Differences between Classic, Quick Mode & Tournaments: Ludo Empire

Ludo is one of India’s oldest and most popular games, loved by everyone, whether kids or adults. The game is known for its simple rules, easy gameplay, colorful boards and pawns, competitive yet enjoyable nature, and the sense of togetherness it brings to all.

As the world turned to digitalization so did the ludo game, being made into digital and online platforms. With this expansion of Ludo into digital platforms, the popularity of the game has increased to new levels.

Online Ludo offers players easy accessibility to the classic game of Ludo from anywhere at any time for their entertainment. Several Ludo apps have also turned towards the real money gaming sector where players can play Ludo and earn money at the same time.

Ludo Empire is one such app where players can play the game to win real cash with their Ludo strategies and skills. It is a multiplayer skill-based real money online Ludo app that is currently leading the online real money Ludo games in India.

Ludo Empire: Online Real-Money Ludo Game India

The Ludo Empire game consists of the same square board as an offline Ludo game with 4 different colored sets of 4 pawns each, and a dice. The players need to take their pawns home before their opponent does to win and get Ludo payment earnings in real cash. 

Ludo Empire, while providing players with the joy of online ludo play and earning huge cash prizes, also provides players with different game modes of Ludo for players to experience the game in new formats, bringing a new twist to their Ludo gaming.

The Different Game Modes of Ludo Empire and Their Differences

Each player has a preference for the type of game they wish to play. Different game modes of Ludo Empire ensure that all players get to enjoy their Ludo gaming in the way they want. To play with the different Ludo game modes, all you need to do is download the Ludo Empire download, register yourself, choose a game mode, and start playing.

There are 3 game modes available for players in the Ludo Empire app: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, and Tournaments. Each game mode has a similar gameplay to that of the general game of Ludo but each has a few different and special rules and benefits.

1. Classic Ludo

Classic Ludo mode in Ludo Empire brings Ludo players the traditional way of playing Ludo in an online form. It is a multiplayer mode where 4 players play together at a time with each having a set of 4 pawns of a color to use and move in the game.

At the beginning of the game, all pawns are locked inside the base and need to be opened before they can start moving on the board. Players need to roll either a 6 or a 1 on the dice to open their pawns, once opened the pawns can be moved forward, according to the ludo dice number rolled.

The objective in the classic mode is for you to take all of your 4 pawns home before any of their opponents do. While many would say that the match depends on the dice numbers and as such on luck, it is not true, the outcome of the game depends only on your choices. For you to make the best choices in your classic ludo gaming, you need to make sure that you’re familiar with all the Ludo Empire rules, so you don’t make any mistakes while playing and have better chances of winning and earning real money prizes up to thousands daily.

2. Quick Ludo

Ludo Empire’s Quick Ludo mode is a special ludo game mode bought for players who want to play a ludo match but do not have the time for a long match or are looking for a short game in a break. It is a multiplayer game mode where only 2 players are on the board with both having a set of 4 pawns of a color each. 

The specialty of this game mode is that all pawns are open and outside the base at the start of the game, as such players don’t need to wait for a 6 or 1 dice roll, the pawns can be moved at any dice number immediately.

In this Ludo mode, you only need to take 2 pawns for your home before your opponent does to win the match, making the time of the match shorter than that of the classic mode. A quick ludo match can be finished in a minimum of just 10 minutes, making it perfect for players who are looking for quick gaming and entertainment. This mode is the perfect mode for players to practice their Ludo tips and tricks and hone their skills to become better Ludo players in a short while.

3. Tournaments

Ludo Tournaments on Ludo Empire are one of the best platforms for players to engage in cash battles against multiple Ludo players at a time with their skills. The tournaments happen on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, giving players access to ludo battles at all times.

Ludo Empire has many formats of tournaments for players to enjoy: 2 Player, 4 Player, Single Winner, and Multi-Winner with each tournament following the same rules. In each Ludo Tournaments India, there are multiple rounds and each round runs on a time-limited basis with all players having their pawns open and ready to move.

