Ludo Empire is a leading real money multiplayer game. The brand has around 60 lakh users that play daily for cash. Playing the Ludo game at Ludo Empire is pretty easy if you know the basics of the game. However, if you're new to online gaming and want to know how to play Ludo, then here is a simple guide for you.

When playing Ludo online at Ludo Empire, you can select from various options. Installing the Ludo game is easy through the Ludo Empire website. Playing Ludo online is as simple as playing a traditional Ludo game. So, let's learn how to play Ludo.

Steps to Play Ludo Game

Here is the guide to help you how to play Ludo online at Ludo Empire.

Step 1: Set your Ludo Board

The board's shape is similar to a cross with four equal-sized arms. Each arm includes three rows of squares, and each row represents a set of four pawns from a board game. The mission is to construct a lap around the board and after finishing the lap, move up the center of your row towards the home square. Your token should be kept in your color pocket until you can place them on the board after throwing a dice of the highest number.

Step 2: Get six or Highest Number to Begin

In Classic Ludo, a player must score 6 or 1 on the dice from its starting position to be able to move out of their pocket. Whenever the player gets 6 or 1, he/she can either take out the remaining tokens from the house area one by one or move the token already out, a step further.

In Quick ludo, all the tokens will be out of the base and ready to move.

Step 3: Movement of Every Token/Pawn/Goti

This step will help you understand the basics of how to play the ludo game at Ludo Empire.

The number of points a player receives from each dice roll determines how well the player moves the token around the board. For instance, rolling three dice indicates that the player will advance the token (pawn) up the board by three spaces.

The player who successfully moves every token out of the starting zone and into the end zone is declared the winner. You can only move one of the pawns to the board during your turn. Once your turn is over, you’ll have to pass the dice to the next player and let them take turns rolling them.

If you get 6,6,6 your turn will be skipped and can't use any of those numbers.

Step 4: Eliminating the Rival

Now that you’ve understood the basics of playing Ludo, you must learn a few rules for Ludo Empire.

If a token touches a square that is already occupied by a pawn of a particular rival color, that rival token piece is taken off the board and placed in its own-colored house area.

For example, if your opponent's pawn is 5 steps away and you get 'number 5' the next turn, you can kill the opponent's pawn/goti. Now, the rival player must get a six or one on dice to release their pawn once more to remove it from the house area. The player that eliminated its rival receives an extra roll for that flip.

Step 5: Landing in the Same Space

A player blocks a space if one of the tokens is already there and another token land on the same space. If multiple same-coloured pawns/gotis are inside one box, no pawns/gotis can kill them. gotis/pawns can travel through and stay inside the same box.

Step 6: Winning

A player's piece continues to progress toward the center of the home square once it has reached the house column of its color. The journey of a player's token ends when it touches the house square. Only a certain roll will lead the token to the home square. The winner is the first person to finish their journey with all four tokens. The game is continued by the players still present only to find the end-game losers.

In classic ludo, the player who takes all four pawns/gotis home first wins the game.

In quick ludo, the player who takes two pawns/gotis home first wins the game.


Ludo Game is one of the most played online games in India. You can practice how to play online Ludo on the Ludo Empire and start earning real money once you have the hang of it.


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  • Install the app and open it to start playing!
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ludo empire Quick mode
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  • Win a game by taking only 2 pawns/gotis home.
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