Ludo Tips & Tricks to Help You Win Every Game

Ludo has to be India’s number one board game. Earlier known as Pachisi, the Ludo game has evolved over the years, and today, it entertains people of all ages.  Generally, people think that the Ludo game is purely luck-based. It is because the Ludo game involves random dice throws. However, that’s not entirely true. The Ludo game is also a game of planning & strategy, where using the right Ludo tips & tricks can improve your win percentage considerably.

The increasing popularity of online Ludo games has made it readily available to us at our fingertips. With that, real-money ludo games have become the new fad in India. People are not just playing casual Ludo, they are more into real-money Ludo games where the competition is high, and everybody plays their best game.

Whether you are playing casual Ludo or real-money Ludo, here are some essential Ludo Tips & Tricks that will surely help you win more games.

Open All Pawns

In most Ludo games, getting 6 or 1 lets you start moving your pawns out from the base. You should not just take 1 pawn out of the base. Right from the start, you should focus on taking all your 4 pawns out of the game.

Spread Out the Pawns

Try to move all your pawns equally. To get a strategic advantage in a Ludo game, you should focus on spreading all your pawns on the board. Spreading your pawns on the Ludo board lets you move your pawns more freely during the game.

Play a Safe Game

Remember that Ludo boards have safe spots spread equally in the form of a star-shaped box, where pawns cannot be killed. Therefore, always try to keep your pawns on the safe boxes of the board whenever the opponent’s pawns are nearby.

Observe & Move

Before moving your pawns, carefully observe where your opponent’s pawns are on the Ludo board. One should play a smart game. If the opponent’s pawns are nearby, it is wise to wait in a safe spot. If your pawns are alone, you should focus on taking pawns home.

Play a Balanced Game

Try to play a balanced game. Apart from moving pawns home, it would help if you also focus on chasing the opponent’s pawn whenever possible.

Patience is Key

To win a Ludo game patience is key. Patience is one of the best qualities a Ludo player can have. At the end of the day, Ludo is a game of random dice numbers, and one should not expect to get 6 on every turn. Having patience can prevent you from taking a rash move that can get your pawns killed, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Bonus Tip : Understand Each Individual Game’s Rule

There are a ton of Ludo games out there. Each Ludo game brings its twist to the popular board game. In addition, many online Ludo apps out there offer fun & exciting Ludo game modes apart from the traditional Ludo. Therefore, it is wise to properly understand the game rules of each Ludo game before playing.

Why Playing Ludo Empire is the Most Fun

We all are familiar with images of playing ludo sitting around a large table with our families.  With the coming of smartphones and tablets, it was the common belief that the popularity of Ludo would wane over time. In reality, the opposite happened. The popularity of online Ludo games kept growing considerably in recent years.

While online Ludo games were already famous, the COVID Pandemic fueled this trend even more. The nostalgia of reliving childhood memories and isolation from lockdowns are the two main reasons behind the popularity of online ludo games. Equally gaining similar popularity are real-money ludo games. Today, online real-money Ludo games are a great way to play ludo & earn money.

Ludo Empire : Fun Ludo Game Modes to Earn

We all know that the Ludo game is a luck-based boardgame, where the outcome depends on the numbers generated from dice throws. This makes typical real-money ludo games a gamble.

Play Logic Mode : Use your Brains to Win Money

This is where Ludo Empire is making the difference through its unique game modes. Ludo Empire’s Logic Mode brings a welcome twist to the classic Ludo game. In Ludo Empire’s Logic Mode, players share each other’s number from 5 initial random turns in the next 5 turns. And the pattern repeats till the game ends. This way, players get to plan their moves in advance and play a Ludo game of Strategy, not luck!

Win Money in 10 Mins at Quick Mode : Play More, Win More!

Ludo Empire offers Quick Ludo matches, where players can win a Ludo game by taking just 2 out of the 4 pawns home. Ludo Empire’s Quick Ludo matches usually end up within 10 minutes, making it one of the quickest online board games to win money. It’s a great way to have some quick fun in-between tight schedules, at the same time, earn some money.

Since Ludo Empire’s Quick Ludo matches finish so fast, it allows players to play more games in a day and ultimately win more money. Playing Ludo has never been so much fun before.

Ludo Empire Brings Us Together

Since its launch, more than 55 lakh players have signed up for Ludo Empire. The app hosts more than 1 lakh Ludo matches daily. And daily, live players get over 1 Crore worth of cash as a winning amount. The app has one of the best referral systems. Players can share their invite code with friends & loved ones to get an instant referral bonus as soon as they sign-up. In addition, players earn an extra 2% commission every time a referral plays a Ludo game.

So, the more a player shares, the more money they win from the Ludo Empire app.

The Rising Popularity of Online Ludo Games

Thanks to the COVID Pandemic, people all across India started playing online Ludo games with their family, spouses and friends, giving the traditional board game a new lease of life. As a matter of fact, the online gaming industry is one among the only few industries, that expanded exponentially during the Pandemic.

Cultural and social games have long played a part in India for pleasure, entertainment, and social involvement.

Ludo and other skill-based online games quickly became popular among children and office workers. They are now spending more time online as a result of the Covid-induced lockdowns and work from home mandates.

The majority of these upcoming online games is that they are skill-based games. For example, in Ludo Empire, one of the most popular skill-based Ludo games, the game’s outcome is determined by the players’ decision-making skills, strategy, and comprehension of the game. It is because both the competing players share each other’s sequence of numbers after 5 random dice throws. To win a game of Ludo empire, the player must effectively plan their moves to win.

Strategy, observation, judgment, and the players’ concentration are all important in this game.

