Comparing Online Ludo to Traditional Ludo Board Game

Ludo is an all-time favourite board game of people throughout the world. This Indian classic board game has served as a popular pass-time for players of all ages for generations and is still going strong, so much so that it has transitioned to the digital world in the form of online Ludo games.

Online Ludo has brought players the comfort and fun of the game with ease of comfort for they can enjoy the game anywhere at any time. As the Ludo game has evolved to online Ludo, so have the game modes. The new Ludo games come with different variations of rules, boards and modes of playing that make each Ludo platform unique.

Traditional Ludo Gaming

A traditional Ludo game is typically played between 2 to 4 players at a time, where you have to choose your 4-token set of a unique colour to play and move around the board. This traditional way of Ludo requires the availability of the physical elements of playing, like a game board, tokens and a dice. 

To win the game traditional Indian Ludo game, you need to take all 4 of your tokens to the winning zone before any of your opponents. The best part of offline Ludo gaming is that it allows people to gather and spend quality time together while playing.

Online Ludo Board Game

Among the various digital online Ludo platforms present Ludo Empire is the current leading platform of them all. Ludo Empire is a Ludo online game where you can enjoy playing multiplayer Ludo with players from all across the country. Online Ludo gaming with Ludo Empire is the perfect gaming Ludo app for you, as you can enjoy the game from anywhere at any time you want, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Ludo Empire has 3 different Ludo game modes available for you to choose from, according to your preference, Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo and Tournaments. The rules of Ludo Empire are similar to that of the traditional Ludo game, the game’s easy-to-play routine and special bonus features make it a very popular app. Ludo Empire is a skill-based online Ludo game where you can enjoy playing Ludo and at the same time get the chance to win real cash with your Ludo skills.

Online vs Traditional Ludo India

While both ways of Ludo gaming follow the same gameplay, they are both unique in themselves with certain differences between them. Here are a few differences that occur between playing Ludo on an online digital platform and a physical Ludo board:

1. Requirement of Ludo Materials

In a traditional Ludo game, there are several physical materials that you need at hand to play the game, such as a Ludo board, 4 different sets of uniquely coloured tokens and one six-sided cube-shaped dice. 

Whereas, the online Ludo game does not need any material for you to play except for a smartphone with an internet connection and the Ludo Empire app. You can easily get the app by doing the Ludo Empire download from the Ludo Empire website or the Google Play Store and start playing.

2. Dice Roll

Online Ludo games have dice that is automatically rolled by your tap inside the game and as such the dice number is completely random and unpredictable to any of the players, making it a true and fair game.

While in traditional Ludo, you have to personally roll the dice by hand to play. Some players can use this to influence their dice number by throwing the dice in different ways, giving them a chance to cheat.

3. Availability of Players

With Ludo online games, you never have to wait to find anyone to play Ludo with, as multiple players are playing at a time on an online platform. The comfort of always having someone available to play against, be it day or night, is one of the reasons online Ludo is so popular.

However, traditional Ludo requires that you at least have one player available near you physically to play the game, which can be an inconvenience to your gaming wishes as even with the availability comes the person’s wish to play the game. 

4. Special Rules and Benefits

The rules of traditional Ludo are the same; people have been playing with them for generations, which makes the rules easier to remember and easier for you to play the game but can sometimes make the game a little boring.

On the other hand, online Ludo games have various variants, modes, special rules and benefits for you to enjoy, depending on the platform you play on, which makes each game a little more exciting than the last.

5. Real Money Winnings

Some Ludo online games, like Ludo Empire, are not just ludo play games but also come with the play and earn money feature, where players can win cash rewards with their gaming.

In Ludo Empire, you can not only win lakhs of cash daily by starting with an entry fee of only ₹1/- but also do instant withdrawals of your cash rewards directly into your bank account. Ludo Empire is a perfectly safe, secure and regulated legal app for you to earn real money rewards with your Ludo strategies and skills.

Traditional ludo, on the other hand, is typically played for recreational purposes. Playing money games on a physical board is considered illegal as the game is not regulated as such there is no surety of safety and any cheating can occur.


While there are several differences between the two types of ludo games, online and traditional, each has its charm. Whether you are looking for a casual and entertaining game with a sit-in with your friends and family or for ludo championships on Ludo Empire to become a Ludo professional and earn cash, players can choose whichever they prefer, there is an option for everyone. So pick a Ludo board or get the Ludo Empire app and start your Ludo gaming today!


1. Which Ludo gaming is faster?

Online Ludo games are usually faster than Traditional Ludo games as they are usually time regulated and players have to make their moves before they lose their turn.

2. Where to get the online Ludo game?

Players can get the Ludo online game by doing the Ludo Empire APK download from the Ludo Empire website and enjoy the best online Ludo app in India.

3. What are a few Ludo Empire special rules?

In Ludo Empire, if players can place two of their tokens on the same square, they can make it a safe spot and become safe from elimination. Taking a token home in a Ludo Tournament on Ludo Empire doubles a player’s points, giving them a huge advantage over their players.

4. What benefits can be found in online Ludo games?

Online Ludo real-money games have several benefits for players such as sign-up bonuses, amazing referral program rewards, instant cash withdrawals, etc.

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