Long-distance traveling can be tedious if you don’t have anything fun to do. Most people find that playing online games helps them pass the time while traveling. Here’s a list of some of the best online games to play while traveling.


Alphabear is great at a lot of things. For starters, it’s free, but there’s a reasonable in-app purchase that provides you an unlimited amount of cash, which would otherwise limit how often you may play. Second, it contains a collecting system that entails amassing a collection of costumed bears that, when used, give various power-ups and benefits. Third, each level concludes with a bear mad lib that uses a few of the words you just played, which, depending on how salty your vocabulary is, can be funny on their own.


Ludo Empire is a multiplayer real money game where different players compete each day to play ludo and earn money. The most popular board game is now available to play on your phone against live online opponents. The ‘Fair Play’ feature has removed the element of chance from the game, resulting in a completely skill-based online Ludo game. Enjoy much faster gameplay with the ‘Counter Mode.’ The Ludo Empire app is ideal for a seamless Ludo experience on the go.


Callbreak Empire is a live multiplayer online game version of the classic card game Callbreak. The Callbreak game is a four-player strategic trick-based card game that uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards. It is similar the Spades game. It is a turn-based strategic game in which each round all players receive 13 cards. The Callbreak Empire app employs a clockwise rotation. While travelling, Callbreak Empire offers the smoothest real-time online Callbreak experience.


FTL is a good pick if you want something a little more robust than your typical iOS or Android app. The game has bite-sized combat encounters and events, originally designed for PC. This makes it especially easy to jump in and out of the game.


In a similar spirit, Out There offers a space faring experience that places a greater emphasis on resource management and cultural interchange. If you prefer Captain Picard (or Sisko, or Janeway) to Captain Kirk, you should check Out There.


80 Days is not just a near-perfect travel game, but it’s also a near-perfect travel game. Consider Jules Verne crossed with a graphic novel and the Oregon Trail, and you’ll be in the proper ballpark. This is easily one of the most well-written games available on the App Store, in addition to being gorgeously rendered. What’s the drawback? If you have motion sickness from reading in a car (bus, plane, train, etc.), 80 Days should be the last book you pick up.

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You might want to avoid this one if you’re on your way to a proper fishing trip. Otherwise, it may create inaccurate expectations about how exciting fishing is in reality.


If frantic tapping isn’t your thing and you’d rather do something more introspective (or just wait for the Dramamine to set in), The Room and The Room 2 are definitely worth your time. Their length varies greatly depending on how brilliant you are at solving the games’ puzzle boxes, but the meticulous, tactile experience of exploring them should keep your mind occupied for a long.


Threes is the type of game that makes you believe you’re getting sick of it, so you close it, check Twitter, and then open it again. The objective is to simply swipe and merge little numbers into larger amounts without letting the board fill up. Its simple rules and simplicity in design makes it a game that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

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