While the objective of the tournaments is the same as the other modes of Ludo, to take the pawns home before any of the opponents do, the main objective is slightly different. 

The main objective in a Ludo tournament is for you to get more points than your opponent before the timer ends to win. The thing that makes tournaments special is that with each round you win some amount, according to your rank on the tournament leaderboard.

ludo empire game modes


You can join and play any of these game modes on Ludo Empire and win exciting prizes from anywhere at any time, whether you want to enjoy a traditional game of ludo, take a short break with a ludo match, or prove your stand among the best of the best Ludo players in India. All you need to do is visit the Ludo Empire website and download the app to start your journey of Ludo gaming in different modes and win amazing real money prizes! 


1. How many game modes are there in the online Ludo Empire app?

There are a total of 3 game modes in the Ludo Empire app: Classic Ludo, for players who want to enjoy a traditional game of Ludo, Quick Ludo, for players who want to play a short game with a big win, and Tournaments, for players that want to take part in the big leagues with professional Ludo players.

2. What is the objective of the Quick Ludo game mode?

In the Quick Mode of Ludo Empire, the player’s objective like the Classic Mode is to take their pawns home before their opponent does to win real cash but instead of taking all 4 players home, they only need to take 2.

3. How long does a game of online Ludo take?

There is no definite time for how long a Ludo game can take, it depends on the choices the players make during their gaming and how well they play, but if players are looking for a short game, they can enjoy the Quick Mode which can be finished in a minimum of at least 10 mins.

The Top Online Games for 2 Players in 2023

Online gaming is a recent fad among gaming enthusiasts. Consequently, there are many online games for two players on the internet.

But what’s tricky is finding the perfect online games for two players that you both can enjoy playing with each other.

This blog has made the job easier for you by shortlisting the best online games with two players for you.

What are the Best Online Games for Two Players?

If you’re only looking for the best two players online games, it’s better to look for traditional board games on virtual platforms because they are the best way to indulge in a multiplayer battle. They are not only exciting but also successfully instill the urge to compete and win. Here’s our list of some of the best online games for two players that you can play to keep the adrenaline running.

The Most Popular Multiplayer Games

There are millions of online games for 2 players. But if you were to handpick the best of them, you won’t be able to find many. Fortunately, we’ve made a list of the best 2 player online games with friends.

Here’s our list:

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is the online version of Ludo – the traditional board game that’s popular among kids and adults alike. It’s also one of the most suitable online games for two players because of the ease of play and the excitement involved. The most exciting thing is it allows you to experience the joy of playing the traditional board game on your smartphone. Moreover, you can also engage in cash battles in Ludo empires and win real money.


Monopoly is one of the most popular online multiplayer games after Ludo that you can enjoy with your friend. It is fun, easy to play, and requires a comprehensive strategy to win. The economics-themed requires you two to buy and trade properties and develop them with houses and hotels.


Chess is as fun in the online mode as in the offline mode. It requires the same strategizing technique if you wish to checkmate your opponent. It is one of the most exciting online games for two players if you both love planning and outwitting each other.

What is the Difference between Online & Offline Two-Player Games?

All online and offline two-player games use the same format; you need to play and outsmart the other player. However, there are slight differences. For example, in offline two-player games like Ludo and Chess, you need boards and pawns to play the game. Moreover, the two players must be present in front of each other. While in online two-player games, you can play against anyone from all over the globe. All you need is a smartphone. 

Last Few Words

Online gaming has been gaining traction over the last few years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was locked down to curb the spread of the virus. The top online games mentioned above are some of the most popular games that keep online gaming enthusiasts glued by helping them earn real money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the most played online game in 2023?

Ludo Empire is among the most frequently played online multiplayer games. It has a vast fan base, and millions of players download it regularly.

2. What can you play in multiplayer 2023?

There are many online games for 2 players, including Ludo Empire, multiplayer chess games, monopoly, etc.

