Board Games

Get Ready for Some Strategy & Board Games!

Board games have always been a centre of attraction in the Indian subcontinent. Even before the age of Ludo board games, indoor games existed in

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Which Game Type is Better?

Which Game Type is Better: Single Player or Multiplayer?

Ever since people have had the option to play Ludo multiplayer online, the popularity of single-player games has increased by leaps and bounds. Many

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Why Indians Enjoy Playing Online Ludo

The Top 5 Reasons Why Indians Enjoy Playing Online Ludo

In India, the trend of playing online Ludo is disrupting the internet. The country’s traditional board game is now adorning a virtual mask. But why

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best android games

Best Games for Android Devices You Must Grab Away

Mobile gaming now occupies a central position in the gaming world. If you love playing games on your android phone and are looking for amazing

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Online Ludo Game

Save Yourself from Boredom by Playing the Online Ludo Game

Adulthood is boring. But there are ways to spice up your days and revisit your childhood.  What is the best way to do that other than playing

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Play Ludo And Earn Money

How to Play Ludo & What are its Benefits

To play Ludo is an emotion. Playing Ludo helps us break out from our monotonous life routine, and indulge in a fun & engaging game with our

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