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The classic Ludo game has been a part of almost everyone’s childhood and is one of the most popular board games in India. The game with its easy rules, interesting gameplay and competitive yet friendly nature has forever maintained its popularity in recent years, with the emergence of online gaming, it has reached its peak.

The online Ludo game offers players the traditional Ludo game on an online platform, giving them the comfort of enjoying the game from anywhere at any time.

Online Ludo goti wala game is considered to be the top choice when it comes to having easy, interesting, competitive, slow and steady gameplay.

Ludo Basics

While Ludo is not that complicated to understand, it is better to have proper knowledge about the game and its variables, so you can best win the game. Here are all the basics about the Ludo goti game that you need to know before you start playing:

1. Ludo Gotis

Ludo has 4 sets of gotis; each set is of a different colour and consists of 4 gotis each. A player must choose one of his choices with which they will continue the game. It’s a game about racing the gotis from their bases to the home, taking a long round to the board. But this is not all about it; the long round that the gotis go through involves thrills, suspense, eliminations, and lots of fun.

2. Movement of the Gotis

The Ludo dice and gotis rules go hand-in-hand; the gotis move ahead step by step according to the number that appears on the dice. With every chance, the goti jumps onto the board ahead, taking a round of the board clockwise. But, throughout the journey, these gotis have to face and go through a lot, as there are other competitive gotis on the round. They relay in order to reach the same home, so there’s quite a quarrel throughout the board. A goti can eliminate another coloured goti, its competitor, and send it back to its base. As a result, the eliminated goti will have to restart the journey, whereas the eliminator goti is in the lead. Now, players have to plan their gameplay accordingly, with every move they have to analyse the positions of each goti, where their main aim is to reach home by eliminating other gotis.

3. Dice Roll

When it comes to the dice roll, the player need not do much. The matter of Ludo dice depends on luck to an extent, rest is subjected to the player’s skills and gameplay. The player can only analyse the dice patterns, but to use those numbers wisely to drive the Ludo ki goti is what a player needs to set their skills in. One particular thing to note in the Ludo dice game is that rolling a 6 on the dice for 3 consecutive times nullifies the player’s turn, with the dice passing over to the next player.

Online Ludo Game

The idea of merging this historical game with technology emerged with the output of the growing digital era. At the times when everything was available for everyone and anywhere, there was no reason for Ludo to be left behind. Downloading Ludo on your devices and playing it from anywhere, with whomever you prefer is an uncomplicated task.

Following people’s love for Ludo, many online Ludo gaming apps have emerged. Among the several ones, the most popular, safe, smooth and trusted app is the Ludo Empire. In addition to providing smooth and exciting gameplay, it monetizes the gameplay. With Ludo Empire, players get a chance to win real money by playing Ludo, which makes the game more exciting.

Ludo Empire – Real Money Game

Ludo Empire came up with the idea of monetizing the game of Ludo to provide its users with a chance to win real money while getting their hands on fun and exciting gameplay. It is a skill-based game where players have to use their Ludo strategies and gaming skills to win the game.

Ludo Empire avails its users of different types of gaming modes, keeping in mind the diversities in people’s choices. Here, players get a chance to play and interact with multi-live Ludo players and compete with top Ludo champions from all over India.

Types Of Game Modes

There are 4 Ludo game modes from which players can choose their mode of gameplay, referring to their time, mood and gaming preferences.

1. Classic Ludo

The historical classic rage of the ludo game, which has been carried over for ages, is the Classic Mode in the Ludo Empire. As usual, here the player focuses on rounding their 4 pawns or gotis to the home. To open the gotis, or to move them out of their base, the player needs to roll the dice to  “6” or “1”. The one who gets all the 4 gotis to the home first, wins the game and earns real cash.

2. Quick Ludo

Cherishing the valuable time of its players and supervising their desire for entertainment, Ludo Empire has come up with the Quick Ludo gaming Mode. It is a short game that can be completed within 10 minutes, where the player is supposed to round only 2 gotis to the home. In Quick Ludo, unlike Classic Ludo, players do not need to open the gotis. Whoever leads the gotis to home first, wins the game as well as real money gains.

