How To Play Real-money Ludo Games


Real-money Ludo games have become a popular medium to win money online. It is because of the rising popularity of real-money Ludo games, there are now several Pro Ludo players, winning a handsome passive income playing online Ludo daily.

While, it’s true that Ludo is a luck-based game where a dice generate a random number from 1 to 6. It’s not purely a luck-based game either. There are a ton of strategies that you can apply to increase the chances of winning a Ludo game.

Do you enjoy playing online ludo game? The majority of people do! Have you ever thought that while calming your mind, you may win real cash by playing Ludo? Yes, you read that correctly! Let us look at some of the strategies or style of play that you can apply to win a real-money Ludo game.

The Gangster Style

This is a style of playing Ludo where the gamer move his/her pawns together in bathes of two. The first two pawns will try to reach home moving around the board together. While Pawns 3 and 4, will stay close to each other in strategic locations & safe zones to kill opponent’s pawn.

The Death Trapper

This is yet another interesting style of playing Ludo. The Death Trapper is a Ludo player who uses his first pawn to only go towards home. The other three pawns, on the other hand, wait in strategic locations close to each other. This creates a zone of death for any other pawn passing by the death zone.

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The Home Runner

The Home Runner is a type of Ludo player who is only interested in taking his pawns home. He/she will keep moving the first pawn until it reaches home or gets killed doing so. The other three pawns will safely wait in the starting position, until its their turn to race towards home.

The Best Strategy – Mix it up!

Whether you identify yourself to be a Gangster, a Death Trapper or a Home Runner, ultimately, the best strategy to win a real-money Ludo game is to mix all the strategies according to the situation that you find yourself in.

How Do You Play Your Ludo?

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Difference between games of skills & games of chance

Games of skills are one of India’s flourishing sectors, within the gaming industry. We Indians have a long history of engaging in numerous indoor games, which even includes gambling. Instead of chance, game of skill is dependent mostly on a player’s mental or physical degree of proficiency. Skill-based games allow participants to test their ability in the sport. These games encourage players to become familiar with a set of rules while also looking for methods to improve and adopt new techniques through repeated practice. It is a myth that games of skills do not include a chance element; in fact, they do to some extent. Individual skills, on the other hand, determine the success rate.

On the other hand, Games of chance are those that rely purely on luck, rather than ability. The majority of them are bet-on games. A gamble is any game of chance that involves money.

Games of chance are in sharp contrast to games of skill. For instance, the outcome of a tennis match is determined by the ability to win a game.

India’s Real Money gaming laws

Real Money gaming laws

Let’s be clear and honest here. Interpreting India’s gaming laws are difficult as they it is highly open-ended in nature. The fundamental cause is that the regulating rules, were enacted before India’s independence. In India, gambling rules are traditionally overseen by the Public Gaming Act of 1867, enacted by the central government.

Betting and gambling are a part of Entry 34 of the State List. After India’s independence, the Constitution came into effect in 1950. In layman’s terms, this means that state governments in India have the power to draft betting and gaming legislation. However, today when we speak of gambling, we understand it in the traditional sense as well as the modern sense which includes physical and online gambling. However, most states enacted separate legislation after independence by amending the central act. People in India are now more than just fascinated by technology and high-tech gadgets. They play online casinos in India at a lower cost than they would at a real casino. Thank goodness for the internet!

To put it another way, this simply means that individual state government has complete authority over betting and gaming in their jurisdiction. They can also create state-specific legislation.

The number of Indian states that have prohibited internet gambling has recently increased to three, with more likely to follow. The Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala have passed an act prohibiting online gambling, which includes popular games like poker and rummy.

Skill Games for Money: Conclusion

skill games for money

Real money games of skills are making a huge difference. Apart from pursuing the typical professions, today’s youngsters are also into out-of-the-box gaming opportunities. As a result, several online courses, such as poker schools and a few other rummy playing courses are available for young aspirants, giving game enthusiasts with a career path that is comparable to regular occupations.

