Ludo Tournaments

one time fee

One-time entry fee

one hour game

One hour tournaments

multiple rounds

Multiple rounds, 5 minutes for one round

multiple winners

Multiple winners

ranking on leaderboard

Even if you lose a game you can still win, depending on the rank on the leaderboard.

2 and 4 player game

2-player and 4-player tournaments

new round

After 5 minutes, the player with the maximum points wins & qualifies for the next round.

₹10 entry fee

Tournament entry fee starts from Rs.10

everyday game

Everyday tournaments

How to join Tournaments

tournament screen 1
Select 'Tournaments' from the home screen.
tournament screen 2
Select 'Upcoming' and choose the tournaments you want to join from the list.
tournament screen 3
Go to 'Rules' on the right top corner of the screen to understand tournament rules.
tournament screen 4
Make sure you understand the rules and select 'Join'
tournament screen 5
You can either wait or come back before the tournament starts. You will be notified about the tournament.
tournament screen 6
Once you click on the notification please wait till the game starts.
tournament screen 7
After getting the opponent, the game starts in 60sec. If you didn't get an opponent, you will be qualified for the next round.
tournament screen 8
The Winner is decided on points. Each step you take is a point.
tournament screen 9
There will be multiple rounds. Each round you win some amount, depending upon your rank on the leaderboard.
tournament screen 10
If you come first on the leaderboard, you win the first prize.

Upcoming Tournaments

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weekly bonanza card
monthly bonanza card