Ludo and Parcheesi: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Ludo and Parcheesi are sometimes assumed to be quite similar, but it is important to know that they are very different from each other. 

Ludo has been an all-time favourite for all age groups, and with evolving times, the spark of Ludo has been sustained successfully. Ludo Empire is one such platform that shows the simplicity of Ludo and the thrill of online gaming. Ludo Empire gives you a platform to earn money as well as play Ludo and have fun.

Ludo Empire comes in a lot of different modes for you to select which one you like the most and play accordingly, whether it is the quick mode, tournament mode, or any other mode. Not just this, you get to play with random players from around the country, sharpen your skills, and become a pro at it.

To understand better why Ludo came ahead in evolution and Parcheesi didn’t scroll through the blog to learn how these are quite different from each other. Let the game of Parcheesi vs Ludo begin!

Let’s Compare

Let’s begin the comparison between the two ultimate games, Ludo and Parcheesi.


Ludo is known to originate from the English region and was patented by Alfred Collier, whereas Parcheesi originated from the Ancient Indian region, mainly the Mughal Empire, but has a large presence in American estates, due to which some credits are given to the American region as well.

Time of Origin

Both games originated in the 19th century, where Parcheesi originated between the years of 1867 and 1870, and Ludo, on the other hand, originated almost 3 decades later, that is, in 1896.

Type of Game

To answer the type of game, both games are quite similar; these are cross and circle games.

Objectives of the Game

The objective of both games is the same: to roll the dice, get favourable numbers, and make your token reach the end line first, or home, as one calls it in Ludo.

Tradition of the Game

Ludo as a game is known to be a family game, which brings back nostalgia and brings people together at social gatherings as well. Whereas Parcheesi, on the other hand, goes back to its historical significance, even to the extent of the Mahabharata and the famous Shakuni Mama with his dice.

What are these based on?

Both the games, Ludo and Parcheesi, are based on Pachisi, which is actually an ancient Indian game.

Number of Dices

The number of dice varies when it comes to these games; Ludo uses 1 dice in the game, while Parcheesi uses 2 dice in the game.


Both the games have physical tokens, where Ludo has 4 sets of 4 different coloured tokens, and Parcheesi has five cowrie shells that are used with the tokens.

Board Design

Both the games are board games, but there is a huge difference between them. Where Ludo is mainly a square board, Parcheesi, on the other hand, is a cross-shaped board.

The Ludo board is usually square and has a cross-shaped playspace. There are arms of all 4 colours that cross each other with 3 columns per side, and each column consists of 6 boxes. The middle column here is the way home and is coloured as per the token colour, like red, yellow, green, or blue, unlike the other columns, which are mainly white. The coloured boxes count to 5 and represent the player’s home, where if the token enters, it stays safe from opponents as well. Moving on, the centre of this board is a big finishing square called “home,” and whenever a player makes all four tokens reach home the fastest, they are declared to be the winner.

Parcheesi, on the other hand, is designed in a cross shape with three rows that have 8 squares each alongside the arm that leads to a huge central square. There are a total of sixty-eight spaces around the edge of the board, and 12 of those spaces are darkened safe spaces.

Convenience of Playing

Since both the games are board games, they are usually played in person, and hence, the scope is quite limited when it comes to playing the games. But with the development of technology, there are now online apps to play. Ludo Empire is one such app that makes it far more convenient to play Ludo, as you get to play online at any point in the day or night. The world of online games has made everything so much more fun with their new modes and features, especially when you get to play the same old Ludo with the new touch-like modes.


To conclude, it can be seen that both of these games are so different that Ludo has very evidently become a game for the modern era as well, while Parcheesi focuses more on historical significance. There may be few apps that support the Parcheesi games online, but it can be agreed that nothing can beat the charm of Ludo.

You can enjoy the charm of Ludo at Ludo Empire; all you have to do is download the app directly from the Google Play Store. You get to play at any time of the day and earn money simultaneously. Even the cash withdrawal process at Ludo Empire is so quick, safe, secure, and trusted that you do not need to worry about anything. The only thing left is to play the game and have fun.


1. Are Ludo and Parcheesi the same?

No, Ludo and Parcheesi are not the same; they just share a common ancestry, but their rules and regulations vary differently from each other.

2. What is the ancient name of Ludo?

The ancient name of Ludo was Pachisi.

3. What are the different modes in the Ludo Empire?

There are 4 different modes in Ludo Empire, namely, Quick Ludo, Classic Ludo, Tournaments, and Furious 4.

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