Online Ludo is a Strategy Game; Not a Game of Chance

It’s impossible to control what number you get when you roll the Ludo dice. If that is the case, then Ludo must be a luck-based game.

Wrong! Ludo is entirely skill-based. Let’s find out how.

Ludo Strategies That Will Help You in Winning Ludo Games

The Ludo strategy you use against your opponent determines the winner, not the number that appears on your dice.

If you deploy the suitable Ludo game strategy against the right opponent, you already win the game. Here are some strategies that you can use:

Spread Wide

After unlocking all your tokens, spread them wide apart on the board. This Ludo strategy will give you great options whenever you roll the dice. It will also help your chances of eliminating the opponent’s tokens.

Balanced Attack & Defence

You should devote your tokens to different duties. Leave two tokens in the first and second quadrants of the board. These two tokens should be responsible for tackling and eliminating the opponents.

Your two tokens in the third or fourth quadrants should avoid elimination or get too close to the enemy. They should only focus on winning the game.

Move in Pairs

Another interesting Ludo game strategy is to move your tokens in pairs. This will protect them from elimination while also improving the chances of eliminating the opponents.

How to Counter an Opponent’s Move?

The best Ludo strategy to win is playing to your opponent’s weakness. Sure, you have to guide your tokens to victory, but you also have to ensure that your opponent doesn’t do that first.

For that, blocking the opponent’s move is the best option. Keep your tokens seven paces ahead of the opponent and wait for them to make the wrong move. After that, you can block their move or eliminate them.

Can you play Ludo online and implement this strategy as well? You can use this strategy in both online and offline Ludo variations.

Attempt to have the most Tokens on the Board at the Same Time

Another important Ludo winning strategy is to unlock all your tokens before concentrating on winning. One of the essential Ludo strategies is ensuring all the options are available while making a move.

Therefore, if you get a six on your dice, use that to unlock your tokens first.

Understand the Ludo Strategy before Moving the Tokens

Finally, all Ludo game tips and tricks are futile if you don’t know the Ludo game rules and regulations.

Understand how Ludo works and what strategy your opponent is implementing. After gauging that, you can implement your tricks and win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to always win the Ludo game online?

You can win Ludo online games almost every time using the right strategy, tips, and tricks against your opponent.

2. What are some strategies for winning Ludo?

Unlocking all your tokens, moving your tokens in pairs, and playing the game patiently are some good strategies for winning at Ludo.

3. What are the Ludo tricks and tips to master the game & win?

Some healthy Ludo tips and tricks are to memorize all the rules of the game, make use of the specific markers and safe zones on the Ludo board, and unlock all tokens before concentrating on winning.

4. How to play Ludo: 10 easy steps?

  1. Download and install Ludo Empire on your smartphone.
  2. Start a Ludo match on Ludo Empire.
  3. Get a six on your dice to unlock your token.
  4. Use your subsequent dice outcomes to control your tokens.
  5. Develop a strategy that you’ll use for the match.
  6. Eliminate the opponent’s token and protect your own.
  7. Block your opponent’s path when they’re trying to win.
  8. Try to unlock all of your tokens at the same time.
  9. Guide your tokens to the finish line.
  10. Win the game.

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