludo Empire, where players play a rapid-fire fast-paced game of Ludo against random 2 to 4 players in a time-limited match. In this Furious 4 mode, players have to score more points than their opponents to win cash rewards. This is one of the fastest Ludo earn money game modes.

Online Tournaments

Ludo Empire Tournaments are some of the most competitive Ludo games, where you can win up to 10 lakhs with your gaming skills. Online tournaments are held on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and players can compete in as many Ludo championships as they want. The tournaments are multi-round point-based tournaments, the player with the most points at the end of the rounds wins the game and the cash prize.

Referral Program

Ludo Empire has one of the most beneficial referral programs of all the online Ludo earn money games in India. By referring this game to your friends and family you can win exciting cash bonuses. The refer and earn program of Ludo Empire gives you a ₹5/- bonus every time your referral code is used to sign up and a 2% commission from their joining fee every time they play a game. Sharing your referral code can instantly boost your Ludo game earnings.


Ludo-earning apps, like Ludo Empire, have had a recent rise in their popularity, due to their ease of availability and gameplay. Once, you know how to play the Ludo game, practice your Ludo strategies and learn how to reach the top of the Ludo leaderboard against the other players, it is a lot easier to earn money by playing Ludo. Players can get the play Ludo earn-money game on their smartphones by either going to the Ludo Empire website and doing the Ludo APK download or from the Google Play Store. 

So, don’t wait! Download the Ludo Empire play and earn money game, complete your registrations and start playing Ludo to start earning big daily!


1. Is the Ludo Empire play-and-earn money game safe?

The Ludo Empire app is ISO-certified, promising transparent, safe and secure transactions for players. Ludo Empire has partnered with multiple trusted payment partners like GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

2. How do referral programs work in the Ludo Empire game?

With the Ludo Empire’s refer and earn feature, players can share their referral code with their friends and family and earn multiple bonuses. The code can be shared with as many people as you want but the bonuses are only earned when your code is used to register.

3. How do the Ludo earn money gaming work?

In the Ludo Earn Money game Ludo Empire, players have to submit an entry fee to play a game and by using their skills, logic and tricks take their pawns home to win the game and get the cash prizes. You can also do instant withdrawals of your Ludo winnings into your bank account, whenever you want. 

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