Mastering Ludo Strategy : Tips and Tactics for Victory

Ludo, a classic board game of India that people of all ages enjoy, in recent years, has gained more popularity mainly thanks to the game now being easily accessible to all due to its availability in digital and online forms. Whether you’re playing in Ludo Empire, the leading online real-money ludo win cash game, or any other online version, mastering the game’s strategy can be both rewarding and challenging for the players but it is very important for their winning. Here, we’ll delve into some of the best Ludo tips and tactics that can help you win in the Ludo Empire game.

Basics of the Online Ludo Game

Before we can look into the advanced strategies of Ludo, let’s ensure that the basics of Ludo are clear and understood by everyone. The Ludo Empire online game is typically played with 2 to 4 players, with each player having a set of 4 pawns of a specific color to play. The objective is to take all your pawns from the base to home by rolling a dice and moving the pawn according to the dice number. 

Here are some of the fundamental rules of Ludo:

  • In Ludo Empire’s Classic Mode, rolling a 6 or a 1 allows you to move a pawn out of the base or advance a pawn already on the board, whereas in Quick Mode, the pawns are already out of the base and ready to move.
  • Pawns must travel around the board, following the path according to the dice rolls.
  • The player that gets all 4 of their pawns home first wins the game.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore the strategies that can help you become a Ludo master.

Ludo Game Strategies for Better Winning

In a Ludo match, a player should have several strategies for their gaming and better chances at winning, as playing Ludo Empire is not just about your dice number but also about how you use those numbers.

Here are some of the best strategies for Ludo:

1. Prioritize Taking Pawns Out

At the start of the match, your first focus should be on getting your pawns out of the base and onto the board, this can be done by rolling either a 6 or a 1 on the dice. Taking all your pawns out of the base quickly increases your chances of gaining control of the board and putting pressure on your opponents.

2. Create Barriers

A key strategy in Ludo Empire is creating barriers for your opponents with your pawns. This is done by placing two or more of your pawns in a row, creating a barrier that slows down your opponents’ progress on the board. Barriers can be very effective when made near the path near the home zone, as they prevent your opponents from reaching home.

3. Observe Opponent’s Moves

Pay close attention to your opponent’s moves. Try to anticipate their intentions and plan your moves accordingly. If you see an opponent trying to form a blockage or target your pawns, adjust your strategy to counter their moves.

4. Balance Offense and Defense Attacks

Ludo often requires players to maintain a balance between offense and defense. While it’s important to advance your pawns, it’s equally important to protect them from being eliminated by opponents. You have to constantly adapt your strategy based on how the game is progressing.

5. Use Safe Spots Wisely

Safe spots, typically the special squares present on the Ludo board and the colored row of your home column, are safe zones for your pawns. Make the most of them by keeping your pawns in safe spots for as long as possible to shield them from your opponent’s attacks.

6. Aim for the Kill

When you have the opportunity to eliminate an opponent’s pawn from the game, take it. Reducing your opponent’s pawn’s progress not only gives you an advantage in the Ludo Empire win cash game but can also create psychological pressure on your opponents.

7. Be Careful at the Endgame

In the final stretch of the Ludo game, when your pawns are close to reaching home, be cautious. Try to time your moves so that you enter the home column when you have a 6 or a number that allows you to land directly inside the winning zone, i.e. home.

8. Stay Calm and Patient

Ludo can be an emotional game with ups and downs. It’s necessary for you to stay calm, patient, and focused. Don’t let frustration affect your decision-making and spoil your chances of a ludo win.

9. Practice and Learn

Like any game, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you’ll become at recognizing patterns, predicting opponent moves, and making strategic decisions.

ludo empire game play

Ludo Tactics to Enhance Gaming Experience

As you become more proficient in Ludo, you can explore advanced tactics to further enhance your gameplay:

1. Bait and Switch

In this tactic, you move only one pawn forward luring your opponent into targeting that pawn, while keeping the other pawns behind. Once your opponent gets close, you can switch your focus to another pawn, allowing the previous progressing pawn to continue its journey safely.

2. Buddy System

Consider moving two pawns together as a pair. This Ludo tactic is particularly useful when you have several pawns in your home column. It allows you to progress more quickly and provides you protection against the opponent’s attacks.

3. Try and Predict Opponent Moves

Try to anticipate your opponent’s next moves and position your pawns accordingly. If you can predict which pawn your opponent might move, and where your opponent will land on their turn, you can strategically place your pawns in a position that can block them or send them back.


Becoming a master of Ludo strategy takes time and practice. While luck plays a role in the game, a well-thought-out Ludo game strategy can significantly increase your chances of winning. Experiment with different tactics, adapt to the ever-changing game dynamics and remember to enjoy the process. Whether you’re playing Ludo with friends and family or competing in online Ludo tournaments, the thrill of victory and the sense of togetherness and friendship in the game make it a timeless classic worth mastering. So, roll the dice, make your moves, and may the best strategist win!


1. How to create barriers in the Ludo board game?

Creating barriers in Ludo is very simple, all you have to do is arrange your pawns in a row, one after another. Barriers are a great way to slow down your opponent’s pawns in the play and earn money Ludo Empire game.

2. What is the best Ludo game strategy for easy winning?

While there is no single best strategy for Ludo winning, the most effective one is that you should open all your tokens as soon as possible and spread them across the board.

3. Where is the best place to practice Ludo tactics?

Ludo Empire is one of the best apps to practice your Ludo tactics as the game is a skill-based game where you need to use your Ludo tips, tricks, and tactics to win and earn real cash. All you need to do to get the Ludo Empire game is to visit the Ludo Empire website, do the Ludo APK download, and register to play.

Types of Online Tournaments In Ludo Empire

Ludo is a classic board game that is usually thought of with a sense of togetherness, friendships, and entertainment, it is a game that brings people together. While players all over the world enjoy the game with friends and family in a relaxing manner for fun, there are a few players who are looking for something more competitive and rewarding.