3. Which is the no. 1 multiplayer game in the world?

Regarding popularity, Ludo Empire is one of the most famous online games, with twoor four players on a global level.

4. What is the number 1 online game in 2023?

In 2023, Ludo Empire topped the charts in terms of users and activity.

5. What game is popular right now?

The virtual alternative to the traditional board game, Ludo Empire, is trending in all smartphone app stores.

Best Video Game Stocks to Buy in 2023

With more than 3 Billion users playing video games on a daily basis, investing in the best Video Game Stocks can turn out to be a game-changer. It has the potential give you over-the-top healthy short-term returns, along with significant long-term growth potential.

Companies that continue to adapt to player expectations and shape their preferences for interactive electronic entertainment are well-positioned to generate excellent shareholder returns. Top gaming stocks to buy for long-term investments include Capcom (OTC: CCOEF), Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA), and Nintendo (OTC: NTDOY). Now, let us take a closer look at each of these companies in more detail:


Resident Evil developer and publisher based in Japan.

Market cap –$ 4.6 billion.

Capcom is thriving as a video game developer and publisher, thanks to successful releases that boosted the company’s core brands and resulted in excellent sales. The company’s properties include Mega Man, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter, as well as the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises. Capcom also has a long history of lesser-known but beloved classic games.

There are many reasons to love this long-running corporation, which has dominated the video game business for decades and created some of the most memorable gaming experiences ever. Since its launch in May 2021, Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has sold over 5 million units.

Capcom pays a healthy dividend and distributes around 30% of its annual income to shareholders through dividend payments. In the video game sector, earnings can be volatile, but Capcom’s management prioritizes returning income to shareholders.


The studio that created the Grand Theft Auto series.

Market cap – $17.6 billion.

Take-Two Interactive’s worth skyrocketed initially thanks to the Grand Theft Auto series. It is the company’s most important and successful IP, as well as one of the most profitable gaming franchises ever. The Dead Redemption series by Take- Two has received great reviews as well, and its NBA 2K basketball series is the industry leader in its own right. In addition, the company has several minor series and other development projects that helps it expand.

Even though game production is generally tough and resource-intensive, the development studios of Take-main Two’s brands have continuously delivered excellent outcomes. Take-Two knows how to elicit high levels of engagement and in-game spending from gamers. Because of its excellent financial position, the company can seek new development prospects in areas like mobile gaming and E-sports.

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Xbox gaming systems are sold by Microsoft, which also controls more than a dozen gaming companies, and has recently agreed to buy Activision Blizzard also.

Market cap – $2.28 trillion.

Microsoft is best recognized for its productivity software and cloud computing, but it’s also a key player in the video game industry. Microsoft is the originator of the Xbox game platform and owns multiple game companies.

The company owns Minecraft creator, Mojang, and Elder Scrolls producer Bethesda, as well as video game behemoth Activision Blizzard.

Activision Blizzard has several iconic franchises, including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush under its banner.

With a significant presence in mobile gaming, Activision is a pioneer in the E-sports market. Most importantly, the Activision merger gives it a much stronger hand in its effort to develop and dominate the metaverse.


Madden and FIFA are the kings of sports games.

Market cap – $36.9 billion.

Established in 1982, EA continues to be a key player in the interactive entertainment industry’s progress. In terms of revenue, it is the second-largest video game corporation, and it dominates the sports gaming subgenre.

The Sims, Apex Legends, and Battlefield are among the high-profile original IP held by the pioneering game publisher, as are successful licensed titles like Madden NFL and FIFA. The acquisition of Glu Mobile by Electronic Arts indicates that the firm is now aggressively moving into mobile games.


Wii, Switch, and Mario are all made by Nintendo, a Japanese video game and system manufacturer.

Market cap – $53.8 billion.

Nintendo is a video game console industry pioneer. Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s, which was followed by a series of successful systems. Since its launch, Nintendo’s most recent platform, the Switch, has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

Nintendo is well-known for creating some of the most legendary games on its various platforms. Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, and Pokemon are just a handful of the iconic properties that have spawned an endless number of games and sold hundreds of millions of units.

