4 Interesting Facts About the Ludo Game

The Ludo game has emerged as the most popular boardgame in India. Online real-money Ludo games are also increasingly gaining a lot of users. Thus, it is now very easy to play online Ludo games against live players on a real-time basis. Online Ludo games are a great way to relive the nostalgia of our childhood days. They offer a platform for us to connect with our loved ones, even though they are located somewhere else. Despite the recent surge in popularity, Ludo is a classic boardgame that has its roots in ancient India. Here are some interesting facts about the Ludo game that makes the game even more special

Ancient Indian Game

The game got its name from the Latin word “Ludus,” which means “Play.” It is the modern-day version of the ancient Indian dice game “Pachisi.” Pachisi was played in India during the 6th century CE and earlier. Earlier, the boardgame was using Cowries. It was only during the colonial times when the modern-day classic game of dice and pawns that we all love evolved.

Ludo in Ellora Caves

The earliest depictions of a boardgame that resembles Ludo was first discovered in the Ellora Caves of Maharashtra. The portrayal of boards on the caves of Ellora is the oldest indication of this game’s emergence in India.

An archaic version of Ludo is also there in the Indian epic Mahabharata. When Shakuni defeats the Pandavas with a cursed dice, that ultimately leads to the famous Mahabharata war.

Patented by England

Even though the Ludo game has its roots in ancient India, the British colonizers re-invented the Pachisi game into the modern classic we know today as Ludo.  In 1896, Pachisi was re-invented to use cubical dice and pawns instead of the traditional cowries and was first patented in England as Ludo.

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Game of Luck & Skills

The Ludo game generally comes across as a game of luck. However, that is not entirely true. Of course, in Ludo, there is a random throw of dice, but there are many different strategies that a player can apply to move his/her pawns. Ludo players can also strategize and kill their opponent’s pawns in many different ways. This makes Ludo a game of both luck and skills.

Additionally, there are a ton of online Ludo games out there nowadays that come with their unique features. They are fun, mentally stimulating & highly competitive at the same time. In recent times, Ludo games have become an excellent medium for people to improve their logical skills and earn money at the same time.


PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Clash of Clans may be some of the most loved & played real-time multiplayer mobile games. However, the options in front of us doesn’t just end there.

Therefore, to show off the latest technological advancements in multiplayer mobile gaming, we’ve compiled an alternative list of the top real-time multiplayer mobile games that you can enjoy in your smartphones.


With over 110 million live players online, World of Tanks Blitz is a massively popular real-time multiplayer game. It’s a free to play game, where live players can take part in 7v7 battles as well. As players progress through the game, they can upgrade their tanks in many ways such boosting up speed, improve armor, upgrade missiles, and a whole lot more.


Ludo Empire is an online multiplayer real money ludo game, where users compete for the top spot on the scoreboard every day. Now you can play the most popular Indian board game on your phone against real-time opponents. The “fair play” option removes the element of luck from the game, making it a skill-based online Ludo game. Enjoy a much faster gameplay experience using the “Counter Mode.” The Ludo Empire app is the best ludo earning app for a consistent Ludo experience. Choose your game option and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard in this fun board game of skill.


Gwent, often known as The Witcher Card Game, is a spin-off of the card-battler from The Witcher 3. It’s a card-battling game that combines the lore from The Witcher series and characters. It’s also a fantastic deck-builder in its own right, with good monetization and balanced gameplay.


If you love The World of Warcraft universe, then, you should definitely give Hearthstone a try. It is a card dueling game inspired by the Warcraft series. In this game, live players build a deck a deck of Warcraft monsters & heroes to compete against each other. First released in 2016, the game has already reached 50 million users worldwide.


If you are into PvP games, then, Brawl Stars in one of the best real-time multiplayer games that you can get your hands onto. The game features 3v3 battles with other live players. Additionally, the offers several different game modes which include Heists, Brawls, Bounty battles, and much more.

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Long-distance traveling can be tedious if you don’t have anything fun to do. Most people find that playing online games helps them pass the time while traveling. Here’s a list of some of the best online games to play while traveling.


Alphabear is great at a lot of things. For starters, it’s free, but there’s a reasonable in-app purchase that provides you an unlimited amount of cash, which would otherwise limit how often you may play. Second, it contains a collecting system that entails amassing a collection of costumed bears that, when used, give various power-ups and benefits. Third, each level concludes with a bear mad lib that uses a few of the words you just played, which, depending on how salty your vocabulary is, can be funny on their own.


Ludo Empire is a multiplayer real money game where different players compete each day to play ludo and earn money. The most popular board game is now available to play on your phone against live online opponents. The ‘Fair Play’ feature has removed the element of chance from the game, resulting in a completely skill-based online Ludo game. Enjoy much faster gameplay with the ‘Counter Mode.’ The Ludo Empire app is ideal for a seamless Ludo experience on the go.


Callbreak Empire is a live multiplayer online game version of the classic card game Callbreak. The Callbreak game is a four-player strategic trick-based card game that uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards. It is similar the Spades game. It is a turn-based strategic game in which each round all players receive 13 cards. The Callbreak Empire app employs a clockwise rotation. While travelling, Callbreak Empire offers the smoothest real-time online Callbreak experience.


FTL is a good pick if you want something a little more robust than your typical iOS or Android app. The game has bite-sized combat encounters and events, originally designed for PC. This makes it especially easy to jump in and out of the game.


In a similar spirit, Out There offers a space faring experience that places a greater emphasis on resource management and cultural interchange. If you prefer Captain Picard (or Sisko, or Janeway) to Captain Kirk, you should check Out There.


