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Ludo is one of the most popular board games that originated in India many years ago. It was called Pachisi by some, while some others called it Chaupar. From then to now, technology developed, people developed, and Ludo also developed, so much so that it was brought online through various gaming apps for everyone to play. 

Ludo boards turned into Ludo screens!

Millions of people started to play Ludo every year. But what keeps them so engaged with the game is the tournaments, where several people participate and test their skills.

One of the leading and the most popular apps to play Ludo is the Ludo Empire. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Ludo APK download file that is available on the Ludo Empire website. It is a skill-based real money-earning game that not only allows players to enjoy the thrill of playing Ludo but also encourages them to win and earn real cash. 

Online Ludo Tournament

Ludo Online Tournaments are a great way to improve your skills. They have many rounds in each game. It also helps you to gain immense confidence while playing with some of the best players from all over the country. Everyone here gets an equal chance to exhibit their skills without any restrictions. They also have massive price pools for the whole lot of people who participate. 

What’s more fun than earning money while having fun?

There are four different types of online tournaments in Ludo Empire, they are, two players – one winner, four players – one winner, two- player multi-winners, and four-player multi-winners.

1. One Winner

Two Players and Four Players

  • In this mode of tournament, the game starts with either two or four players and multiple rounds.
  • After each round, there is a winner who will go to the next round and the same process repeats until all the rounds are over. 
  • Ultimately, the player with the highest points wins real money.
  •  Each tournament has a fixed number of rounds that would be mentioned on the tournament card when you start the game.

2. Multiple Winners

Two Players and Four Players

  • The tournament starts with two players or four players, competing in a multi-round Ludo contest.
  • The player who wins a round plays the next round with a different opponent and so on.
  • In the end, the player with the highest points wins huge money from the prize pool. 
  • The best part here is that even if you lose the game, don’t lose your heart, because you can still win some money depending on your position on the leaderboard and the overall points earned.

Ludo Tournament Rules

Tournaments are generally the most entertaining aspect of Ludo and the four modes make them even more fun for the players to play. But now the question arises about how to play the game.

For this, you first need to be aware of the rules of Ludo as they give you an entire outline of the game before you get started. Some of the rules are:

Ludo tournament is a time and point-based game where each move of your pawn fetches you a point. Your pawn will have to cross 56 boxes to reach home, earning 56 points for those moves, and once it reaches home, the 56 points received till then get doubled to become 112. But, if the pawn gets knocked out on the way, then the points earned by that pawn get deducted from the overall points. 

Thus, your ultimate goal in the Ludo championships is to earn more points. In this journey, you can get a chance to knock out other’s pawns or be knocked out by other’s pawns. Thus, play smart.

The rounds of the Ludo contests run under a timer, which means that each round takes place only for a certain amount of time. So, in most cases what matters is the points that you have than the number of pawns at home. Therefore, try earning more points before the timer ends. Knowing certain Ludo tactics and tips can help you achieve this. 

After the pawns and the board, the Ludo dice is one of the most important weapons in Ludo. It is a cube that is numbered from 1 to 6. You will have to roll a dice and the number obtained on the dice is the number of boxes that your pawn can move. Here, you can choose any pawn that you wish to move.

A special feature in Ludo Empire is that you have the choice to skip your chance 3 times but the fourth time you will be eliminated from the game.

For every 6 rolled on the dice, you will get an additional chance to roll the dice, and if 6 is rolled three times back to back, then it will be eliminated.

If you knock out the opponent’s pawn, then their points will be reduced simultaneously and this will increase your chances of winning the game.

Once the pawns reach home, they cannot be knocked out or returned to the base.

In the case of online Ludo tournaments, the pawns are already open, so you don’t have to wait to roll a 6 or 1 to start the game, instead you can start moving the pawns immediately.

There are 12 safe spots marked on the board. When you are in these boxes, you cannot be knocked out by your opponent. Therefore, two or more pawns of opponents can stay in these boxes at the same time.

Also in the online Ludo Empire, if two or more pawns of the same player are placed in the same box, it becomes a safe zone and the opponents can’t knock them out.

These are some of the basic ideas about the game. Once you decide to go ahead to play the tournament, you can download the Ludo app. 

Here, there are 4 basic modes of Ludo, that is Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4, and Tournaments. As a beginner, it is always advised for you to start small, and for this, you can use the Quick Ludo and Furious 4 modes. 

Furious 4 is a rapid-fire game mode that works like a one-round Ludo tournament with similar gameplay and rules. Thus, the Ludo match gets over soon and is apt for practice and leveling up your skills.

Once you are confident and well aware of your game, you can start playing tournaments. In this mode, there are a series of tournaments available with different price pools and modes that can be filtered using the “filter” option. You can opt to register/ join any of them at your convenience, but make sure that you join the tournament before the join/ registration window closes. In this process, make sure to note the start time, prize pool, and number of rounds mentioned in the tournament that you join and then start playing.


Ludo Tournament India is one of the most exciting and happening events in the country, with over lakhs of people on board every time. It stands out among all modes and has achieved extreme popularity in no time because of the massive entertainment that it offers. You can play and win money up to 1 Crore. Online tournaments on Ludo Empire are conducted on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis so that you don’t miss out on your dose of entertainment at any cost.

So, what’s holding you back, it’s fun time!

Come have a quick catch-up with our Ludo Goti’s and brighten your smiles!


1. What is the entry fee for playing Ludo tournament?

You can start playing the game with an entry fee starting from just ₹1. 

2. What is the best mode of Ludo to choose when you have less time to play?

Quick Ludo and Furious 4 are really quick game modes that can be played in between tight schedules.

3. What is the best app to play Ludo?

Ludo Empire is one of the best online real-money gaming apps. It has four major platforms, they are, Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4, and Tournaments.

4. How to download Ludo Empire?

It is very simple. All you need to do is, go to the Ludo Empire website and download from the Ludo download APK file or you can also download from the Google Play Store.


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