Nintendo has remained one of the best video game stocks to buy, despite all of the changes in the industry over the previous decades.

All of this suggests that investing in the gaming industry could pay off in the coming years, if not decades. But, it all boils down to buying the best stocks and keeping up with the global gaming trends.

Ludo Game Played and Adapted around the World

One of the world’s most popular board games, Ludo, originates in India. The game has a nostalgic and cultural value attached to the history of the Indian subcontinent.

Ludo was traditionally known as Chaupar and Pachisi before the Englishmen gave the game a new identity with updated rules and a new name.

Since then, multiple countries have adopted the game as their own. Let’s talk about how that happened.

A Game that has been played and Adapted over Many Generations in History

Nowadays, you have the option to play online Ludo. With Ludo Empire, playing Ludo online with friends is as simple as downloading an application on your phone.

But before the internet era, people had to play Ludo on a board. Friends and family members used to gather around and play the board game for hours. The origins of Ludo date back almost a thousand years.

Since then, generation after generation is enjoying playing Ludo.

How has it been Constant through Time?

It’s simple to play online Ludo games on your smartphones and computers. You also have the option to play Ludo online multiplayer. However, even before people could play online Ludo games, it was popular across generations.

The main reason behind this consistency is Ludo’s significant cultural value. It is a game that people enjoy with their closest friends and family. The deep-rooted history of the Indian subcontinent is one of the many factors that make the game so prevalent in this part of the world.

Origins of the Name ‘Ludo’

Long before you could play online Ludo games, the board game was called Pachisi or Chaupar. So, where did Ludo originate? The clear answer is India. The earliest mentions can be found even in the ancient Indian epic – the Mahabharata.

The game got its current name when the British arrived on the scene. They adopted Pachisi, made some changes, and started calling it Ludo. That’s how the modern board game was born.

The Simplicity of Playing online Ludo Games

Now, you have the option to play online Ludo and earn money. The progression of technology has indeed been impressive.

So, how to play online Ludo games? The process is simple. All you need to do is download Ludo Empire on your phone or computer, and you can start playing against your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to play Ludo online with friends and the origin of the Ludo game. Armed with this knowledge, you can further carry the traditional board game’s legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an adaptation of the Ludo game?

Ludo itself is an adaptation of the traditional board game called Pachisi. It was played and enjoyed by Ancient Kings and Mughal Emperors.

2. What are the multiplayer adaptable Ludo game?

Ludo Empire is one of the most popular and versatile multiplayer Ludo games on the internet in 2022.

3. Five benefits of playing Ludo board game online?

  1. You can improve your analytical skills.
  2. You get better at strategizing.
  3. You can connect with old friends and family members.
  4. You instill the spirit of healthy competition.
  5. You can earn real money by winning online Ludo tournaments.

4. What are the rules and strategies of dice games?

The rules of dice games are different for each game. The strategy also depends on the game you are playing and the opponent you are facing.

Ludo Game was Originally Known as Pachisi

Ludo Empire has gained immense popularity among Ludo enthusiasts over the years. It’s easy and fun to play with friends. Because of the game’s virtual setting, many youngsters have forgotten the roots of the traditional game. Did you know that Ludo was originally known as the Pachisi board game?

If you enjoy playing Ludo Empire, you’ll enjoy learning about the game’s history. Let’s delve straight into it.

When Pachisi, an Indian Board Game, Turned into Ludo

Ludo wasn’t always known as Ludo. Nowadays, you can enjoy the online game Ludo with friends on your smartphone. But back in the old days, you had to use the original board to play the Pachisi board game with friends and acquaintances.

But let’s rewind to the origins. The earliest variation of the game was Chaupar, the history of which is found in Mahabharata (an Indian epic). In that story, the Pandavas lost their entire kingdom in a game of dice; the game being Chaupar.