Online Ludo Tournament India

Ludo Tournaments are competitive ludo battles where players can compete against each other and defeat them with their gaming skills, proving themselves the best of the best Ludo players and winning cash prizes. 

One of the best and leading platforms for Ludo Championships in India is the real-money Ludo online app, Ludo Empire where players compete against multiple Indian Ludo professional players and win prizes in real cash with their skills.

Ludo Empire Tournaments online are open for all Ludo lovers at all times. These Ludo contests have low entry fees, as low as ₹1/-, with huge cash rewards of up to ₹10 lakhs, and are held regularly on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. There are even multiple types of tournaments for players to choose from according to their preferences, all tournaments are time-limited as well as point-based contests.

All you need to do to enjoy the online Ludo tournaments is complete your Ludo Empire download, register yourself in the app, and join your choice of tournaments. You can even join multiple tournaments in a day and win money online daily.

Types of Online Tournaments in Ludo Empire India

The Ludo Empire app has different types of tournaments available for players to battle in and play to show off their Ludo skills and earn real money prizes:

2 Player Tournaments:

These tournaments have matches of 2 players on the ludo board, where 2 random players compete against each other in a round to win and move forward to the next round to compete against other round winners on the other boards, depending on their points.

4 Player Tournaments:

In this type of tournament, 4 random players are matched to compete in a ludo match for a round and win by having more points than their opponents before the time ends and they move on to play against the winners of that round on other boards in the next round and ultimately win the game.

Multi-Winner Tournaments:

Some ludo battles have multiple champions, providing players the opportunity to win cash prizes, even if they are not the final winner of the tournament. The tournament’s leaderboard is generated based on the players’ points and based on that rank, each player wins an amount. 

Single-Winner Tournaments:

These tournaments are for the players who are looking for a thrilling competition to prove themselves the best Ludo player of all. In these tournaments, there is only one winner and only one final cash prize that can be won by the player who wins the last and final round of the tournament.

Each tournament on Ludo Empire follows the same rules and has similar gameplay, but on its own every tournament is different.

Online Ludo Tournament Rules

While Ludo Empire’s gameplay is similar to that of the classic Ludo game, its tournaments have some special tournament rules that you must know before participating in its championships so you have better chances of winning:

  • All tournaments are multiplayer, point-based tournaments.
  • There are multiple rounds in a tournament and each round is time-limited.
  • Each step of your goti gets you 1 point and if your goti is eliminated, you lose the exact number of points that goti has earned you.
  • With a special feature of Ludo Empire, you can skip your chance at least 3 times without losing the game.
  • Once a round’s time ends, the player with the maximum points will qualify for the next round. 
  • Even if you lose, you can win some amount based on your rank on the leaderboard, which is calculated according to your points.
  • By reaching the final round and defeating your opponent, you win the tournament and earn the cash prize.
tournaments rules & tips

Tips for Ludo Online Tournament

Knowing the rules of the online Ludo tournament does make the gameplay easy, but to increase your chances of winning even higher, let’s go over some of the online tournament tips:

  • Create a strategy that you want to use in your gaming.
  • Practice your strategies before joining the tournaments by playing some Ludo matches.
  • Make sure you are aware and understanding of all Ludo rules and Ludo tips before you start playing.
  • Observe how your opponent is playing, and make changes to your planning accordingly.
  • Create barricades in your opponents’ way and attack their gotis when you can.
  • Taking your goti home will double your points, use this to your advantage.
  • Remember as much as this is a ludo competition and requires focus, it is important to have fun too.
  • All tournaments have entry for a limited number of players, make sure to join the tournament before it fills up and you lose your chance.
  • Using a filter you can sort out the kind of Ludo Empire tournaments you want to view and join.

In Ludo Empire, you can find information about what type of tournament is available to join by viewing the tournament details in the app’s tournament section, and then choose which tournament would suit you best.

How to Join Ludo Online Tournaments?

You can easily join and participate in Ludo Empire tournaments by these steps:

  1. Visit Ludo Empire’s website and download the Ludo Empire APK file.
  2. Complete the app installation and accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Register with your mobile number.
  4. Click on Tournament and under ‘Upcoming’, see the available tournaments.
  5. View your preferred tournament’s details.
  6. Make the required choices and join the tournament.

After you have joined the tournament, wait till the time tournaments starts. Once started, make the highest points in each round, defeat your enemies, and win the match to earn cash prizes.


Online Ludo Tournaments on Ludo Empire are not only about the kind of tournament a player enjoys or the prizes they win but also for the entertainment, fun, and thrill it provides the players. The tournaments are a way for players to broadcast their skills on a bigger platform while also enjoying a classic game of Ludo. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the best platform to play online ludo tournaments?

Ludo Empire is currently India’s best and leading platform for real-money online Ludo games where players can win up to ₹10 lakhs by competing in its tournaments with their skills.

2. How many points can a goti earn in a round of ludo tournament?

A goti can earn a player a total of 56 points on its own in a match and if a player manages to take their goti home, their total points get doubled instantly.

3. Can multiple tournaments be joined and played at a time?

While, yes, players can join multiple tournaments at a time, they can only play one tournament at a moment. If players leave one tournament for another, they will lose that tournament and cannot return to it.

4. How many rounds are there in an online Ludo championship?

In the online Ludo Empire tournaments the number of rounds are not pre-determined but are different for different tournaments. Players can see the number of rounds a tournament has by viewing the tournament details.

Ludo Dice and Token Rules Online

A Ludo dice is what makes a Ludo game. In Ludo, the dice and its rolled numbers determine the number of moves a player can move their tokens, commonly known as gotis. Each ludo player gets a personal set of tokens in a match that they must strategically move around the board to reach the winning zone or home. 