3. Furious 4

A rapid-fire Ludo round, where in just a few minutes players can play the game, compete, score points and win online money. It is a short and fun game in which the player who scores more points before the timer ends, carries off and wins the game.

4. Tournament

Online Ludo Tournaments allow top Ludo players to compete against each other, exhibiting their skills and talents; top-scoring the Ludo leaderboard and earning appreciation and real prize money. Players can win up to 10 lakhs by benefiting from the Ludo Empire Tournaments. Tournaments happen on a time-to-time basis; it is daily, weekly and monthly.

These were the gaming modes that Ludo Empire offers. Its diverse and user-concerning nature makes it the top, leading and fastest-growing real-money Ludo gaming app in India.

Steps to Download the Ludo Empire Play and Win Real Money App

  • Go to the Ludo Empire Website, and click on “Download App”. Or, go to the Google Play Store and install the application.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the game and register or sign up with a mobile number to start.
  • Before diving into the gameplay, go through the Ludo rules and instructions of the game
  • You can start with as low as ₹1/- and can get a chance to win up to 1 Crore in real cash.

How to Play Ludo Goti Wala Game?

After the Ludo goti download is done, here is a step guide and rules to play the Ludo Empire goti game:

  • Goti Colour- Choose the colour of the Ludo goti out of the four available options. Remember you will have to go forward with the same coloured goti throughout the game.
  • Starting Move- In Ludo Empire, unlocking the gotis from its base is the first step to start the game. But for that, the players need to roll a “6” or “1” on the dice, if they are playing the Classic Ludo game mode. Only on getting these numbers on the dice, one is allowed to move the goti out of the base in order to continue with the game.
  • Eliminating the opponents’ goti- As players move forward with the gotis, they have the chance to eliminate or kill the opponents’ gotis and replace their spot. On clashing with the competitor’s goti at the same spot, the eliminator goti takes its place, as a result, the eliminated goti is dragged back to its base. Here, it is a chance for the players to take the lead, leaving behind their rivals.
  • Protecting gotis- Ludo Empire has a special rule for saving gotis from elimination. The rule says that if 2 gotis of the same colour are placed on the same spot, a safe zone is created, making it impossible for them to be eliminated. Also, there are a few spots marked throughout the board, which are considered safe spots. Any goti residing there would be safe from elimination.
  • Home- After going through all the hurdles and competition, the gotis reach home. The one who manages to get gotis to the home first wins the game and gets some really big cash prize.

Ludo Empire is an easy game to play, with uncomplicated rules. All the rules and regulations of the game are easy to understand and execute. Hence, Ludo Empire is a reasonable choice when it comes to earning money by playing Ludo.


With several emerging real-money gaming apps, what makes the Ludo Empire worth investing in? Since real money games not only deal with fun and entertainment but with money too, this makes the matter a little sensitive based on reliance.

On that note, Ludo Empire is a 100% trusted, safe and secure gaming platform. It has over 1+ Crore of trusted users, who earned a considerable amount of money on winning. The Ludo Empire dice is RNG certified; it proves that the game is not fixed but is genuine. It ensures that the game is honest, true, random and fair. The numbers on the dice are entirely unpredictable and the results only depend on the players’ gaming skills and how they play the game. 

On the subject of confidentiality of financial transactions, Ludo Empire has a partnership with several trusted payment platforms, such as PhonePe and GPay, demonstrating safe and secure money transactions.

It is safe to say that the Ludo Empire is appraised as a game of trust, reliability, safety, and security, with an opportunity to earn real money at a consequential amount. 

Consider playing Ludo at Ludo Empire, and seize the experience and some exciting cash prizes!


1. Are the results fixed at Ludo Empire?

No, the game, the dice roll numbers and the results of the game are not fixed at all. It is totally a spontaneous game, with RNG-certified dice. This implies that the Ludo dice is completely random. The game depends on the player’s skills and how they play the game.

2. Is the download Free for Ludo Empire?

Yes, the Ludo Empire APK download is totally free of cost. You can download the Ludo real cash-winning online game easily from the website or the Google Play Store.

3. What is the minimum amount to start playing Ludo Empire?

The players can start with a minimum of Rs1/- to play Ludo Empire. Players can start by investing Rs1/- and can get a chance to win up to Rs 1 crore.

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