From thereon, ancient kings and Mughal Emperors adopted the game and called it the Pachisi board game. In fact, the game was so popular in the Mughal era that emperors used to play it in their palace courtyards on life-sized boards.

Only in the late 19th century did the British turn the Pachisi board game into Ludo. They adopted the traditional board game, changed some rules and equipment, and called it Ludo. The sailors in the British navy used to play the game and eventually popularized it in the rest of the world.

Ludo and other Modern Western Variations

We know that Ludo is a modern name for Pachisi and Chaupar. Now, you can also play Pachisi online by downloading Ludo Empire on your smartphone.

There is not much difference between the traditional Pachisi board game and the modern variation of Ludo. The only clear distinction is the use of rectangular dice in Ludo as opposed to the cubic ones used in Pachisi.

Another interesting variation is the Ludo online game real money winners, where you can play online Ludo matches against competitive players and win real money for yourself.

How to Play Pachisi/Ludo Game?

Playing the Pachisi game and Ludo are pretty much the same. Ludo Empire is like playing the Pachisi game online. The rules and regulations are the same.

All you need to do is unlock your tokens, protect your tokens from elimination, and guide your tokens to the finish line before the opponent. When you do that, the game finishes, and you win. That’s how simple it is to play the Pachisi game.


If you know the rules of Ludo, you’ll know how to play Pachisi. Learning how to play the Pachisi game is not a complicated process. You just need to learn some rules and make a few strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the differences between Pachisi, Ludo, and Parcheesi?

There are no clear and absolute distinctions between Pachisi, Ludo, and Parcheesi. All three are dice-based games derived from the same set of rules and regulations. The only difference between the three is the type of board and dice used for playing.

When Did Ludo Originate in India?

There’s no denying that Ludo is a special game in the Indian subcontinent. It has a rich history associated with the growth of the countries in the region. The origins of the game, in addition, are equally as interesting as the game. Let’s learn a bit about it.

Returning to Ludo’s History

Nowadays, we have the best online Ludo game real money winners in the form of Ludo Empire – the most popular online board game on the internet.

Earlier, Ludo enthusiasts had to purchase the original Ludo board. The earliest mentions of the traditional board game can be traced back to the Mahabharata. In the Indian epic, the Pandavas lost their entire kingdom in a game of dice.

During that time, the game was called Chaupar. Pretty soon, the game became popular among ancient kings and noblemen. After that, even the Mughals loved Chaupar, adopting the game as their own. The Mughals started calling it Pachisi.

Some Mughal emperors used to play Pachisi in their palace courtyards on life-sized boards.

How did Pachisi turn into Ludo?

Pachisi was the name given to the game by the Mughals. But according to the Ludo game origin story, the Englishmen were responsible for publicizing the game.

The history of the Ludo game states that the British adopted Pachisi for their own when they colonized India. However, the board and the tokens that the Indians used were too complicated and extravagant for them.

Therefore, they designed their tokens and board to make the game accessible to the common soldiers. From there, the Royal British Navy carried the new invention – Ludo – from one part of the world to another. That’s how Ludo became famous in all the countries.

Who Invented Ludo?

If we are talking about Chaupar, the original game of Ludo, then we’ll be talking for hours about the real inventor of the game.

But Ludo, the game that was popularized across the seven seas, was invented by Alfred Collier. He was the reason behind the popular Ludo origin.

The traditional board game was called Pachisi in the olden days. But it was a board game that India claimed for its own.

Alfred Collier made some alterations to that game and called it Ludo, making this the official history of Ludo.

The Origins of the Popular Board Game

After the British made the popular board game public, it became the best board game India had to offer. Countries across the world got addicted to Ludo.

But none more so than in the countries in the Indian subcontinent, where Ludo is still a revered board game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Was the Ludo game invented in India?

The origins of the Ludo game were in the Indian epic Mahabharata, making the country the official originator of the board game.

2. Why Ludo game is so popular in India?

Ludo is popular in the Indian subcontinent because of the game’s historical and cultural value in India and other neighboring countries.

