Unlocking Ludo’s Secrets Lesser-Known Strategies for Victory

Ludo is an evergreen game for literally all ages. From kids to elderly if there’s one game that everyone knows how to play and loves to play, it is Ludo, and Ludo Empire is here for you to have fun even online.

Maximum people think that Ludo is a purely luck-based game, but truth be told, Ludo is a game of strategies and smart playing as well. You must have heard random strategies from people you play with, like, you should take all the tokens out of the house first or you should always kill the other person’s token, etc., but this article will tell you something more effective and lesser known.

There are many ludo strategies, and the best strategy for ludo is the one that is known by lesser people but very effective. Scroll through this article to learn more about Ludo’s secrets and the lesser-known strategies to win in your next game like a pro.
You know the best part though? The best part is that you can practice these ludo strategies on Ludo Empire as many times as you want and these same strategies can also be used as ludo board game strategies.

The Saving Your Tokens Strategy

Keeping your tokens in a safe column is a crucial Ludo tactic. You should move a single token as fast as you can toward your home column in order to do this. That token is largely safe from being returned to the beginning after it enters the last row of your home column. Be cautious with your other tokens and concentrate on the advancement of this one.

The secret is to utilize one of your other tokens to leave your starting area when you roll a six. After that, move it towards the entrance of your safe column, but don’t go inside just yet. Rather, leave it right at the safe squares so that it’s near the house as well as safe. You can use this token to obstruct your opponent’s route and keep their tokens from entering your home column if they are close by.

By using this technique, you may boost your chances of winning and maximize the safety of your tokens. Additionally, it raises the likelihood that your opponents will be sent back to their starting areas and makes it harder for them to penetrate your home column.

The Blocking Strategy

In Ludo, an efficient yet little-known tactic is the “Blocking Strategy.” Focus on stopping your opponents’ pieces rather than merely pushing your own pieces home. Make smart placements of your pieces so that your opponents are unable to make any significant moves. They may become frustrated as a result and have to squander time looking for a different path. Be careful though, as going overboard can also make you a simple target for other players. When you have the chance, use this tactic to impede your opponents’ advancement, but keep in mind that you should also advance your pieces.

The Misdirection Strategy

This is a cunning move that uses reverse psychology. Act as though you’re attempting to keep your pieces safe rather than bringing them inside. It’s possible for your opponents to think you’re playing defensively and concentrate on hitting each other. Then, in a surprise attack, move quickly to get your pieces home when they least expect it. By using this strategy, you can gain the upper hand and cause confusion. But timing is crucial; use it when your opponents are distracted or unlikely to be expecting you to move.

The Double Hit Strategy

In Ludo, the ‘Double Hit’ strategy is a very strategic move that can offer you a big edge. You must arrange two of your pieces on the same square. Choose to move the piece in the back, when you roll the dice and have the choice of moving either piece. By using this move, you can keep control of the occupied square.
In Ludo Empire, when two of your tokens are in the same square the token cannot be eliminated. This Ludo token rule can be an advantage as 2 of your tokens can move ahead with fewer chances of elimination.

The Token Elimination Strategy

By landing on the same square as your opponent’s tokens, you can manage the game with the cunning Token Elimination technique. It’s critical to remember that the objective of Ludo is to obstruct your opponents’ progress in addition to advancing your tokens forward. This is how you can benefit from the Token Elimination.

Place one of your tokens in close proximity to the token of your opponent to begin. Your token should ideally be placed two or three squares behind the token of your opponent. Make your move when you roll a six or a number that lets you capture the token of your opponent. This advances your token to a more advanced position while also sending your opponent’s token back to its beginning location.

This tactic relies heavily on timing and patience. Don’t rush the process of switching postures; instead, wait for the proper moment. You get a big edge in the game by stopping your opponents’ progress while moving your tokens forward.

The Grouping Strategy

Make every effort to keep your pieces together when using the grouping strategy. When your pieces are close together, you can support one another when things go tough. This tactic works especially well as you’re approaching the last half of the trip. When your pieces are dispersed, it can often be difficult to break out of safety. However, grouped pieces can help each other out. But take care not to make yourself an easy target for opponents who might try to seize several pieces at once. When you notice an opportunity to move forward as a group, carefully consider when to group your pieces and seize that advantage.


Ludo, even though perceived as a game of chance, contains a world of strategic possibilities, which when played rightly increases your chances of winning by a lot. Yes, it’s true, that it is fun to play in general, but you know what, the fun triples when you know how to play and win the game. 

The above-mentioned are some of the best ludo strategies and which will be the best strategy for ludo for you is totally on what you prefer, practice, and what kind of player you are. The double-hit strategy is thought of as the best ludo strategy by quite a lot of players. 

Although you can improve your gaming and get an advantage with these lesser-known Ludo strategies, keep in mind that Ludo is still a game that requires practice and that victory isn’t assured.

To figure out which trick fits perfectly for you, start practicing today at Ludo Empire, which you can download from its website in just a few seconds.


1. Does Ludo depend only on luck?

No, Ludo is more than just luck; it requires strategy and astute play.

2. How does one go about “Saving Your Tokens”?

Protect your tokens by quickly advancing one in the direction of your home column.

3. In Ludo, what is the “Double Hit” strategy?

To keep control of the square and tokens, two tokens must be placed on the same square.

4. What is the mechanism of the “Grouping Strategy”?

Keep your tokens around together so they are in a group, that way you have multiple chances of eliminating tokens of other players as well as play safely.

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