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Ludo Referral Program

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Ludo Empire provides you with the opportunity to share the excitement and benefits of playing the Ludo real-money game with your friends and family easily. All you have to do is share your referral code and invite your friends to play the Ludo Empire online game.

As a responsible game publisher, we have taken the following steps to ensure a safe real-money gaming experience for all our users:

What is a Referral Code? What are its Benefits in Ludo Empire?

The referral code provided by Ludo Empire is a code that all users can use to share and invite other players to play the game and earn special cash bonuses.

Refer your friends and family to play Ludo Empire, and we'll give them loads of fun and cash prizes.

And you, with every referral, earn more money.

Each time your referral code is used to register, you get a special bonus of ₹5/- as well as whenever your referral plays a game, you get 2% of their entry fee as a commission.

For example:

If your referrals play a game for ₹100/-, you will earn ₹2 cash.
If your referrals play a game for ₹1000/-, you will earn ₹20 cash.
If your referrals play a game for ₹10,000/-, you will earn ₹200 cash, etc.

Note: You will only get the special ₹5/- bonus, if your referral signs up and also plays a game.

Here's how you can Refer and Earn with Ludo Empire:

So what are you waiting for?

Go on, play, refer and earn!

Disclaimer : The referral link is for new users only - you can share your link with anyone, but only the new registering user will earn you the special bonuses.