3. How to play Ludo?

Playing Ludo is simple enough. You can download Ludo Empire, read the rules & regulations, and start playing.

4. What are the origins of Ludo (board game)?

The origins of Ludo, the board game, lie in the Mahabharata, the epic in which Pandavas lost their kingdom in a game of dice called Chaupar.

5. Pachisi & Ludo – The Online guide to traditional games

Pachisi and Ludo are almost the same. The only difference between the two is the type of dice used. In Ludo, we use rectangular dice. In Pachisi, the shape was cubical.

What are the Basic Rules for Playing Ludo?

Ludo is a game that everyone enjoys equally. But for a fair game, players must know the ludo rules and regulations before rolling the dice.

So, let’s learn everything about the basic Ludo rules everyone must know.

What is Ludo Game?

Unarguably, Ludo is the most popular board game in India. There are several rules for fairly playing Ludo. All of them are easy to understand.

Ludo’s simple rules and regulations include unlocking your tokens, protecting your tokens, and guiding your tokens to the home base to defeat your opponent.

Apart from that, there are some other additional rules for playing Ludo that you must know.

How to Play Ludo Games

Before we begin with the Ludo rules and regulations, let’s figure out how we can play Ludo. Earlier, players could enjoy playing the game on a Ludo board.

But now Ludo Empire has made Ludo accessible to everyone. You can download Ludo Empire on your phone and start playing with friends.

There is no difference between the Ludo game rules and regulations for online and offline modes.

What you’ll need to play

Another important thing you must figure out is what equipment you’ll need to enjoy a game of Ludo.

Earlier, having a Ludo board, a pair of dice, and tokens was a must for each player. But now, you can enjoy Ludo Empire using just your smartphone.

If you have a good Ludo game-winning strategy in Ludo Empire, you can win real cash by defeating your opponents.

But wait – is Ludo money safe? It is! Any real money won while playing Ludo Empire can be transferred directly into your bank account. Reliable partners like Google Pay will handle your money, so it’s completely secure.

What are the Basic Rules of the Ludo Board Game?

Now, let’s figure out how to play Ludo board game instructions. Here are the basic rules of Ludo board game that each player must know:

  1. You can unlock your tokens by rolling a 6 on your dice.
  2. You can eliminate the opponent’s token by playing your token on theirs.
  3. The eliminated token must start all over again.
  4. Rolling a 6 will get you an additional turn. Rolling three 6s consecutively will skip your turn.
  5. When all the player’s tokens reach the home base, the game shall end, and the player will win.

As you can see, the rules of the Ludo board game are quite easy to understand and simple to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you play Ludo Online?

You can play online Ludo by simply downloading Ludo Empire on your smartphone or computer device.

2. Is killing compulsory in Ludo?

Killing or eliminating is optional in Ludo. Many players ignore other players’ tokens and simply concentrate on their own to win fast.

3. What are the rules for playing Ludo online?

Playing Ludo online is not different from playing Ludo with a board. The rules and regulations are the same for both.

4. What are the official rules of Ludo?

The official rules of Ludo state that players must unlock their tokens by rolling a 6, eliminate other tokens by standing on the same square as them, and finish the game by guiding all of their tokens to the home base.

Ludo Empire: How to Play Ludo with Friends Online and Earn Money

Ludo is one of the most popular board games in India. While the popularity of playing it on a board is on a declining trend, the option to play Ludo with friends online is witnessing a rapid surge. And not just that, you can earn Ludo money by winning cash battles against your friends.

You can transfer the prize money directly into your bank account. Sounds impressive, right? So without further ado, let’s guide you on how to play Ludo with friends while also earning money in the process.

How to Play Ludo Game Online?

How to Play Ludo Game Online

Earlier, you had to have the traditional Ludo board and a physical setting to enjoy a match of Ludo with your friends. But now, you can easily figure out how to play Ludo with friends online.

All you need for this is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. You can play with your friends and earn Ludo real money using just these two elements.

