Ludo Game was Originally Known as Pachisi

Ludo Empire has gained immense popularity among Ludo enthusiasts over the years. It’s easy and fun to play with friends. Because of the game’s virtual setting, many youngsters have forgotten the roots of the traditional game. Did you know that Ludo was originally known as the Pachisi board game?

If you enjoy playing Ludo Empire, you’ll enjoy learning about the game’s history. Let’s delve straight into it.

When Pachisi, an Indian Board Game, Turned into Ludo

Ludo wasn’t always known as Ludo. Nowadays, you can enjoy the online game Ludo with friends on your smartphone. But back in the old days, you had to use the original board to play the Pachisi board game with friends and acquaintances.

But let’s rewind to the origins. The earliest variation of the game was Chaupar, the history of which is found in Mahabharata (an Indian epic). In that story, the Pandavas lost their entire kingdom in a game of dice; the game being Chaupar.

From thereon, ancient kings and Mughal Emperors adopted the game and called it the Pachisi board game. In fact, the game was so popular in the Mughal era that emperors used to play it in their palace courtyards on life-sized boards.

Only in the late 19th century did the British turn the Pachisi board game into Ludo. They adopted the traditional board game, changed some rules and equipment, and called it Ludo. The sailors in the British navy used to play the game and eventually popularized it in the rest of the world.

Ludo and other Modern Western Variations

We know that Ludo is a modern name for Pachisi and Chaupar. Now, you can also play Pachisi online by downloading Ludo Empire on your smartphone.

There is not much difference between the traditional Pachisi board game and the modern variation of Ludo. The only clear distinction is the use of rectangular dice in Ludo as opposed to the cubic ones used in Pachisi.

Another interesting variation is the Ludo online game real money winners, where you can play online Ludo matches against competitive players and win real money for yourself.

How to Play Pachisi/Ludo Game?

Playing the Pachisi game and Ludo are pretty much the same. Ludo Empire is like playing the Pachisi game online. The rules and regulations are the same.

All you need to do is unlock your tokens, protect your tokens from elimination, and guide your tokens to the finish line before the opponent. When you do that, the game finishes, and you win. That’s how simple it is to play the Pachisi game.


If you know the rules of Ludo, you’ll know how to play Pachisi. Learning how to play the Pachisi game is not a complicated process. You just need to learn some rules and make a few strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the differences between Pachisi, Ludo, and Parcheesi?

There are no clear and absolute distinctions between Pachisi, Ludo, and Parcheesi. All three are dice-based games derived from the same set of rules and regulations. The only difference between the three is the type of board and dice used for playing.

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