Ludo Rules


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Ludo Rules

Ludo is a game that has been well-liked in the gaming domain since it arose; routing deep in the hearts of people of every age group all over the world. The easy Ludo rules and simple understanding of the game attract a wide range of players from different generations and regions. From being a childhood game to be played with friends and family, to an online game that can be played with strangers throughout the globe, Ludo came a long way.

Ludo has been succeeding in going digital, but there is more about it than just rolling dice and moving gotis; it now adds a bonus to win real money on playing the game. Following the same, Ludo Empire comes up as an ideal online real-money gaming that allows players to win online money by playing Ludo.

Ludo Empire gives an opportunity to the players to earn money using their Ludo skills by playing Ludo online. It merges Ludo, fun and money on a very secure, smooth and reliable note. With the easy ludo game rules and regulations, and its secure nature, Ludo Empire is the perfect online game to win money with Ludo gaming skills.

Fundamentals of Ludo Game

Ludo has many simple variables and easy gameplay rules, but to make it even easier, here is a detailed explanation of the Ludo basics and rules online with a step-by-step Ludo guide to play it.


Ludo Gotis

The Ludo gotis are of 4 sets, where each set is of a different colour and has 4 gotis each. A player has to play with their set of goti to reach home and win the game. There are a few fundamental rules related to Ludo gotis-

  • In order to take the gotis out of their base, the dice need to roll on to either “1” or “6”.
  • Ludo has a rule of eliminating gotis in which players can kill or eliminate their opponents' gotis, by landing on its spot - sending it back to its base to restart its journey.
  • The Ludo board has a few spots marked on it which are considered safe. No other goti can kill the goti residing in that safe spot.

Elimination and protection can make or break a player's game, but that is what makes the game more exciting and challenging. It wholly depends on the players' gaming skills and how they use the Ludo dice and tokens wisely.


Ludo Dice

The Ludo dice leads the way ahead for gotis to reach home. The number of steps to be taken by gotis to move depends on the number that appears on the dice. Ludo Dice patterns and numbers are very important, but using those numbers wisely depends on the gaming skills of the player.


Winning Zone

After going through all the hurdles and quarrels, gotis lead their way to reach the home, the winning zone. The player who manages to get their set of goti to the home before anyone else, wins the game. Hence, in order to win the game, a player needs to get all of their gotis to the home before anyone else.

Rules of Ludo Empire: Online Ludo

Ludo Empire has made it easy for people to play real-money Ludo games online with the bonus of safety, security, smoothness and reliability. Before getting started with a game, it is very important to go through its rules and regulations thoroughly, as it avoids errors and increases the chance of winning. It is very easy to learn and understand the Ludo board game rules.

Here are some of the rules to play Ludo at Ludo Empire and win online money:

  • The minimum number of players to play Ludo is 2 and the maximum is 4.
  • As a Ludo Empire special, all gotis will already be outside the base ready to move; in some special matches, you might have to unlock your gotis by rolling a 6 or a 1.
  • On rolling a 6 on the dice, a player is rewarded with an extra turn. Note that getting three consecutive sixes on the dice will discard the player's turn.
  • The goti is allowed to only move the number of steps as per the number on the dice roll.
  • When a goti lands on the opponent's goti spot, then the opponent goti will get eliminated.
  • On getting eliminated or killed by the opponent, the goti will be pulled back to its base and will have to restart its journey from the base.
  • here are some marked spots on the board that are the “safe spots”. In a Ludo Empire special rule, when 2 or more gotis of the same set or colour are occupying the same spot, a safe zone is created, and they cannot be eliminated or killed.
  • A player wins the Ludo Empire game by taking their gotis home before their opponents; in Classic Ludo mode all 4 gotis and in Quick Ludo mode only 2 gotis. Or for the point-based modes: Furious and Tournament modes, the player with the highest points wins.

Understanding the Ludo gameplay rules goes a long way to playing without any mistakes and winning the game. It is best to remember and understand the rules completely before you start playing, so you don't make any mistakes in your gaming.

It is not just the rules that can help you win but in this skill-based Ludo online cash, you also need to know some Ludo tips, tricks and strategies that can help you win better and easier. So, plan a gameplay strategy that stands out and helps you win the game in the best way possible.


Ludo game rules at Ludo Empire are easy and simple to understand. Simply follow the basic rules mentioned above and that is all you need to start the game.

On getting three sixes back to back, the player's turn gets cancelled, and the chance gets skipped to the next player.

The Ludo online play cash game can be played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players at a time.

Yes, Ludo Empire awards real money to the players who play and win the Ludo match. It is a safe, secure and guaranteed financial deal.

In Ludo Empire, there are 4 different gaming modes that a player can choose from based on their preferences. These are- Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious and Tournaments.