All Ludo games, offline and online, have dice and tokens of their own, and while online Ludo is similar to traditional Ludo, there are still a few differences in its dice and token rules that all players must know before they can start their Ludo gaming.

Ludo Empire is an online ludo real-money app that while following the dice rules of traditional Ludo also has some special rules. It has various online Ludo game modes that have different gameplays with dice and token rules following which players can win cash in their games.

Ludo Dice and Tokens in Different Ludo Modes

Ludo Empire has 3 game modes: Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, and Ludo Tournaments and each game mode has different rules for its dice and tokens. 

The Classic mode of Ludo Empire follows the same rules as that of the traditional Ludo game, where at the beginning of the game all tokens are locked inside the base and can only be taken outside by rolling a six or one on the dice. 

Ludo Empire’s Quick mode is for players who want to enjoy a short game of Ludo. In this game mode, all tokens are already opened and waiting outside the base ready to move at any Ludo dice roller number. To win the game, you only need to take 2 of your tokens home before your opponents.

The Ludo Tournaments of the Ludo Empire are special contests that have separate unique dice and token rules for different tournaments. Tournaments are fun competitions between Ludo players with the winning chance of huge cash prizes. If you love playing Ludo, then tournaments will be a plus for you, as Ludo Empire has plenty of tournaments held on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Ludo the Dice Game

Dice is a significant part of the Ludo game, it is what makes the game move forward. While in a traditional game, you can try and control the dice roll, you can never guarantee what number you can get on the dice.

Ludo Empire is a skill-based game, where the outcome of your match depends only on your skills and how you play the game. Let’s understand this in more detail:

  • The Ludo Empire game is RNG certified, meaning its dice is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and random. 
  • Instead of thinking about the number, you should focus on the game, and use your ludo-playing skills to win and enjoy the game.

Ludo Goti

In every game, there are Ludo Goti or tokens in four different colors and 16 in number for 4 players. The colors of the tokens are red, yellow, blue, and green and each color is four in number. You can select which color token you want to play the game with and by moving your gotis in a clockwise cycle as per your dice numbers you can reach home and win the game.

Online Token Rules

Tokens in Ludo serve as the player’s representation on the game board, allowing them to move and progress towards their goal. Each player typically has four tokens, which they must strategically navigate around the board, avoiding obstacles and opponents’ tokens. The tokens act as a means for players to compete against each other, adding a competitive element to the game as they try to reach the finish line before their opponents do.

The rules for moving tokens on the board in Ludo are straightforward. Players take turns rolling the dice and based on the numbers they roll, they can move one of their tokens that many spaces forward. 

However, there are certain conditions to consider, tokens can only move in a clockwise direction around the board and must follow the designated path. Additionally, a player’s token can land in the same spots, and if there are 2 or more tokens of the same player in the same spot, it creates a safe box and those tokens can not be eliminated.

As mentioned earlier, the Ludo Empire game has token rules each and every Ludo player is required to follow during their gaming:

  1. In Classic Ludo mode, if the Ludo dice rolls a six or one then the player can open their tokens and get them outside the base; whereas in Quick Ludo mode, the tokens are already outside the base and ready to move.
  2. Rolling a six gets you an extra turn, but if there are more than three sixes in a row, you will lose your turn to play.
  3. The opponent’s tokens can be eliminated by placing your token in the same spot as theirs’, making them start from the beginning and you earn an extra turn.
  4. The game ends once all the tokens of the player reach the home before their opponent(s) and that player wins.
  5. If there are more than three skips in a match, the player will be eliminated from the game.
  6. Taking a token home gets you an extra turn.


Understanding the dice and token rules is crucial in order to fully grasp the Ludo strategies for winning the real money game. By knowing how the dice and tokens function, players can make informed decisions and utilize their special dice effectively. Additionally, choosing your favourite tokens’ color adds a personal touch to the game, allowing players to express their individuality and enhance their overall gaming experience. Overall, comprehending these rules enhances the gameplay and makes Ludo Empire even more enjoyable for all players. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the basic rules for tokens?

In the classic Ludo, the basic rule for tokens is that players need to open their tokens from the base by rolling a six or one and take them all home before their opponents do.
Apart from classic mode, there are some other modes such as quick mode and tournaments – in quick mode, all tokens are open from the beginning and you only need to take 2 tokens home to win and in ludo tournaments, each move of your token gets you a point and the player with the maximum points wins the tournament.

2. What are the benefits of Ludo Empire Tournaments?

The main benefit of the Ludo Empire Tournaments is that you can win huge money by proving your ludo playing skills among other players.

3. Is it necessary to kill a token of an opponent?

No, it is not necessary to kill an opponent’s token in a game but it can be beneficial in increasing your chances of winning the game by putting your opponent way behind you.

4. What happens if a player rolls 3 sixes in a row?

If a player rolls 3 sixes in a row on their Ludo dice, then their turn will be cancelled and the chance will pass on to the next player.

Ludo APK: Download Ludo Empire Real Money App

Ludo is one of the most popular board games in India. The game can be found throughout Indian history being played by people of all kinds, ages, and classes. The simplicity of its rules, the entertaining gameplay, and the colorful set-up have attracted people to the game for generations.

It’s not just the fun of the game that makes it so loved but also the opportunity it provides its players to gather together and spend time with each other making new memories. It is mostly this sense of togetherness, nostalgia for childhood and the relaxing yet competitive nature of the game that has maintained the popularity of the game even in this age.

Online Ludo Real Money Game

As the world grew digital so did the game. Ludo with advancements in technology has now become available for players all over the globe digitally online. Playing ludo online is the easiest and best way for anyone to enjoy the ludo game, as it gives you the easy accessibility to play it from anywhere at any time you want; some online ludo platforms also have exciting rewards for their players.

Ludo Empire is one such ludo gaming platform where players have the opportunity to win prizes in real cash with their gaming. It is an online ludo cash game where Ludo players can play and earn money with their Ludo skills, daily.

