Top 5 Reasons Why People Love Ludo Online

Ludo, a game that was invented in India has reached every part of the world today. It is a historical game enrouting deep in people’s hearts as a prominent childhood memory. This game has reached different parts of the world with the same variation. The Ludo rules and moves have till date almost remained the same, what changed is the mode of playing it. Moreover, some different variations of the game have also come up for the players to choose from various options according to their preferences. A game that was played with the board, gotis and dice, can now be played digitally.

There have been massive changes occurring in the world over centuries, be it in terms of their thoughts and ideas or tastes and preferences. Similarly, in the gaming area, many new games have developed over time, while many games have been facing transitions due to the changed preferences of players. But Ludo, being an ancient-time game, is still being continued and played with the same love and interest.

Bouncing on ancient times, Ludo is mentioned in the Classic Indian Epic, Mahabharata, implying its existence,  trend, and prominence since back then. Moreover, on staring at the current world circumstances Ludo has proceeded to go digital as well, making it an outstanding game of all time.

Online Ludo is a major game and is considered one of the most played games online. Many online Ludo games have developed on seeing people’s love for Ludo.  Considering this, Ludo Empire is one of the most popular Ludo games which is a smooth and secure Ludo online app that also gives real money to its players on winning the game. 

There are many reasons for Online Ludo being this significant, but the top 5 major reasons for online Ludo prominence are discussed further in this blog.

1. Availability

Being an online game, online Ludo is easily availed on everyone’s devices. It is an easily accessible, quickly available and equally affordable game. Most online Ludo games are free of cost to download and play, which makes it budget-friendly. With such features and free Ludo download, players can smoothly get their hands on the Ludo game anywhere and anytime they want, without any complications. Such convenient and approachable traits make online ludo the top choice for players.

2. Win Real Money

From being an early board game to an online digital device game, Ludo has come this far. It has witnessed evolution, progression, and adaption and is now on the verge of monetisation. Thereafter, the beloved game can now empower people to win money by playing online Ludo.  It is an enormous opportunity for the players to participate in online Ludo tournaments and matches, showcase their skills and talents, and win real online cash prizes for the same. Many online ludo real cash-based games are emerging these days. These games provide real money to their players, providing them with a good source of earnings.

This aspect has attracted many potential players towards the online Ludo, making it a greatly loved game.

3. Adaptive to The Modern World

Ludo has been maintaining its consistency, implying how perfectly this old-age game meets modern-day entertainment requirements and definitions. Ludo, on a digital note, is even more interesting and easier to play and understand. Online Ludo fits in well with the essentials of the current digital era.

It has been taking over the minds and hearts of people generation after generation. By adapting the modern-day trends and going digital, Ludo has reached heights where it is available for anyone, anytime. Thus,  Ludo has been keeping up with the trends and people’s preferences over the changing patterns which makes it adaptive and significant.

4. Connectivity

In the digital era where people from all over the world can connect with each other, online ludo comes up as a great platform for the same. Online Ludo masters connectivity as it allows people from different regions, cultures and backgrounds to play and connect with each other.

It grants people from diverse backgrounds to link, interact and share the Ludo board. The top Ludo players get a chance to compete with other enthusiastic and pro-players throughout the world. Online Ludo not only allows players to play with their friends and family but with strangers as well, successfully building connectivity.

5. Simplicity

Online Ludo is very simple and easy to understand. Its rules, tips and tricks are uncomplicated and can be remembered easily as well. It is a game with a perfect mixture of race, competition, hurdles, and eliminations with stability, steadiness, and easiness. A player need not go through any difficulties and hurdles to understand the game rules and play Ludo. Online Ludo’s simplicity and captivity keep it engaged with millions of players’ love and craze.


These were the top 5 reasons for online Ludo being loved and appreciated on a higher scale. Ludo game has ruled almost everyone’s childhood memories and is now ruling the top most loved online board games list. The progress and success of this game have resulted in its expansion and digitalisation. On that note, Ludo Empire comes up as a perfect online real-money Ludo game, which meets all the top Ludo qualities mentioned above.

Thus, online ludo is a game with a touch of modernisation and monetisation, which is easily accessible and understandable; and is also easily available to players irrespective of their origins and backgrounds.

We tried to cover almost everything about why people love Ludo, and to know more about Ludo or any other game including real money games, refer to our other blogs. Our blogs have detailed explanations, facts and figures and more information about various games.


1. Is it free to play online Ludo?

Yes, the Ludo game is available free of cost for everyone. You can easily download the Ludo Empire app without any cost.

2. From where did Ludo originate?

Ludo was originally created in India and its mention can be found in the Indian Epic Mahabharata. It was initially known as Pachisi in ancient India.

3. Can online Ludo be played with people from anywhere in the world?

Yes, online ludo can be played with different people throughout the world. Players can play Ludo with strangers and top Ludo players from worldwide.

4. Does the Ludo Empire give cash prizes to its players?

 Yes, Ludo Empire gives its players the opportunity to win real money prizes by playing Ludo. Players can win up to Rs.1 Crore on winning the game and tournaments.

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