Real money games such as ludo online game appeal to everyone. Poker and rummy are two of the most popular online games of skill among Indian players. The firms hosting these card games tempt people with enormous financial awards as the number of participants on these platforms grow. As a result, gamers now have a better possibility of winning money and earning a living.

Games of skills are becoming very popular day by day. For many, games of skills are not just a source of entertainment but also a source of income. As a result, a large number of Indians are playing online games and putting their talents to the test in order to win cash prizes.

6 Best Real Money Games Online in India

Do you ever wish to make cash through playing real money games online? Nowadays, there are plenty of avenues to earn real money online by playing games from anywhere, whether you are sitting on your couch or relaxing by the pool.

Real money online games give players a chance to showcase their skills, and with the help of those skills they can earn money instantly.

Here in this article, you will get to know about some of the best online real money games available in India:


The money drops also known as the million-pound drop is based on a brand-new TV show. ‘OKAY, JUST ONE GO….’ it is an annoyingly addictive online real money game. The results of this game are entirely based on the luck. It is very easy to play, where live players just have to choose the trapdoors, and rounds in each game, rest everything depends upon our luck. The more trapdoors you play, the bigger is the win.


Ludo Empire is a skill based real money ludo game for the ludo lovers to compete against each other. This is the only ludo game having a fair play feature that gives same numbers and equal chance to win for all.  The Ludo game has a unique in-game fair play feature that guarantees that both the competing players shares each other’s numbers. Additionally, Ludo Empire comes with a wide range of interesting battle modes that starts from just Rs.10, and gives instant pay-outs to the winners in the form of real money.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, slingo has everything. It is one of the best real money gaming sites. It includes slingo lightening, slingo cascade, slingo big wheel and many more.


Callbreak is a strategic online card game played between four players with a standard deck of 52 cards. It is a turn based game. Callbreak Empire is an easy to play multiplayer game where live players can showcase their card playing skills to win money online. Call Break Empire is one of the most complete callbreak card game in the market of real money games. We can play with our friends in its private table mode, and can earn real money with easy pay-outs.


Dream11 is India’s most played fantasy gaming platform with more than 100 million registered users. It is a live platform based on the popular sports of Cricket, Football, Hockey and Kabadi. At Dream11, users can win a huge amount of money by making accurate match-day predictions.


Spin win or spin win wheel is a fairly simple game which depends completely on luck. Its a game where you have to select the number of balls to play with, choose the stake for each ball, and then, Set the balls in motion and watch them whiz around the rings. A pleasure to watch the balls wiz around the rings gives a constant feeling of tension and excitement.

Some life skills that you can learn by playing online games

Playing Video games are more than just a fun hobby!! Video games teach us to live life to the fullest, and helps us to be more disciplined and successful. Sounds loopy that few people associate video games with violence and immaturity in youngsters. However, the reality is totally different.  Video games could be both good and bad, just like social media.

Video games can assist us in turning into a greater efficient member of our society. By teaching us good traits and knowledge that we can carry for the rest of our life.

Here in this article, know about some of the life skills that you can learn by playing video games.


Patience is a life-saving skill that we can learn and it helps people succeed both professionally and personally. Have you ever played the legend of Zelda’s ninth dungeon that is called patience? You are a pretty patient person if you can make it through the Legend of Zelda.


Video games and many Online Multiplayer games like online ludo are becoming increasingly sophisticated as players demand more planning and strategy in their gaming. This is also a highly useful life skill. Being able to see a problem from all angles will give you the ability to think ahead of the competition.


When you play Video games, as bizarre as it may sound, you will end up making genuine friends and learn team-work and people skills. Playing video games with friends can be a social event, in which, together you can “conquer the globe”.  Interactions with other players, whether in the same room or online, can teach us valuable communication skills that can be applied in both our personal and professional lives.


Some Video games force us to make quick in-game decisions. Playing Video Games that requires us to make quick decisions not only improves our hand-eye coordination, but also makes us fast thinkers. It gives us the ability to make the right decision in a split second.