Ludo Empire Gameplay India

The gameplay of Ludo Empire is similar to that of the classic Ludo game where you have to roll the dice and take your gotis home before your opponent does to win the game. 

The Ludo Empire app is available for all Android phones and has several special benefits. It has 3 game modes for players: Classic Mode for 4 players, Quick Mode for 2 players, and Tournaments for Ludo Battles, each mode with special real money winnings for you to enjoy.

All you need to do is complete the Ludo Empire download on your phone to start your Ludo real cash winnings journey. 

Ludo App Download

The process of downloading the Ludo Empire real cash game is a very simple one. With this cash Ludo APK download, you can play the Ludo game whenever you want and get to win real money whenever you want.

The game can be downloaded on your device in 2 ways, either by its website or by Google Play Store, both processes are easy to follow, simple to do, and completely free for all.

Ludo Empire APK Download

To download the Ludo Empire APK and start your Ludo win cash daily gaming, you will need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to your preferred browser and visit the Ludo Empire website.
  2. Click on the ‘Download App’ button to download the Ludo Empire APK file.
  3. Once, the downloading process is complete, go to your downloads and tap on the downloaded Ludo Empire APK file.
  4. Click on ‘Install’ and complete the Ludo download process
  5. Carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions and click on ‘Accept’
  6. Register in Ludo Empire with your mobile number.
  7. Fill in the received OTP and finish your registration.
  8. Choose your game mode and entry amount and start playing!

Another way you can get the Ludo fun cash game, Ludo Empire on your mobile device is by visiting the Google Play Store and downloading the Ludo Empire app.

How to play the Ludo Game App?

After the Ludo Empire game download is complete, you can start playing the game whenever you want. However, before you start your match, it would be best to go over the Ludo rules once to make sure you do not miss out on anything during your gaming.

  • The Ludo Empire game can be played between 2 to 4 players. Each player gets 4 gotis of their own to play on the board.
  • In classic mode, you need to take your gotis out of the base by rolling a six or one. However, in quick mode, your gotis will already be outside the base and ready to use.
  • Your gotis can be moved according to the numbers you get on the dice.
  • If two or more of your gotis are in the same spot then they cannot be killed. 
  • Make sure to be observant of your opponents’ gotis and attack them whenever possible.
  • To win the game, you need to take your gotis home before your opponent does.
  • Rolling a six, eliminating your opponents, and taking a goti home gets you an extra turn.

Benefits of Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is currently one of India’s leading real-money ludo games and has several benefits that make it stand out among other ludo platforms:

  • Ludo Empire is ISO-certified, ensuring it is a 100% safe and legal game.
  • It has partnerships with trusted payment platforms like Paytm, PhonePe, and GPay for secure and easy transactions. You can do instant withdrawals of your cash winnings from your game wallet directly into your bank account.
  • It has an amazing referral program with which you can invite your friends and family to enjoy the game and get special bonuses for it like ₹5 for each sign-up done with your referral code and a 2% commission from the entry fee from all games they join.
  • Ludo Empire’s dice is completely unpredictable and random, providing all its players equal and fair chance of winning.


Now that you know all you need to know about how to download and play the Ludo Empire online money game, you can start your real cash ludo gaming. With Ludo Empire, you can indulge in your childhood nostalgia while also improving your gaming skills as well as enjoy the chance to earn some extra money. 

Follow the above steps to download the game, play a match, practice your strategies, and win lakhs in cash daily!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ludo Empire available for iOS?

No, Ludo Empire is currently only available for Android users. You can get the game from the Ludo Empire website or by Google Play Store.

2. Can the Ludo Empire dice be controlled?

Ludo Empire is RNG certified, meaning its dice is completely random and unpredictable with no bias towards anyone. The game and its result are only dependent on the player’s moves and skills.

3. Are there any restrictions on who can play the real-money Ludo game?

The online real-money skill-based Ludo game, Ludo Empire can be played by anyone who wants to. The only restriction that the game applies for its players is that they must be of legal age (18 years or above).

Ludo Khelo, Paisa Jeeto Online

We all love to play games and it is more convenient these days because of the availability of smartphones, as it’s an online gaming era. Ludo is one of the all time favourite games played by people all over the country. But how about playing a ludo game online while winning cash?

Ludo Empire is an interesting online Ludo playing platform that seamlessly blends the traditional board game with the convenience and excitement of the digital age.

Khelo Ludo Game India

Ludo Empire has a few simple steps to be performed while playing online Ludo Game, and by visiting Ludo Empire’s website, you can get more information about the Ludo game.

Ludo Empire is the safest, easiest online real money game which provides the best safety to its users for secure transactions.

Ludo Game Modes

Ludo Empire offers various game modes of ludo such as Quick Ludo, Classic Ludo, and Ludo Tournaments. Let’s understand these game modes in detail:

  1. Quick Ludo 

Online Ludo gaming is loved by most people but some of you may not have sufficient time for it. Well, Ludo Empire has the solution for you and with that you can enjoy your online ludo playing without investing long hours. This specific game mode of Ludo Empire is for players like you, who are always looking for short-term entertainment in online games.

This mode of ludo requires a minimum of two players in a match. You can finish this game in a minimum play time of 10 minutes and make paisa by taking only two of your pawns/gotis home.

  1. Classic Ludo

People have been playing traditional ludo games for generations and it has become more popular in online mode and this online Ludo game also provides winning real cash.

The classic ludo mode requires a minimum of four players and is similar to a traditional ludo game, where you have to take all your pawns/gotis home to win.

  1. Ludo Tournaments

Tournaments always bring in some fun and competition in ludo playing, and if you want to improve your gaming skills and prove that you are the best player among all, then you have to compete against multiple opponents of the Ludo Empire. These tournaments happen on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

To win the cash prizes, you have to win the tournament battle using your Ludo skills.

