Avoiding Ludo Mistakes: A Guide to Mastering Winning Tactics

Ludo is the ultimate evergreen game!

You can play this evergreen game while multitasking, but that might be the reason you start losing frequently.

Ludo Empire is one of the top Ludo games in India and is available on Android phones. With its easy and smooth user interface, you get to enjoy the game more. Just like that, you can just pick a Ludo game mode in the app to start a match.

But, you know what’s the best part? You get to win real money! Yes, you heard it right, you can play and earn money. The transaction process is quite easy, smooth, quick, and most of all safe and secure. You can easily win cash daily with Ludo gaming and make secure withdrawals directly to your bank account. You can put in a very small amount to begin your journey at Ludo Empire and then gradually go on to playing big as well, and who knows you might have a better winning streak here!

To ensure that you win and have a lot of fun (yes, money too), just make sure you avoid making some very basic ludo mistakes, and this blog is here to help you with that. Scroll through the blog and get a ludo guide to learn how to avoid ludo mistakes and be a master at winning tactics.

Mistake #1: Not Utilizing Safe Spots

When there are opponents nearby, players frequently make the error of moving their pieces down risky lines rather than the safe ones on the board. Incase your opponent sends your piece back to the beginning, this might result in needless losses.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Plan well and make sure that you smartly choose the routes and spots, keeping other people’s tokens in mind.
  • Make sure you don’t lose sight of the opponents so you have a better chance of predicting their moves and making your route safer. 

Mistake #2: Being Too Aggressive

Sometimes the players become too aggressive while playing, which means they keep on eliminating other people’s tokens but forget to keep focus on their tokens. As a result, they can overlook calculated actions that might guarantee their own parts.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Make sure that you go ahead with a balanced approach, which means being offensive but still staying defensive. 
  • Another point is even when you are in your attack mode, make sure you analyze your move so you don’t suffer later on.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Home Safety

There are instances when you end up focusing on taking all your tokens/ gotis out of the house and just starting the game, but too many tokens out there is also an issue. This way, you end up neglecting your token’s safety. Disregarding home security might expose parts to being returned to their initial state.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • To avoid other opponents taking up your column, make sure you keep that way blocked, that is keep at least one token/pawn there to avoid making it a safe space for other houses. 
  • Even if you decide to push most of the tokens out, make sure your goal is the safety of your tokens and not eliminating other’s tokens.

Mistake #4: Not Planning Ahead

Since we end up thinking that this is just a random time pass game, we never plan but mind you, planning ahead plays a huge role in the ludo game

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Predict the moves of your opponents so you play accordingly. 
  • Make sure your tokens are in a position to adapt to the strategy you might need to take which is either rush home or eliminate others. 
  • Moreover, consider future turns, not just take a move in a hurry. 

Mistake #5: Forgetting Dice Probability

Probability plays a huge role in the game. Ludo Dice probability is used in deciding and forming strategies, which we end up forgetting at times to consider.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Remember that the occurrence of a number has a probability of ⅙, so you would not always get 6.
  • Plan your strategies as per the probabilities.
  • Stay adaptable and modify your strategies per roll.

Mistake #6: Being Merciful

Sometimes, out of a feeling of sportsmanship or a desire to stay out of trouble, players are reluctant to return their opponents’ pieces to their beginning positions. It isn’t life, it is Ludo so we do have a choice to be brutal here.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Don’t let opportunities go if you have the turn to eliminate a token then do it!
  • Examine if you eliminate a token would it backfire on you or would you be safe, because you need to prioritize your play first.
  • Make a balance between aggression and strategy.

Mistake #7: Being Overconfident

Overconfidence can result in reckless actions and a disregard for the tactics used by opponents. If you underestimate your opponents, you can end yourself taking chances and losing the game.

Here is how to avoid making the mistake:

  • Keep your attention on the present stage of the game while anticipating possible actions from your rivals.
  • Prioritize safe and strategic gameplay above needless risks.
  • Recognize that there is often unpredictability in the game and try to strike a balance between confidence and prudence.


Now that you have read the entire blog, we hope you understand how crucial these mistakes are. Since it is quite easy to just avoid them with a little extra energy, you have the capacity to become a new master at the Ludo game by following easy steps to play Ludo better. Ludo Empire is made just for masters like you. Master the Ludo game today by downloading the Ludo game app with a click and once the  Ludo Empire APK is downloaded utilize your time enjoying with live players in multi-player mode and even winning some real money.


1. What makes Ludo Empire user-friendly?

The easy usage of Ludo Empire, playing on the app, with amazing game features and its accessibility on Android phones, make it quite user-friendly.

2. How do I start playing Ludo Empire?

Just download the app Ludo Empire on your Android phones and start playing, as simple as that.

3. Why is it important to maintain balance in the Ludo Empire?

It is important to make balance in Ludo Empire because one needs to eliminate yet save their own tokens if you keep being aggressive you might lose your tokens but if you play too defensively the other opponents might have a better edge.

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