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Games are a favorite of all of us. They are that one aspect that gets people closer than ever, irrespective of their age, caste, colour, religion, or region. From indoor games to outdoor games, from cricket to ludo, from cheers to silence, we have seen it all and are yet to see many more.

Whenever games were in the talk, board games have always taken the front seat as they entertained a large section of people for years now. They are also extremely easy to understand and play. Some of the most famous and ancient board games that are closely related to our cultures and traditions are made online. The best part of it was the reach and connectivity that it brought among all generations and what made it even better was the idea of real cash.

Online cash games are games that offer a chance to win money while playing. It is like a win-win situation and if you want to be in one of them, you are just one click away from the games that offer ultimate fun and entertainment under this concept. Some of the most popular and most used cash game apps in India today are, Skill Patti Empire, Callbreak Empire, and Ludo Empire.

Skill Patti Empire

The Skill Patti Empire is the online version of the classic Indian Teen Patti card game, also known as 3 Patti. It is a 3-card game that can be played among 2 to 6 players where they make bets and card sequences in order to win. The Skill Patti game offers players 2 game modes which are, multiplayer and tournament. It is a game that requires good card-playing skills and with this, anyone can play and win money.

Callbreak Empire

The Callbreak Empire is one of the most talked about online games today. It is a typical spade game played among 4 players. This Callbreak multiplayer game has a range of entry tables with different winning amounts. One can enter any of these tables, take note of their 13 cards, call bids, win hands, win the game, and ultimately win money.

Ludo Empire

The Ludo Empire is a skill-based game and anyone with a basic understanding of Ludo rules can excel in it. It is a great platform to display one’s gaming skills and give their best to win and earn real cash. This online Ludo game consists of 4 game modes: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious 4, and Tournaments. 

Classic Ludo is quite close to the traditional Ludo game that we play. It is a game where whoever takes all their gotis home first, wins. Classic Ludo is a very simple and ideal game for anyone who would want to relive their childhood memories by playing Ludo and also win money at the same time.

Quick Ludo goes by its name as this is a single game and the player who takes just 2 of their gotis home can win and earn real cash. This is a short-term game where you can make quick cash while relaxing in your breaks.

Furious 4 is a game mode of Ludo that comes under cash games that get over sooner in comparison to the other games. They have a fixed period of game time as they run on a timer and at the end of the timer, the player with the highest points wins and gets the prize money. Thus, this mode will greatly help you to get a hang of the game and help you make hard cash. 

Tournaments are massive celebrations of games that happen on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They consist of numerous tables with a series of rounds available in each of them. This is also a point-based game played on a timer and the most advantageous aspect here are the prize pools. In the Ludo Empire online tournaments, even if a person loses, they can win some money depending on their position on the leaderboard.

However, Ludo is a challenging game to play and you can land in a tough spot at any instance. This is when the tips and tricks come in handy. They are also one of the major reasons why many people win very often. Thus, they serve as a great help for someone who wants to up their game.

Real Cash Games APK Download

Since Ludo is a skill-based game, practicing religiously, smart play, wise decisions, and intelligent moves, will lead your way towards being a champion very soon and if you want to be one, then go now, download the app, and start playing. 

These are the steps to download Ludo Empire:

  • Download the Ludo game from either the Google Play Store or the APK files from its website 
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the game
  • Sign up with your mobile number
  • Enter the OTP received
  • Verification process
  • Choose a mode of your choice
  • Play Ludo and Earn

You can also download Skill Patti Empire and Callbreak Empire from their respective websites using the same steps.

So the next time you are bored, you know where you have to go!


These are a few games by which you can enjoy as well as play and earn money according to your comfort. Online real cash games are truly one of the best inventions. They present a wide range of platforms for everyone to exhibit their skills and win money. It also gives a fair chance for everyone to play. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to give it your best and earn money.


1. What is the entry fee to play Ludo Empire?

These games can be played with a minimum entry fee of ₹1.

2. Is withdrawal of money easy for the previously mentioned cash games?

Yes, the withdrawal of money is easy, and it is also a very safe and secure process.

3. Are there any charges for downloading Ludo Empire?

No, the Ludo Empire download is completely free of cost.

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