In a ludo game, there can be different kinds of players such as The Killers, The Jokers, The Gangster, The Trappers, and The Runners.

khelo ludo game India

How to Download the Ludo Empire App?

Downloading the Ludo Empire khelo game paisa jeeto app is a simple process, you can download it similar to any other app on your Android mobile phone. So let’s introduce the easy steps you need to follow before you get started:

  • Download the Ludo Empire APK from the Ludo Empire website
  • Register and sign-up to become a player.
  • Once registration is done you will receive a sign-up bonus of ₹500/-
  • Follow the given instructions and rules
  • Be clear about your ludo strategies while playing the game.
  • If you are new to this game then understand each and every rule, goti/pawns, colours, dice and other moves before starting the game.

Ludo Empire has come up with an idea of making your gaming experience even more interesting with paisa jeeto online Ludo game.

Quick Tips for Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is India’s leading skill-based ludo game. While the game is easy to understand and play, with these quick tips you can improve your chances of winning:

  • Learn about rules before the game gets started, so that you do not misplay at any stage of your game.
  • You should unlock all of your four pawns as soon as you can. This will help you to move your game better.
  • Make sure to focus on your ludo pawns and make your game easy by protecting them from elimination.
  • Be patient while your game is going on otherwise you will end up making wrong turns and which eventually result in losing instead of winning.
  • Target your pawns in attacking form all the time, this will lead you to win the game.


By playing your favourite childhood game of Ludo at the game khelo paisa jeeto Ludo Empire app, you can win real cash and make instant withdrawals of your game winnings directly into your wallet while having lots of fun with multiple online Ludo players.

The Ludo Empire game is not just about khelo jeeto paisa online but it also has a special referral program, where you can invite your friends with your referral code to play the game and get multiple bonuses. With each new referee’s sign up you will get a bonus of Rs.5/- and also 2% of their entry fee every time they play a game.

So, to get this “Ludo game khelo, paisa jeeto online.” and to earn money, you just need to visit the Ludo Empire’s website and download its apk file on your smartphone and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this real-money game require any kind of documents for registration?

It does not require any document for registration but you need to have KYC registration for a big amount of money to make instant withdrawals and the player should be of legal age (18 years or above) .

2. Does this game have any specific time limit before withdrawing the money?

No, there is no specific time before withdrawing the money, you can withdraw as soon as you finish your game. Ludo Empire has several trusted payment partners like Paytm, GooglePay, Phonepe, etc.

3. What can you do if you need some help in your gaming?

Ludo Empire provides 24*7 customer support, they would be happy to help with any of your gaming queries. You can contact them through the Help Desk in the app or by writing a mail at [email protected].

4. Is there any Refer and Earn program?

Yes, Ludo Empire has a special feature of Refer and Earn, you can share your referral code with your friends and family. The benefits of Ludo Empire’s referral program bring you many real cash bonuses. Every time your code is used to sign-up, you will get a bonus of ₹5 and you also get 2% of their joining fee every time they play a game.

Rules of Online Ludo Tournaments

Ludo is one of the most popular and well-played games in India, people have been playing Ludo for centuries and with its easy gameplay, simple rules and multiplayer space that brings people together, the game is popular with players of all ages. 

As the world has been progressing, Ludo has now been made digital and available online, making it even easier for players to enjoy it from anywhere at any time. The online Ludo games have bought a unique new attraction by providing their players with prizes for their winnings, making the appeal of the game even higher.

One of the best ways to play and win exciting prizes with Ludo has been with online Ludo tournaments. Ludo Empire is the best platform for players to play online tournaments as it doesn’t just give players a competitive area to play Ludo but also a chance to win prizes of real cash for their gaming. Ludo Empire is a real money online Ludo game where players can win online money daily with their Ludo skills and its tournaments can have prizes leading to more than 10 lakhs.

Here, we will learn how to play online Ludo tournaments on Ludo Empire, its rules and tips to win better at the game and become Ludo champions.

Playing Ludo

But before we can move on to how you can play the online Ludo tournament and what are its rules, you need to know how a basic game of Ludo works.

Playing Ludo is very simple. The game contains 4 pawns for each player, dice and a square board and can be played by 2 to 4 players. All you have to do is roll the dice and move your pawns forwards according to your dice number. The objective of the game is to take all your pawns home before any of your opponents do.

What are Online Ludo Tournaments?

Online tournaments are championship matches where you can play and compete against other online players from all over India and win huge rewards with your gaming skills. The best part of the online Ludo tournaments is that you can easily participate in them from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you want. 

To enjoy the online real cash Ludo tournaments, all you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and the Ludo Empire App. At Ludo Empire, you can take part in multiple Ludo championships and win online money daily.

How to Play Ludo Tournament on Ludo Empire?

Ludo Empire is India’s best skill-based real-money Ludo game that has multiple online Ludo tournaments available for all thrill-seeking Ludo players. It hosts Ludo online tournaments on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, all with huge real cash prizes.

By following these steps you can easily start playing in the Ludo competition of Ludo Empire online tournaments:

  • Visit the Ludo Empire website,
  • Download the Ludo APK file and complete the installation. 
  • Register yourself in the online play and earn Ludo Empire game. 
  • Open the Tournament section and check out the upcoming tournaments. 
  • Join the tournament you want to play at by paying the entry fee. 
  • Once the tournament starts, you will get your opponents. 
  • Play the Ludo game according to the Ludo rules.
  • Use your Ludo skills to win the tournament prize in real money.

Rules of Ludo Tournament

Now that you know how to join and start playing online Ludo Empire Tournaments, it is important to know the Online Tournament Rules, so that you can play better.