You will not learn all of your talents in a figurative sense. Some of the abilities will be challenging talents that can be learned in the real world. Many games, for example, teach basic programming, which might be beneficial to anyone interested in pursuing a career in software development. Your excursions can also teach you a language, basic building principles, and even rocket science.


Some of the more artistic video games have a strong emotional component that can elicit pity and empathy from the audience. Players can have a better understanding of how to interact with other people in real life as characters in in-game narratives, allows us to form relationships and deal with ethically challenging choices.


You may increase your cognitive function, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, and pattern recognition by playing games like Brain Age, Tetris, and Minecraft. Each of these games helps in raising our brainpower and gives us the ability to come up with fresh creative ideas.


After a long day, everyone needs a method to let off the steam and decompress. Immersive video games have been found in certain trials to be effective in preventing depression and treating post-traumatic stress disorder. If you find that playing games are the greatest way for you to de-stress and deal with life, it should become a regular part of your routine.

How Augmented Reality Games Will Shape the Future of Gaming

Augmented Reality has a potential of seemingly unlimited capabilities. The Pokémon go game had proved this very effectively. To know how Augmented Reality is shaping the future of gaming, we should first know what is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology which gives the users an immersive virtual experience of the world by creating an artificial environment. It is an extension of the physical world represented through virtual objects via technology.

By using the user’s real time environment, Augmented Reality establishes an artificial experience through a combination of game visuals and audio content.

Augmented Reality in Gaming

VIDEO GAMES are often cited to create a bad impact on the youth. However, the truth is that playing video games leads to an increase in perception, top-down attention, spatial cognition, multitasking, and cognitive flexibility. Most of all, it helps in reducing stress and tension.

Despite all the complains, video games are here to stay, as this industry is on a never-before-seen high. As a matter of fact, the Gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood, the Music Industry, and all major Sports Leagues combined, when it comes to revenue generated.  In the past few years, games have not only grown in numbers but also in technology. Now, people can play games on their smartphones rather than playing only on their PCs or PlayStations. To enhance their gaming experience AR is there to give the gamers a real-time gaming experience at an affordable price.

VR or Virtual Reality is the talk of the town. However, it’s very expensive.  AR or Augmented Reality on the other is a pleasant technology. In fact, AR has such an untouched capability that it could also be a larger deal than VR. Overlaying a virtual digital world on top of the real, physical world that is how Augmented Reality works. It is more effective than VR, wherein, one would need to heavily invest even before playing.

Augmented Reality has a potential of seemingly unlimited capabilities. The Pokémon go game had proved this very effectively. As everyone has smartphones, AR is accessible to everyone. With an increase of mobile data connections, AR games do not need a lot of bandwidth to play.

AR has already turning out to be famous because it allowed gamers to play the video games themselves. Instead, of looking at their avatar running around on the screen, one ought to successfully turn out to be the avatar, and run around their room or community to hunt villains or aliens, or collect hidden treasures. This genuinely has a bigger ‘WOW’ component than conventional video games.

AR may be layered on top of teddy bears, board video games, coloring books, or motion figures. Essentially those antique and worn-out toys that had been at the outs, with the appearance of mobile gaming, can get a brand-new breath of existence with Augmented Reality. For instance, AR makes it feasible that by pointing the phone at a teddy bear, the teddy bear comes alive, and one might treat it like a best friend they may speak to, or existence-like a puppy they could care for. Similarly, AR should make board video games like ludo online game come into existence with the tokens transferring across the board

The Future of AR Technology in gaming

Apple, Google, and almost every other company in Silicon Valley are seeking to make enhancements to push AR into the forefront. With AR, you aren’t simply playing a character, you’re Iron Man combating Thanos, you’re combating Kylo Ren. With AR you may in the end be your own hero. AR additionally lets in the children to be children again, to leap up and down of their personal house, or run around their neighborhood, in place of simply taking a seat down in their couch, and staring at a display screen all day long. This is what AR promises, and what the destiny of gaming seems like.