There are multiple online games through which you can play Ludo online with friends. Ludo Empire is the most popular game that allows you to play Ludo with online friends.

The game is trending on the internet, not just because it replicates the traditional Ludo experience but also because it allows earning Ludo money, which people can transfer directly to their bank account. The process is really simple if you want to know how to play Ludo with friends online.

Steps: How to Play Ludo with Friends Online: 

How to Play Ludo Game Online with friends

So here’s how to play the Ludo game with friends online:

  1. Visit the official website of Ludo Empire.
  2. On their home page, click on the ‘Download’ button.
  3. Wait for the APK download to complete, and then install the application.
  4. Play the game on your smartphone device.

That’s how easy it is to play Ludo with real money India in an online mode. 

Ludo Empire Online with Friends: Rules and Regulations

Ludo Empire Online with Friends: Rules and Regulations

If you know how to play traditional Ludo, you’ll have no difficulty in figuring out how to play Ludo games with friends online through Ludo Empire. It follows the same rules and regulations as a classic Ludo match. You must guide your tokens to the center squares before your opponent wins the game. You can also eliminate your opponent along the way to slow their progress.

Ludo Empire offers several game modes through which you can play Ludo with real money in India.

  1. The classic mode is a regular Ludo match involving two or four players.
  2. The quick mode is for people who need to finish a match quickly by simply guiding one of their tokens to the finish line.
  3. The tournament mode is for competitive players who want to engage in cash battles and win real money.

That’s how easy it is to play online Ludo with friends and earn real money by beating them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How to play Ludo with friends online?

You can play Ludo with friends online by downloading and installing Ludo Empire on your smartphone.

2. How many players play in the Ludo game?

Earlier, Ludo only allowed up to four players at a time. But now, online games can host around six players in a single match.

3. What is the objective of the Ludo game?

The objective of Ludo is to beat the opponent by outpacing them through strategy and wits.

4. How to play Ludo online with friends without downloading?

You can play Ludo without downloading. All you need to do is visit the official website of Ludo Empire and play directly from there.

5. How to play Ludo online with friends without Facebook?

You don’t need to have a Facebook account to play Ludo Empire. You can download Ludo Empire on your smartphone and register your account.

What Benefits Can You Get from Playing Online Ludo?

Contrary to popular belief, playing online Ludo is not just a pastime activity but something that can benefit you greatly.  You must have heard about people who spend hours online playing Ludo King and Ludo Empire.

If you look at them and think that playing the Ludo online game is a waste of their time, think again.  Here’s how Ludo can be beneficial for you:

1.  Building a Positive Mentality

Playing a nice Ludo online game can be competitive and relaxing.  It will allow you to sit back and have a fun experience with your friends or other Ludo enthusiasts from around the world.  For some, playing online Ludo can be a respite from a long and exhausting day in their lives.

2.  Spending Quality Time with Near Ones

Before people started to play online Ludo games, they used to play the game on a traditional board.  The game requires the involvement of four players – it can be your family members, friends, and loved ones.

But now, getting everyone to be together and enjoy a game of Ludo is not possible.  However, playing Ludo online with friends is still very much possible.  By playing the Ludo online game, you can strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

3.  Developing Memory and Mental Agility

People spend hours poring over how to play online Ludo like a professional.  Since it’s a game of strategy and wits, playing Ludo online with friends regularly can boost your thinking ability and problem-solving.

You’ll be more adept at remembering and reading patterns.  Overall, your cognitive ability will improve if you play online Ludo games regularly.

4.  Lowering the Risk of Mental Illness

Playing online Ludo keeps you occupied and your brain well-fed.  As a result, you are less likely to contract any mental illness while playing online Ludo regularly.

Moreover, with games like Ludo Empire, you can earn cash.  So playing Ludo online can also act as a positive reinforcement for you.

5.  Decreasing Blood Pressure

You should play online Ludo games regularly if you have high blood pressure.  If you know how to play online Ludo well, doing so can help your body relax and lower your blood pressure by helping you overcome overall stress levels.