  • There are multiplayer tournaments of 2 players and 4 players for you to choose from.
  • Ludo Empire tournaments are multi-round Ludo contests.
  • Each round is time-limited.
  • All of your pawns will already be outside the base and ready to move instantly.
  • For each step your pawns take you will earn 1 point. 
  • When your pawn reaches home, your points are doubled.
  • If your pawn is eliminated, you will lose the exact points that that pawn has earned you.
  • With Ludo Empire’s special feature, you can skip your chance 3 times in a game but skipping the 4th time will get you eliminated.
  • Once the round timer ends, the player with the maximum points goes to the next round and gets a winning amount for that round.
  • According to your points, you will be ranked after each round in the tournament.
  • In Ludo Empire, even if you lose the match, you can still win some amount, according to your rank in the tournament leaderboard.
  • If you reach the final round and come first on the leaderboard, you win the first prize.

In a Ludo tournament, your main objective is to earn the maximum points. One way to do so is by observing the position of your opponent’s pawns on the game board and eliminating them whenever you get a chance.


Now you know all you need to play online Ludo tournaments. Follow these rules, practice your gaming, make a strategy for your matches, observe your opponents and win big prizes by topping the Ludo Empire tournament leaderboard.

The great part that comes with Ludo Empire Tournaments is that by paying a small amount for the entry fee, sometimes as low as ₹1, you can get to win up to ₹10 lakhs and sometimes even more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How you can know your points in the tournaments?

Your total points in a Ludo Empire tournament are shown on your game screen and are instantly updated after each dice throw.

2. What is the best platform to play online Ludo tournaments?

The best app to play online Ludo tournaments is Ludo Empire, a real-money skill-based Ludo game. Ludo Empire has multiple tournaments with huge cash prizes available at all times.

3. Where can you get the Ludo Empire app?

The Ludo Empire play and earn money game is available on both, its website and the Google Play Store. Simply download the app, register yourself and start playing!

4. How to always win a Ludo online tournament?

While there is nothing that can guarantee your win, you can use some special Ludo tips to increase your chances of winning: Know the rules clearly, observe your opponents, make a strategy, attack whenever possible and remain focused.

5. What is the lowest price for playing the Ludo Empire tournaments?

In the online real money Ludo Empire game, tournaments with different entry amounts are available that you can play and earn huge real money prizes with. The lowest entry fee for a tournament on Ludo Empire is ₹1/- and the winning amount can sometimes be as high as ₹10 Lakhs.

The Top Online Games for 2 Players in 2023

Online gaming is a recent fad among gaming enthusiasts. Consequently, there are many online games for two players on the internet.

But what’s tricky is finding the perfect online games for two players that you both can enjoy playing with each other.

This blog has made the job easier for you by shortlisting the best online games with two players for you.

What are the Best Online Games for Two Players?

If you’re only looking for the best two players online games, it’s better to look for traditional board games on virtual platforms because they are the best way to indulge in a multiplayer battle. They are not only exciting but also successfully instill the urge to compete and win. Here’s our list of some of the best online games for two players that you can play to keep the adrenaline running.

The Most Popular Multiplayer Games

There are millions of online games for 2 players. But if you were to handpick the best of them, you won’t be able to find many. Fortunately, we’ve made a list of the best 2 player online games with friends.

Here’s our list:

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is the online version of Ludo – the traditional board game that’s popular among kids and adults alike. It’s also one of the most suitable online games for two players because of the ease of play and the excitement involved. The most exciting thing is it allows you to experience the joy of playing the traditional board game on your smartphone. Moreover, you can also engage in cash battles in Ludo empires and win real money.


Monopoly is one of the most popular online multiplayer games after Ludo that you can enjoy with your friend. It is fun, easy to play, and requires a comprehensive strategy to win. The economics-themed requires you two to buy and trade properties and develop them with houses and hotels.


Chess is as fun in the online mode as in the offline mode. It requires the same strategizing technique if you wish to checkmate your opponent. It is one of the most exciting online games for two players if you both love planning and outwitting each other.

What is the Difference between Online & Offline Two-Player Games?

All online and offline two-player games use the same format; you need to play and outsmart the other player. However, there are slight differences. For example, in offline two-player games like Ludo and Chess, you need boards and pawns to play the game. Moreover, the two players must be present in front of each other. While in online two-player games, you can play against anyone from all over the globe. All you need is a smartphone. 

Last Few Words

Online gaming has been gaining traction over the last few years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was locked down to curb the spread of the virus. The top online games mentioned above are some of the most popular games that keep online gaming enthusiasts glued by helping them earn real money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the most played online game in 2023?

Ludo Empire is among the most frequently played online multiplayer games. It has a vast fan base, and millions of players download it regularly.

2. What can you play in multiplayer 2023?

There are many online games for 2 players, including Ludo Empire, multiplayer chess games, monopoly, etc.

3. Which is the no. 1 multiplayer game in the world?

Regarding popularity, Ludo Empire is one of the most famous online games, with twoor four players on a global level.

4. What is the number 1 online game in 2023?

In 2023, Ludo Empire topped the charts in terms of users and activity.

5. What game is popular right now?

The virtual alternative to the traditional board game, Ludo Empire, is trending in all smartphone app stores.

Origin of Ludo

When we think about it, Ludo is unquestionably the game of India. It is a game that people have been playing for generations in our country. The Ludo game has been uniting people all over the world, providing them with some quality time spent together and extreme amounts of fun. The game has always been fascinating to play, not just for the entertainment it provides, but also for how it brings people together in the best way possible.

The game is so heavily integrated into our culture that one could go as far as to call Ludo the national game of India. It is a game full of nostalgia for friendship, family, childhood, etc., a game that has been present in the childhood of almost all Indians, but it is not all; the imprints of the Ludo game can be found scattered all over our history. 

But how far does this nostalgia go? How long has the Ludo game been with us? Where did it come from? What is its origin? Who invented it?

Here, we’ll divulge the answers about the origins of Ludo.

Where did Ludo originate from?

