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Download Ludo Game App for Android and APK Users

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Ludo Empire offers you a unique opportunity to play the timeless game on your Android device. You can play against other online Ludo enthusiasts or share the game with your friends and family. All you need to do is complete the Ludo online cash game download. Once you have completed the Ludo real cash app download, you'll have options to play with two to four players and the type of game you want to play after the real money Ludo download.

The process of the Ludo game download for Ludo Empire is easy. Start downloading the Ludo game and outwit your competition. Get your hands on one of Android's most popular board games simply by opting for Ludo real cash app download. You just need to know the basic rules of the game to play.

The game is played according to rules and a format we have been familiar with since childhood. So, delve into your past and recreate fond memories with your friends and family with the online Ludo board game download. With the online Ludo download, you can play at your convenience and get a chance to win real money. So, just go for Ludo real money apk download today!

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How to Download Ludo Game App for Android

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    • Open your browser and visit the Ludo Empire website.
    • Click on the "Download App" button and complete the online Ludo game download process.
    • After completing the real cash ludo apk download process, click on "Install the app", then register with your 10-digit mobile number.
    • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
    • Fill in the OTP section and click on "OK".
    • Click on the "I Agree" button if you agree to our terms and conditions before the real money Ludo game download process is complete.
    • Ludo Empire is 100% safe and legal, and every player experiences a smooth journey with the Ludo real money app download.
    • Select the Ludo game by navigating to the games section.
    • Choose the Ludo game of your choice and start playing.
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      • Download the Ludo Game App APK using the apk download link on the official Ludo Empire website.
      • Sign up on the downloaded Ludo real money apk using your mobile number.
      • You can also navigate to the apk download link to set up the app as per your preferences.
      • You can now start playing the ludo game after finishing the enrolment process with the real money ludo game apk download link and entering all the required information.

    Enjoy your time playing different variations of your favourite ludo game by installing the game from Ludo real cash apk download.

    The best part? You can win as much as Rs 1 crore by playing Ludo online at Ludo Empire. We have partnered with PhonePe and GPay for smooth UPI transactions.

    Follow the Ludo game cash apk download link on the website and enjoy your favourite childhood game.

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Steps To Download Ludo Game For Android Users

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To start playing the ludo game on your Android device, here's what you need to do:

    • Go to Ludo Empire's website.
    • Click on the "Download App" button.
    • Once you download the app, install and sign up.
    • Head to the games section to start playing.
    • or,

    • Go to Google Play Store.
    • Download the Ludo game App.
    • Register using your 10-digit mobile number.
    • Start playing with your family and friends.
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Steps To Download Ludo Game For APK Users

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The process of downloading and installing the app is quick and straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

    • Navigate to the download page and download the APK.
    • Upon completion of the download, install the APK on your device.
    • That's it! Start playing and share the joy of this Ludo real money winning app with your friends and family.

    Before you begin, remember to set your profile picture by selecting a selfie from your phone's gallery or an avatar from within the app.

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Steps to Play Ludo Game After Download

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After Ludo real money app download, you can play it with 2 to 4 players. Each player has four gotis/pawns of similar colour.

To start the game after Ludo apk download, you must go through the Ludo downloadable content. Here's how you can play the game:

    • You have four colour options to choose your gotis/pawns. To move any goti/pawn from the "Base" into the "START Position", a player must throw a 6 or a 1. So, you must roll the dice and get a 6 or a 1 to start a goti's/pawn's movement on the online board.
    • Going forward, the movement of the goti/pawn translates to the number obtained on the dice on the board.
    • You must choose which goti/pawn to move with each dice thrown on the Ludo app. According to the number projected on the dice, a goti/pawn moves in a clockwise direction. However, if no goti/pawn can move based on the number tossed, the next player is given the turn.
    • You'll receive a rewarding turn for getting six every time the player rolls the dice after the Ludo price game download.
    • Thirty seconds are given to each participant to roll the dice and make their move. The player loses the turn if there is no response.
    • A player can no longer play the game after missing three turns and their dismissal will be confirmed.