6.  Helping You Win Cash Prizes

With the introduction of the Ludo Empire, the possibility of earning real cash is now real.  You can win real money by engaging in cash battles against other players.  If you win, you’ll earn money that you can transfer directly to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.  How can I play Ludo online?

You can play Ludo online by simply visiting Ludo Empire’s official website, downloading the APK, and then installing it on your smartphone.

2.  Can I play Ludo King on mobile?

You can play Ludo King and Ludo Empire on your smartphone device by downloading and installing the game.

3.  What are the advantages of playing Ludo games online?

  1. Fun and enjoyable experience.
  2. Improved bonding with loved ones.
  3. Enhanced cognitive and thinking abilities.
  4. Lower risk of mental illnesses and high blood pressure.
  5. Possibility of earning real cash by winning.

4.  Know the top benefits of playing the Ludo game. 

There are several benefits of playing Ludo online:

  1. Earn lots of money by winning Ludo Empire tournaments.
  2. Improve your mind for strategy and tactics.
  3. Have better relationships with your friends and family.
  4. Instill a competitive spirit in yourself.

Online Ludo Game: How Do You Win Each and Every Time?

Unarguably, Ludo is one of India’s most popular board games, which is now available online. With the rise of popular online gaming platforms like Ludo Empire, this traditional game has become even more competitive. 

The competition is so intense that people are trying to figure out how to win the Ludo game every time. This is even more prominent in the case of Ludo Empire, an online game where you can play Ludo and win cash

Because they can now earn real money by winning at Ludo, people are taking their online Ludo game skills seriously. 

So, here are a few tips on how to win every online Ludo game and earn money

1. Carefully read the online Ludo game’s rules

Before you start playing the online Ludo game for free, you must know how to play it properly. Many people need to learn all the rules of the board game. To become truly efficient, you must go through all the rules, regulations, and guidelines. This way, you can enjoy a good online Ludo gameplay experience. 

Knowing such rules can also give you a strategic advantage over your opponent. 

2. Leave one token at the base till the very end

Another online Ludo game strategy that people often use to play Ludo and win cash is leaving one of their tokens at their base. They do so to eliminate the opponent’s outcome when they try to pass through their team base. 

Such a strategy will buy you some time against your opponent and increase your chances of winning. 

3. Never let the opponent take your token before you do

If you’re playing online Ludo game 2 player mode, never let your opponent draw the first blood. Try and unlock all your tokens before the opponent does. You should also ensure that you are the first player to eliminate the opponent’s token. 

4. Attempt to block the opponent’s token

You can form a blockade by placing two tokens on the same square. This is one of the most strategic moves on how to win a Ludo game every time. If you make these blockades in strategic positions, your opponent will have no choice but to retreat and make mistakes. 

5. Don’t ever lose concentration

As the game progresses, people tend to lose their concentration. Even the best online Ludo game real money matches won’t be enough to keep your guard up at all times. It would help if you keep the patience to always make the smart moves, not rash one. 

Final Words

Want to play an online Ludo game and earn money while you’re at it? Ludo Empire has the perfect solution. Defeat your opponents and earn real money. But if you’re going to do that, you’ll need to know how to win Ludo game every time through strategy and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are there any tips and tricks to win the Ludo online game?

There are multiple tips and tricks that you can implement to become a master of the game. You can form blockades, leave one token for elimination, move in sets of two, or employ any other strategy to always win ludo cash

2. Where can I play online Ludo games? 

You can play online Ludo games by visiting Ludo Empire’s official website. 

3. How to play online Ludo games?

To play an online game of Ludo, all you need to do is visit Ludo Empire’s website. You can then download the Ludo Empire APK from your smartphone and start playing. 

4. How to always win at the Ludo Empire game?

Winning Ludo Empire requires strategy and wits. Some tips to always win a game of Ludo are to not drop your concentration levels, know all the rules of Ludo, unlock all your tokens, and make strategic moves to eliminate your opponent.

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