The real money gaming industry in India – An overview

Real money gaming is a growing segment in India, which occupies a unique position in the fortress of online gaming. The real-money gaming industry includes games such as rummy, poker, trivia, fantasy leagues, and much more.

Real money earning games: TRENDS & GROWTH RATE

The real money gaming industry is a 150 billion strong sector. It is expected to grow at a rate of 30%. In less than a decade since its establishment, there are more than 100 companies offering real money games in this sector. Online rummy operators lead the rankings, followed by online poker and fantasy league companies.

All India Gaming Federation’s CEO, Roland Landers revealed that India’s online gaming industry is currently worth around Rs 200 billion. The industry is taking advantage of the steady growth of the Indian gaming industry. The total gaming revenue of Indian online gaming portals is growing steadily at around 30-35%.

Forecasting the growth rate of this segment of the Indian gaming industry, Landers said, “Smartphone gaming is one of the biggest contributors to the online technology-based gaming industry for real money. By 2025, the industry’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) is projected to reach 1 billion Dollars (about 7.1 billion rupees) will be easily reached. Also, the    active monthly player pool in online mode is about 25 million. However, only about 10% of this pool consists of actively paying and investing players.”

According to one growth forecast, the online real money gaming industry can grow 3.5 times in about five years, maintaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35%. Among the many factors, the availability of decent hardware along with cheap data are the most obvious ones.

Real money online games include arcade games like the 8ball pool and fantasy sports platforms like Dream11 and Mobile Premier League.

 It is this industry that AIGF seeks to regulate to establish uniform rules and recommendations for all players and operators.  


Online real money gaming and fantasy sports betting also grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the traditional gambling sites around the country closed down to limit the spread of the virus. Hence, to meet the gambling needs of most casino players and gamers, real money gaming i.e., online casino games and fantasy sports surged. This crossroads has significantly increased the user base of popular gambling sites. An increase of about 25% has occurred across major online casinos and by over 38% when it comes to playing poker.

Money Earning Gaming & Its Future

There are innumerable opportunities to contribute to this significant growth and expand one’s base through real money gaming. This includes huge marketing costs and a focus on making players feel comfortable in the gaming ecosystem. Currently, the number of users in this sector is growing at a rate of 50% annually. The aspiration and passion for real money gaming is driving many innovations in this sector. In the future, technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence is ready to shape up these real money games to give gamers a more immersive gaming experience.

Real-money games like online ludo and many other multiplayer games have evolved significantly in uplifting the reach and creating a collective base for the players. For instance, a game of poker was never accepted by the Indian consumers as much as it is now. Today, a large section of youngsters do not mind trying a hand at poker.

Playing real-money games of Skills

Real-money games of skills is one of the emerging sectors of the Indian economy, and it is pointless to have any apprehensions towards it. We Indians have a pretty long history of playing various home games including gambling. Culturally and sentimentally speaking, gambling’s  viewed as a vice in Indian society and branded as unethical or immoral.

In recent years, gambling and gaming are increasingly moving to “online” or “digital” routes, and in many ways, converging with each other. However, there is a serious dilemma associated with the growing “side effects” in gaming and gambling. People cannot distinguish online skill-based games from gambling.

Therefore, they began to use the two terms gaming and gambling interchangeably. This is quite problematic!  Many industry experts say that  real money games of all kinds should be  entirely stopped because they are a bit like online gambling!

Are apples and oranges the same!

In my opinion, comparing skill-based real money gaming with gambling-which requires only luck, is corresponding to pronouncing that apples and oranges are the same! It makes no sense. But why do I say so? First and foremost, in skill-based gaming, the vital aspect that any gamer might need to grasp will be the skills, techniques, and intensity, understanding of the precise sport he/she is playing.

Secondly, the inducement of game enthusiasts regardless of whether he/she is a novice or a pro — is to play a sport or input right into a gaming match for the fun part. The gaming atmosphere prospers on huge passion, engagement, and vibrancy, more than anything else.