From what has been known about Ludo, we can determine that the game originated in India and has always belonged to India. The exact origin of Ludo has not been documented or known but the oldest indication of the Ludo game can be found in the Ellora caves which portray multiple boards.

The most noticeable and well-known instance of the knowledge of the Ludo game can be found in the scriptures of the Indian Epic Mahabharata. The Ludo game at that time was known by the name of “Pachisi”, derived from the Indian word ‘pacis’ which means twenty-five, as twenty-five was the highest a throw could score.

The later instance of Ludo’s popularity and widespread reach can be found in the remains of the life-sized boards that can be seen in the old Mughal Empire palaces. The Ludo game, then known as Chaupar, a modernized version of Pachisi, was extremely famous among the Mughal Emperors. Emperor Akhbar, being the most noteworthy of these Emperors, was also said to have used real people on these boards to play a live game.

With the arrival of the British Empire, the Ludo game, Pachisi was adopted by the English and once again modernized and updated to a new and easy design that could be accessible and understood by even the common public, leading the game to be where it is today. In the 19th century, Alfred Collier patented this modernized English version of the board game under the name of Ludo and spread its knowledge and accessibility worldwide. But this Ludo board game is not just a game of history; it is a game that is still very popular in India. 

As time has changed, so has the game and its rules, its face, and even its name but the core of it has always remained the same.

ludo empire real money gaming industry

Fundament Rules of Ludo:

Here are a few fundamental rules of the Ludo game:

  1. A traditional game of Ludo can be played by 2 to 4 players.
  2. To free or open your pawns from the base and advance further on the board, you need to roll a 6 or 1 on the dice.
  3. By rolling a 6 or cutting an opponent’s pawns, you will receive an extra turn.
  4. Rolling 3 consecutive 6s leads to a null move and your chance would be skipped and passed over to the opponent’s turn.
  5. The opponent’s pawn can be cut and sent back to the base by landing on the same square as the opponent’s pawn. 
  6. Having 2 or more of your pawns on the same square forms a block and grants you immunity from being eliminated by the opponent’s pawn.
  7. There are several safe zones present on the board that can provide your pawns protection from elimination.
  8. The game is won by the player that takes all of their 4 pawns home before the opponent.

Few Tips and Tricks to Win a Ludo game:

While Ludo is said to be a game of luck, it is not entirely true. The game does involve a certain degree of luck, but the outcome of the game is largely dependent on your effective gaming strategy and skills. Here are a few critical tips that can help you win a Ludo game effortlessly:

  1. Open all your pawns as soon as you can.
  2. Be confident in your moves.
  3. Quickly get your pawns to the safe spots to protect them from elimination.
  4. Keep all of your pawns moving altogether rather than going with one pawn at a time.
  5. Pick a strategy to play with and plan your moves smartly.
  6. Move the pawns near the starting point for riskier numbers.
  7. Tailor your opponent’s pawns and eliminate them as soon as possible.

The popularity of the Ludo game doesn’t just come from the nostalgia of childhood but also from the fact that the game while being easy also contains several elements of learning such as strategy planning, observational skills, patience, etc. The game requires you to have an analytical mind and the ability to make quick decisions to get ahead of your opponent.

How digital Ludo has made the game even more popular?

With the digitalization of Ludo in these modern times, playing Ludo has been made easy and accessible for all to play at any time and anywhere without the need for any board or dice but just a smartphone. During the pandemic, the popularity of the Ludo game reached an even higher peak as people were stuck at home with nothing to do and full of boredom, especially the Ludo real money game.

The Ludo real money gaming industry is not something new but with the pandemic, it peeked like never before. People were stuck with nowhere to go and bored of their monotonous routine of being inside by playing the Ludo real cash, they got a chance to indulge in their childhood memories while also getting winning some Ludo real money.

There are various digitalized Ludo real cash board game mobile applications now available for playing. Let’s look at some of those top Ludo games:

Ludo Real Money Games Gaming Company
Ludo Empire Fabzen Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Ludo Supreme Zupee
Gamezy Ludo Gamezy
MPL Ludo MPL (Mobile Premier League)
Winzo Ludo WinZO Games
League Ludo Ludo League
Speed Ludo Rush
Ludo Ninja Ludo Ninja
Ludo Fantasy Ludo Fantasy
Elite ludo Elite ludo
Skkily Ludo Skkily Ludo
Brainy Ludo Ludo Cash
Premiumleague Ludo Ludo Premium League
Aqua Ludo Aqua Ludo
Skill Ludo ludo skill
Superstar Ludo LUDO Superstar
Ludo money  Ludo money 
Hyper Ludo Hyper Ludo
Speed Ludo PlayerzPot
India Ludo Cup India Ludo Cup
Adda Ludo Khiladi Adda 
Hind Ludo Ludo Hind
4P Ludo   4P Ludo Pro
Sikandar Ludo Ludo Sikandar

Ludo Empire is currently the leading, trendiest online Ludo real money game in India. It is an online Ludo real cash game where multiple online players compete against each other in real-time to top the leaderboard while also winning Ludo real cash prizes. 

Ludo Empire doesn’t just provide you with the consistent Ludo experience of your childhood but also provides you with various games mode to experience the game in different ways, such as Classic Mode, Quick Mode and Tournaments, each with the possibility of winning huge amounts of Ludo real cash prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Ludo Empire app and start winning real money today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can the first indication of the Ludo game be found?

While the most well-known mention of Ludo is found in the scripts of the Indian Epic Mahabharata, the oldest indication of the game can be found in the Ellora Caves, which presents multiple boards of Ludo.

2. Who patented the name “Ludo”?

Alfred Collier, in the 19th century, patented the British’s modernized version of the board game, then known as Chaupar, and named it Ludo, spreading its knowledge worldwide.

