Have you always dreamt to play Ludo and earn money? With Ludo Empire, it is now very much possible. The game allows you to battle with some of the top Ludo players from around the world and earn real money by winning different games and tournaments.

We have integrated trustworthy payment partners, including Paytm, Visa, Google Pay, and PhonePe, enabling cashless transactions to be more accessible for all players.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your color, invite your friends, and rekindle the flame of Ludo!

Ludo Empire Referral Program

Ludo Empire
Referral Program

Ludo Empire continues to be one of the top money-making games online. If you want to earn money playing this board game virtually, you will have to defeat other players from across the world. Sometimes, doing so can be difficult.

No matter how good a player you are, chances are you will find your match in one of the classic Ludo Empire battles. Thus, you may not consistently earn money. But there's a way to keep earning money irrespective of whether you play or not. Sounds interesting?

You can also earn money without playing at all. You just need to have an account on the app and add some friends and family members who are interested in the game.

Your friends and family can join to play Ludo Empire using your referral code. The more people you invite, the more chances you have to earn money.


Rules for Earning Via Referrals

Ludo Empire is the leading online Ludo game in the industry, facilitating many transactions daily. It gives enthusiastic Ludo lovers a chance to convert their raw skills into a source of monetary income. Players can earn a lot of money by playing and winning games, anywhere between ten rupees and an unbelievable cash prize of 1 crore rupees.

Imagine being a multimillionaire because you were good at a board game. Sounds rewarding, right?

But Ludo Empire isn't just about earning by winning. You can also earn real cash if you contribute towards the game's growth. What does it mean? Introduce new players to the game with your unique referral code and earn cash. If your friends and family download and install the application using your referral, you will continue to earn money.

After downloading and installing the application, your referrals must sign up and register their accounts. Once they register, they'll receive a welcome bonus of ten rupees. You will also gain some monetary benefits when they register using your referral.

But this is not a one-off earning opportunity. Once someone registers on Ludo Empire using your referral code, you will continue to earn real money for a long time, as long as your friends and family keep playing.

So here's how it works:

  • First, you need to share your referral code with your friends, family, acquaintances, or whoever is interested in Ludo and is willing to try it on a virtual platform.
  • Your friends will need to download and install the application using your referral.
  • After installing the application, they must create an account on Ludo Empire.
  • Once the registration is complete, the new players will get ten rupees as a welcome bonus. Similarly, you will also gain some monetary benefits as they registered using your referral.
  • After this, you will keep earning a small fraction of their winnings every time they play and win a game against their opponents in a monetized match.

So, there you have it. With the Ludo Empire referral program, you don't have to go through the hassle of sharing the code and coaxing your friends to register just for a small amount of compensation. You will keep earning good money until your referrals continue to play the game and win against their opponents.


How to Refer?

Ludo Empire's referral process is simple. It does not involve any complicated process for both the sender and the receiver.

Here's how you do it.

  • Go to www.ludoempire.com/referrals.html.
  • Derive your Ludo Empire referral code or link from the page.
  • Share the code with your friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Ask them to use the referral code while downloading, installing, and registering their account on Ludo Empire.
  • Enjoy your earnings.

Benefits of Ludo Empire
Referral Program

It's not enough to play the traditional Ludo game online for free to enjoy the benefits. The added benefit of earning by playing and referring is something that is to be appreciated.

Here's how you can benefit from Ludo Empire's referral system:

  • Get monetary compensation every time your referrals register on the game.
  • Keep earning a small part of your referral's winnings whenever they defeat their opponent in a monetized match.
  • Earn money without having to play in any matches.
  • Introduce new players to the game and play against them, thereby getting a chance to earn more with or without playing yourself.


Freqently asked Questions (FAQ's)

All Ludo Empire players have a unique referral code that they can share with their friends or family. Every time someone registers on Ludo Empire using your referral code, you get a chance to earn money.

Ludo Empire allows its players to earn money by winning monetized matches. Moreover, you can also earn money by using the game's referral system. The opportunity to play and earn is something that Ludo Empire offers with great convenience.

You can get your Ludo Empire referral code by visiting www.ludoempire.com/referrals.html. You can then distribute this referral code to your friends and family. The more people start playing the game using your referral, the more money you will earn.

The game will already have a referral code for you that you can share with your friends. Using the referral system of the game to your advantage can help you earn more money without even having to win.

You will get your referral bonus in the form of money whenever your friends register on Ludo Empire using your code. You will also get money whenever your referrals earn by winning matches.