A Quick to get rich

To get rich quickly anyone would go for any gambling sites for their need of money or greed. Furthermore, a certain amount of money is required to start gambling, so he/she will deposit it in some cases.

Basically in India wagers on a monetary basis are placed usually on online card games like teen Patti and poker. Therefore, taking part or playing these games which require money does not mean that person is a gambler.

A distinction should be made between a game which requires only “chance” and a game that requires true “skills”-given the present-day situations in India, in some states betting money on a game of chance is considered to be completely illegal. However, in many places or even in the court of law wagers placed on a game of chance is in fact, legal and can be legally defended in the court of law.

A game of “skill” is considered to be determined by how the player plays it by using his or her skills and knowledge and how he put it to use to succeed. Whereas, in a game of “chance” everything depends on the LUCK factor. Winners too are determined randomly whether you are playing via technology or manually.


In real-money games, cash rewards are paid in exchange for a player’s skill rather than from luck. These kinds of games are legal in most countries of the world, even in countries where online gambling is completely banned. We often confuse skilled-based games with games of chance, but for the sake of brevity and simplicity, it’s important to understand the difference between the two, especially if you are new to playing online.

The future of skill-based games is bright. As the world becomes fully mobile, the cash gaming industry is poised to respond by releasing great games for smartphones and tablets that offer the same features as web games a few years ago. As long as the legal field remains stable, people around the world should continue to have access to real-money games for years to come, despite opposition to something like Daily Fantasy Sports.


Difference between Gambling and Gaming

Nowadays, everyone knows about gambling and gaming. They share a thin line between them. The terms “GAMING” and “GAMBLING” are interchangeable because both of them are very similar activities. The main difference between these two is that gaming requires skills, whereas gambling doesn’t. In other words, we can say that for gaming the outcome that we achieve is due to our skills. Gambling on the other hand, does not require any skills as the only thing it requires is LUCK.

Before moving ahead to the division between gambling and gaming, it is very important to understand that how gambling takes place.


Nowadays, gambling takes place through web-based platforms which serves as the backbone of online gambling. Hence, the name online casinos. Online casinos are places that resembles traditional offline gambling. The three major things required to have access in online casinos for gambling are: a device (laptop, mobile or a tablet), a stable internet connection, and yes, how can we forget MONEY! Gambling is a combination of money and luck. To get started, the first thing you need to do is sign up or make an account and deposit some money in it. After depositing some money, you get an option to choose any game to place bets on it. From here, starts the process of gambling which takes place in online casinos. Once you win, the money directly gets credited to your account.

Division between Gambling and Gaming


Online Casinos have valid licenses for online gambling. However, if it is not there, you should probably look for some other casino. Be careful while giving an open invitation to scammers and hackers out there who are ready to steal your information regarding bank account details, and any other personal details. Always check before playing because in some countries online casinos are illegal, and you will be committing a crime by accessing any of it. Apart from it, gambling also has age requirements. In some countries it is above 18 but in some you should be at least 21 to gamble. Every country has their own laws of online gambling, and it is upto you if you gamble you should always follow proper rules and regulations.

Online Casinos offers innumerable games such as poker, blackjack just like traditional casinos. Some online casinos games are easy to learn and doesn’t require any math in it unlike poker and blackjack. These online casino games are the secret of increasing popularity among the players.

Playing real-money games of Skills


Gaming and gambling are completely different activities. Gaming like online ludo require skills. Gambling, on the other hand, is purely chance based. You don’t need money to play with friends but gambling requires money. Now, let’s see the difference between gambling and gaming:


It relies mainly on luck and money. Money is invested by the player in order to play the different games.


It requires knowledge in which challenges are imposed by the developers so that gamers can come up with the solutions through their skills.

There are various categories of games which we can play some of them are:

Video games are easy to play and are available in almost every operating system such as Android and iOS You can play directly from your mobile devices with or against any player from all over the world.

At the end, we can conclude that gaming is a fun activity to play and spend time with our loved ones whereas gambling which makes things thrilling and exciting by betting against each other, which results in gaining and losing money.

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