3. What are the various names Ludo has had in history?

The Ludo game was originally known as Pachisi, mentions of it can be found in the Indian Epic Mahabharata. It, over time, went through a few changes in the board and rule and came to be known as Chaupar, which was especially popular with the Mughals. Once the British arrived in India, they adapted the game to their convenience and named it Ludo, as it is still known today.

4. Why is the Ludo game so popular in India?

The reason Ludo is a popular game in the Indian subcontinent is due to the game’s cultural and historical values in India and its neighbouring countries.

5. Which game is the most popular Ludo game?

Ludo Empire is currently the trendiest and leading online Ludo game in India, where you can indulge in your childhood memories and have fun while also winning cash.

The Ludo Dice Online Roll is Entirely Random  

When it comes to Ludo, one of the biggest debates is whether the game is dependent on luck or skill.

Some people believe Ludo is based on luck, as you cannot control the outcome of the dice. However, others believe that the game’s outcome depends on the choices the player makes, not the numbers that appear on the dice.

Let’s put an end to the argument.

How Random is the Dice?

Dice rolls are entirely random. Don’t always expect favorable outcomes if you’re playing the Ludo dice game. Even online games have an algorithm that makes the outcome of dice rolls unpredictable. So, a nice and fair Ludo family dice game is entirely random, and you cannot manipulate the outcomes yourself.

Kill Time with Random Dice Games

Sometimes, a good Ludo fun dice game experience is simply because of the randomness of the outcomes. You don’t know what number you’re going to get on the dice. The mystery is enticing to many people.

Some players enjoy Ludo dice online simply because of this. Dice rolls in games like Ludo Empire are random, and any number can appear.

All of the Numbers are Entirely Possible

If you play Ludo dice games online, like Ludo Empire, you will know that you cannot control the outcome of the dice rolls. In one instance, you can get a six on your dice. On the other try, you can even get one. This indicates that even the online dice for Ludo is entirely unpredictable. You can get any number on your dice.

Sometimes, if you’re playing the traditional board game in a physical setting, it’s possible to manipulate dice results by rolling them in a certain way. However, the online dice for Ludo earning app games are entirely random and unpredictable.

It follows an algorithm that makes the outcome of the dice entirely random. Therefore, you cannot rig any online Ludo game.

Roll the Dice and See What Happens

So, it’s time to roll your online Ludo dice and compete against the best players globally. We all know that Ludo is a skill-based game. Sure, the Ludo game dice board games might be unpredictable because of the randomness of dice rolls. However, the moves you play after rolling the dice determine the winner. You can turn a bad dice roll into a good one if you are skillful enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Dice in Ludo really random?

The dice used in Ludo, both offline and online variations, is entirely random. Any number can appear when you roll the dice.

2. How to roll a dice in the Ludo game?

Traditionally, there is a small container where you toss the Ludo dice before throwing them onto the board. That is the correct way of rolling a Ludo dice.

3. What are the best dice games of all time to get the fun rolling?

Ludo Empire is one of the best online dice-based games that can allow you to have a fun, enjoyable experience with friends and family.

4. How to play Ludo; rules, instructions, and tips to win?

To play Ludo, you must guide your tokens to the finish line before your opponent. You can unlock a token by rolling a six on your dice and then moving them forward based on the digits on your dice. A good tip to win is to play Ludo patiently and not rush for victory.

Ludo Game Played and Adapted around the World

One of the world’s most popular board games, Ludo, originates in India. The game has a nostalgic and cultural value attached to the history of the Indian subcontinent.

Ludo was traditionally known as Chaupar and Pachisi before the Englishmen gave the game a new identity with updated rules and a new name.

Since then, multiple countries have adopted the game as their own. Let’s talk about how that happened.

A Game that has been played and Adapted over Many Generations in History

Nowadays, you have the option to play online Ludo. With Ludo Empire, playing Ludo online with friends is as simple as downloading an application on your phone.

But before the internet era, people had to play Ludo on a board. Friends and family members used to gather around and play the board game for hours. The origins of Ludo date back almost a thousand years.

Since then, generation after generation is enjoying playing Ludo.

How has it been Constant through Time?

It’s simple to play online Ludo games on your smartphones and computers. You also have the option to play Ludo online multiplayer. However, even before people could play online Ludo games, it was popular across generations.

The main reason behind this consistency is Ludo’s significant cultural value. It is a game that people enjoy with their closest friends and family. The deep-rooted history of the Indian subcontinent is one of the many factors that make the game so prevalent in this part of the world.

Origins of the Name ‘Ludo’

Long before you could play online Ludo games, the board game was called Pachisi or Chaupar. So, where did Ludo originate? The clear answer is India. The earliest mentions can be found even in the ancient Indian epic – the Mahabharata.

The game got its current name when the British arrived on the scene. They adopted Pachisi, made some changes, and started calling it Ludo. That’s how the modern board game was born.

The Simplicity of Playing online Ludo Games

Now, you have the option to play online Ludo and earn money. The progression of technology has indeed been impressive.

So, how to play online Ludo games? The process is simple. All you need to do is download Ludo Empire on your phone or computer, and you can start playing against your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to play Ludo online with friends and the origin of the Ludo game. Armed with this knowledge, you can further carry the traditional board game’s legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an adaptation of the Ludo game?

Ludo itself is an adaptation of the traditional board game called Pachisi. It was played and enjoyed by Ancient Kings and Mughal Emperors.

2. What are the multiplayer adaptable Ludo game?

Ludo Empire is one of the most popular and versatile multiplayer Ludo games on the internet in 2022.

3. Five benefits of playing Ludo board game online?

  1. You can improve your analytical skills.
  2. You get better at strategizing.
  3. You can connect with old friends and family members.
  4. You instill the spirit of healthy competition.
  5. You can earn real money by winning online Ludo tournaments.

4. What are the rules and strategies of dice games?

The rules of dice games are different for each game. The strategy also depends on the game you are playing and the opponent you are facing.

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