These games have come to life in their online versions thanks to modern technology. Furthermore, as a result of essential adjustments, these games put more emphasis on skills, diminishing elements of luck and chance.

PLAY LUDO EMPIRE – India’s best Ludo earning app

Ludo Empire is a multi-player online ludo platform where players compete for the leading position on the scoreboard each day. The world’s most popular board game has become ready to stream on your phone against real-time opponents. We can compete against lakhs of live players for money and choose from a wide choice of battles starting at just Rs.10/- to enjoy a flawless and captivating gaming experience.

Play Ludo Empire on the go with the new ‘Quick Mode,’ which allows you to complete a game in under 10 minutes by promoting just two pawns.

After the first five turns, the game’s Fair Play mechanism ensures that each player shares the same number. You can plan your steps to win this manner, and it’s no longer just about luck.

Moreover, Users can learn, evolve, and perform better based on skills and strategy. Furthermore, at Ludo Empire new users also get training on how to win the game after signing up. Practice matches are free to play, and users can pursue, evolve, and score higher based on their skills.

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The Origins of the Ludo Game

In recent times, online ludo games have become overwhelmingly popular in India. Ludo is a strategy board game of two to four players in which players race their four pawns from start to finish using the outcomes repeated dice throws. Ludo evolved from the Indian board game Pachisi. The game and its variations are well-known across the globe.

Pachisi was invented around the sixth century CE in India. The portrayal of boards on the caves of Ellora is the oldest indication of this game’s emergence in India. An archaic version of Ludo is also recorded in the Indian epic Mahabharata, in which Shakuni defeats the Pandavas with a cursed dice that ultimately led to the famous Mahabharata war.

In Medieval times, the game’s name was Chaupar. The Mughal emperors of India were the first ones to use the modern version, with Akbar being a noteworthy example.

In 1896, the Pachisi got re-invented to use a cubic dice, patented in England as “Ludo.”

The rising popularity of online ludo games in India

Board games are extremely popular worldwide, especially in India. In Indian culture, board games such as Ludo have become popular, and people enjoy playing them at parties and gatherings. Because everything has gone digital and games such as Ludo are now easily available online.

People were able to have fun with their friends and family during the COVID 19 lockdown by playing multiplayer board games like ludo without ever leaving their homes.

LUDO EMPIRE – India’s Fastest Growing Online Ludo Game

 Here, we are going to introduce you to a ludo earning app called LUDO EMPIRE.

Ludo Empire is an online multi-player live ludo earning app where players compete for the top spot on the scoreboard every day. The world’s most popular board game is now available to play on your phone against real-time opponents where you can download and earn money online. The ‘Fair Play’ option removes the element of luck from the game, making it a skill-based Ludo game.’ The Ludo Empire app is the best way to have a consistent Ludo experience.

That’s not all. The Ludo Empire app has a variety of game modes, which gives its users plenty of option to play according to their risk appetite.

Quick Mode: This mode is ideal for those who are in a hurry but still want to play Ludo. This thrilling game mode allows you to complete the game twice as quickly. You can win a game simply by bringing two pawns home. You can win the game if you can get your pawns or gotis home faster than the other players.

Classic mode: It is the standard traditional mode, in which you must ensure that all of your pawns reach home. It’s a simple game to play, and if you can beat all of the other players, you’ll win.

Tournaments: Ludo Empire has multiple tournaments on offer against other Ludo Empire players from all over India. You can play a tournament with anyone at any time. You just have to pay a one-time entry fee to take part, and you can play as many times as you want.

So, just Choose your game mode and compete for the top spot against lakhs of verified users.

The Best Multiplayer Board Games in India

Multiplayer Board games are loved all over India.  Every Indian enjoys playing board games as they are stress-busters and a great way to spend some quality time with loved ones. In recent times, especially after the Covid Pandemic outbreak, the popularity of online board games has reached never before seen levels. Nearly, half of the Indian population plays at least one online multiplayer game, and over 365 million people play online games on a regular basis.

Here, we have come up with a list of some of the best multiplayer board games available in India



Online Ludo games have become a huge hit in India within a short span of just a couple of years. There are hundreds of multiplayer Ludo games in India to choose from. However, among all of them, Ludo Empire has emerged as one of the best online ludo games, with over lakhs of verified users.  Ludo Empire has revolutionized the all-time favorite Ludo board game into a game of skills rather than luck.

In Ludo Empire, both the competing players shares each other’s number after five initial randomized throws of the dice, in the next five turns. The game is not about luck anymore, it’s about how each competing player plans their moves. This makes Ludo Empire one of the best multiplayer board games to earn money with Ludo.


Carrom Master is the Indian version of the world-famous game Pool or Billiards. The game is one of the most seamless multiplayer versions of the traditional Indian tabletop game, played by millions on a day-to-day basis.


Pretty much every Indian has played the game of Bingo in a family get-together or a family function. Enjoyed by all age groups, it is one of the most preferred board games in India. Tambola is the easy and interactive online version of a typical Indian household’s go-to board game Bingo.


Also popularly known by the name Game of Life, Monopoly is one of the most intriguing and fun to play offline board games ever made. The online version of Monopoly is also one of the most widely played multiplayer board games across the world.

It’s a game where players win property, make money, collects rent and gains various other rewards. Monopoly Online definitely has to go down as one of the most loved multiplayer board games Indians can play.


Catan is a globally loved board game that enjoys a cult like following among its circle of followers. Available across multiple platforms, Catan Universe is one of the easiest and most enjoyable multiplayer board games to enjoy with family and friends online.

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