arrowEliminate Your Opponent

When a player reaches a block where an opponent's goti/pawn is already present, the later-arriving goti/pawn will kill the initially present goti/pawn(s), moving the player to its original "Base". Based on the Ludo cash downloadable content, a perk turn to roll the dice is also awarded to the player whose goti/pawn killed the opponent's goti/pawn.

eliminating your ludo empire opponent
safe spots on ludo empire board

arrowSafe Play

Multiple "Safe Spots" are available throughout the Ludo real money app download game. Even the "Start Position" is a safe spot in the Ludo money download game.

arrowWinning the Game

    • The distance between the "Start Position" and the "Home" block on the ludo real money winning app download board is 55 blocks. A goti/pawn moves up to the "Home" after completing a clockwise path of the board. The only way to place a goti/pawn on the "Home Triangle" is to get the required number on the dice.
    • The first player that moves all four gotis/pawns to the "Home" is the winner.
    • If you're playing in a tournament, you have a decent chance to win prize money, which can be a whooping Rs. 1 crore.

    Ludo real money app download is a 100% safe game. Any player can win exciting real cash, if they know the game's rules well. To begin, you can start with just Rs. 1/- to play.

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Steps To Play Ludo, Win Cash

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By opting for the real money ludo app download, you can win cash. Participate in exciting tournaments from as low as Rs. 1/- and win as much as Rs. 1 crore.

    • Visit the website or Play Store for ludo real money apk download and install the app on a mobile phone
    • Follow the instructions and gaming rules after the ludo real money app download.
    • Click on 'I Agree' to accept the terms and conditions of the game.
    • Choose the game or tournament which you want to play. You can start playing with just Rs. 1/-.
    • Follow the gaming instructions and strategize your moves to outwit your opponents. You can receive as much as one crore of real cash from a ludo money winning game download.
    • You can transfer all your winnings to your bank account through UPI or direct bank transfers.

Play Ludo Win Money; Download The Game Now!

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Benefits of downloading the Ludo Empire Game App

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    • We are a legal and safe gaming app with 80+ Lakh trusted users. With our Ludo cash app download, you can start playing from as low as Rs. 1/- and win a whooping one crore of real money.
    • We are ISO Certified, which makes our Ludo real money download safe in all aspects.
    • We have partnerships with PhonePe and GPay. So, all transactions remain safe with us. Feel free with the Ludo cash apk download and win exciting prizes.
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Ludo Empire WINNERS

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I came to know about Ludo Empire from my friends. Before playing, I searched about it online and found some excellent reviews from people who have won real cash from Ludo real money apk download. Now, I refer my friends and family and earn a decent amount of money. If you want to win good cash and exciting prizes, then the Ludo Empire app is for you.

– Neelanjana, Ahmedabad. WON Rs 1 Cr.

The first time an ad popped up on my Facebook account that offered real cash for a Ludo game. I instantly installed it. It is a fantastic app that has more than 75 Lakh players. I earned lakhs within months of playing Ludo Empire.

– Tuhin, Mumbai. WON Rs 92 Lakhs.

People ask me how I earn money, and I tell them to download Ludo game now. I have earned Rs 35 Lakhs by playing Ludo online.

– Devendra, Haryana. WON Rs 35 Lakhs.
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Yes, Ludo Empire is a perfectly safe and secure gaming platform that has been awarded the ISO and RNG certificates, ensuring this Ludo game earn money app provides an equal opportunity and fair chanced experience with the highest security standard.

Yes, in Ludo Empire, you can opt for instant withdrawals to your linked online wallet or bank account anytime.

Ludo Empire is part of the real-money online gaming platform Empire Game which is owned by Fabzen Technologies Pvt Ltd., an IT company that focuses on developing quality real-money mobile gaming apps.

Ludo Empire is currently only available for Android users. The app can be downloaded from our website or the Google Play Store.

Ludo Empire is a game that allows you to play Ludo online with real money in India. You can start playing with as low as ₹1/- and a maximum of ₹5000/-.

Ludo Empire is currently one of the best online money earning games in the world. This real cash Ludo game gives you the opportunity to earn online game money with just your Ludo skills from anywhere at any time.

Yes, Ludo Empire is an online money earning game that requires an internet connection to play and earn money and enjoy this Ludo real cash game.