80 Days is not just a near-perfect travel game, but it’s also a near-perfect travel game. Consider Jules Verne crossed with a graphic novel and the Oregon Trail, and you’ll be in the proper ballpark. This is easily one of the most well-written games available on the App Store, in addition to being gorgeously rendered. What’s the drawback? If you have motion sickness from reading in a car (bus, plane, train, etc.), 80 Days should be the last book you pick up.

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You might want to avoid this one if you’re on your way to a proper fishing trip. Otherwise, it may create inaccurate expectations about how exciting fishing is in reality.


If frantic tapping isn’t your thing and you’d rather do something more introspective (or just wait for the Dramamine to set in), The Room and The Room 2 are definitely worth your time. Their length varies greatly depending on how brilliant you are at solving the games’ puzzle boxes, but the meticulous, tactile experience of exploring them should keep your mind occupied for a long.


Threes is the type of game that makes you believe you’re getting sick of it, so you close it, check Twitter, and then open it again. The objective is to simply swipe and merge little numbers into larger amounts without letting the board fill up. Its simple rules and simplicity in design makes it a game that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Best Online Board Games to Play with Family & Friends

Online board games have become very popular in recent times, especially after the Covid Pandemic outbreak. With the lockdowns imposed, and people stuck at home nowhere to go, most picked up an online board game to kill their time in a fun way. Traditionally, Indians have been playing board games since time immemorial with their family & friends. Indians play board games for a variety of occasion, be it during a family get-together or during festive days.

Here’s a list of some of the best online board games to play with family & friends. Hope you find your right match!



With 20 million registered users, and 4 million users playing live on a day-to-day basis, Chess.com is the world’s most popular online chess game. In addition, Chess.com is also the official online platform for the game of chess. It means that all the games played in Chess.com becomes a part of history, i.e, all the games and its moves are recorded forever. So, if you are a chess lover, invite your friends over, and be a part of history. If lucky, you might end up playing against a Grandmaster playing in an anonymous profile.

Ludo Empire


Developed by Fabzen Technologies, the Ludo Empire game is one of the best real money ludo game out there. It is because the Ludo game has been re-invented in such a way that logic & skills are mightier than luck. This online ludo game has a unique fair play feature which guarantees that both the competing players share each other’s sequence of numbers after 5 initial random throws of the dice, in the next 5 turn. The same process repeats until a player takes all of the pawns home. Apart from the in-house fairplay mode, Ludo Empire also offers the traditional classic ludo game mode. Now, choose your mode & compete against live ludo gamers to play and win exciting cash rewards.

The Game of Life

The game of life

By paying just Rs 200, you can buy yourself the online version of one of the most popular board games – The Game of Life. In the Game of Life, you can choose to become anything you desire. In this game, you have the option to study an advanced degree to become a brain surgeon. The best part is that you can choose to play it in the multiplayer mode online, or play it in your phone itself, alongside three other friends.

Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go

This is yet another fun & engaging crossword board game that you can enjoy with your loved ones. You can play this game with many new game modes and features, so you can challenge your pals to a competitive match.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Pandemic: The Board Game

Inspired by the global Coronavirus Pandemic, this is a strategic board game that gives you the chance to decide the fate of humankind. In this game, the objective is to stop lethal viruses to spread across the globe. You may choose to play it solo or team up with upto 7 friends to save humanity. The game is not free however, and you’d have to purchase it from Google Play Store for INR 400.

Board games have been around for quite a while. Online Ludo, Chess, jenga and are some board games that are centuries old that are still being played today. Before video games became common, board games were extremely well-liked.

These days, you can earn money by playing quick online games. Find a game that appeals to you, especially one that pays well. A good starting point is to see around and to see what games are currently being played by others.

6 Best Real Money Games Online in India

Do you ever wish to make cash through playing real money games online? Nowadays, there are plenty of avenues to earn real money online by playing games from anywhere, whether you are sitting on your couch or relaxing by the pool.

Real money online games give players a chance to showcase their skills, and with the help of those skills they can earn money instantly.

Here in this article, you will get to know about some of the best online real money games available in India:


The money drops also known as the million-pound drop is based on a brand-new TV show. ‘OKAY, JUST ONE GO….’ it is an annoyingly addictive online real money game. The results of this game are entirely based on the luck. It is very easy to play, where live players just have to choose the trapdoors, and rounds in each game, rest everything depends upon our luck. The more trapdoors you play, the bigger is the win.


Ludo Empire is a skill based real money ludo game for the ludo lovers to compete against each other. This is the only ludo game having a fair play feature that gives same numbers and equal chance to win for all.  The Ludo game has a unique in-game fair play feature that guarantees that both the competing players shares each other’s numbers. Additionally, Ludo Empire comes with a wide range of interesting battle modes that starts from just Rs.10, and gives instant pay-outs to the winners in the form of real money.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, slingo has everything. It is one of the best real money gaming sites. It includes slingo lightening, slingo cascade, slingo big wheel and many more.


Callbreak is a strategic online card game played between four players with a standard deck of 52 cards. It is a turn based game. Callbreak Empire is an easy to play multiplayer game where live players can showcase their card playing skills to win money online. Call Break Empire is one of the most complete callbreak card game in the market of real money games. We can play with our friends in its private table mode, and can earn real money with easy pay-outs.


Dream11 is India’s most played fantasy gaming platform with more than 100 million registered users. It is a live platform based on the popular sports of Cricket, Football, Hockey and Kabadi. At Dream11, users can win a huge amount of money by making accurate match-day predictions.


Spin win or spin win wheel is a fairly simple game which depends completely on luck. Its a game where you have to select the number of balls to play with, choose the stake for each ball, and then, Set the balls in motion and watch them whiz around the rings. A pleasure to watch the balls wiz around the rings gives a constant feeling of tension and excitement.

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