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types of players
in ludo

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The Killer


The Killers are the players that play with the strategy of winning mainly by making their opponents start once again from the start and are always keen on killing their enemy/ opponent's gotis/pawns while they keep progressing towards reaching home.


If you think you can never be distracted, then these Jokers might change your mind. They play strategically by working on distributing their opponents from their moves by sending them constant messages and emojis as they stay focused on their moves.

The Joker
The Gangster


The Gangsters play with the idea of striking fear in their opponent's hearts and moves by always ganging up on them. They always move in batches, clubbing their gotis/pawns together, chasing after their opponents and moving forward.


Struck in a spot with no safe moves to make, you might be playing against a Trapper. These kinds of players wait for you in strategic positions to trap their opponent in a tough spot by surrounding them and leaving for no safe or risk-free moves.

The Trapper
The Runner


Playing with a player that doesn't interact or doesn't care about your position on the board is a Runner. They play with the idea of only focusing on their journey, their moves and finishing the game and reaching home, waiting for no one and nothing.